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 20100729-- Living a Life of Value and Goodness (成就生命大意義)


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20100729-- Living a Life of Value and Goodness (成就生命大意義) Empty
發表主題: 20100729-- Living a Life of Value and Goodness (成就生命大意義)   20100729-- Living a Life of Value and Goodness (成就生命大意義) Empty周五 7月 30, 2010 7:09 am

Date: July 29th,2010 (Thursday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: Living a Life of Value and Goodness 成就生命大意義

Ms. Qiu Xiu-Min (a very seasoned actress and she ever acted Da Ai Dramas) said:
“Look how I put my hands on my waist like a hoodlum“.
“This was taken when I was 18 years old”.
“See how beautiful I was”.

Life is just like a flower that blooms and withers away.
That is indeed how impermanent life is.
The lady we see is Ms. Qiu Xiu-min who passed away yesterday from cancer.
She was a very seasoned actress who once received a Golden Horse Award.
That was how good her acting skills were.
She had also acted in our Da Ai Dramas in the first Da Ai Drama she took part in, she played the role of one of our elderly recycling volunteers in Jiaoxi, Yilan.

We are still remember this grandma very clearly as she was still doing recycling at the age of 103.
It was Xiu-min who played the role of this grandma in our Da Ai Drama, and it was this role that inspired Xiu-min.
Trough her contact with this grandma, Xiu-min came to learn about the spirit of Tzu Chi and through acting, she was able to experience Tzu Chi volunteers’ Great Love.

From then on, Xiu-min began making appearances in many of our Da Ai Dramas.
While she was playing parts in Tzu Chi’s Da Ai Dramas, she began to take Tzu Chi’s Dharma into her heart.

I often say that everyone is a walking sutra that we can learn from.
By playing roles in our Da Ai Dramas, she was expounding the Dharma as every person she played is a living sutra that was teaching us Dharma.
Her life was indeed very colorful as she had expounded so many sutras by playing the roles of so many Tzu Chi volunteers whose lives were filled with joy, sorrow, etc.

Xiu-Min passed away yesterday, and her body was brought back to Hualien yesterday afternoon as she wanted to be a body donor.
While she was still alive, she lived her life to the fullest, and now that she has passed away, she has chosen to donate her body for the benefit of medical science,giving medical students and doctors a chance to delve into the mysteries of the human body.
What she has done is indeed very meaningful.

One of our volunteers, Mr. Lai also passed away yesterday.
When he was young, he worked as reporter for Taiwan Daily.
As a reporter, he was very sharp and critical because he believed he was speaking for the weaker members of society.
That’s how self-righteous he was.
He once said that he would use his pen as a weapon for justice, and when his reports couldn’t achieve the result he expected he’d go with others to protest on the streets.

Later, he came to know Tzu Chi when his son was admitted to Tzu Chi’s medical college.
As he learned more and more about Tzu Chi, he realized this was the path he should take.
So, he became very dedicated to Tzu Chi and even gave up all of his bad habits and became vegetarian.
When paying homage to his ancestors, he’d make offerings with vegetarian dishes.
Even though some of his family and relatives did not agree with him, he continued to do what he felt was right as he’d learned we must respect all lives and so, he couldn’t bear to see animals being slaughtered for food.
This is how he showed respect for all lives.

He passed away yesterday.
I am very grieved at his passing, but death is just part of life that everyone has to go through.
Although he has passed away, as a Tzu Chi member, I’m sure he’ll come back to this world and continue to serve others with love.
It’s indeed very hard to let go of him, but with the blessings and wisdom, he had cultivated in this lifetime, I know he’ll return to this world and give of himself to help others again.

Throughout our lives, in order to live, we must eat.
But it is important that the meals we eat every day are vegetarian.
Just now, I mentioned that Mr. Lai had been eating vegetarian for many years after he joined Tzu Chi.

It is my hope that everyone could realize that eating is simply a way of nourishing our bodies and it is not necessary to eat meat.
By eating meat, we are only creating bad karma and forming bad affinities with others.
This is because each slice of meat belongs to an animal that was once alive.
So, every time we eat meat, we are hurting and killing lives.

In fact, we promote eating a vegetarian diet not only for the religious reason of not wanting to harm all living things, but also for one’s health and for the environment, too. That is why we are now promoting vegetarianism.

We also see that in Malaysia, Tzu Chi members have been working very hard to promote vegetarianism, and many families have now adopted such a diet.

In Malaysia, a Chi Tzu’s teenager’s mother, Mrs. Lin Chi-yan said:
“She heard what Master says, but she just couldn’t control her desire to eat meat”.

In Malaysia, a Chi Tzu’s teenager, Li Shih-tong said:
“Eating vegetarian at home was fine, but I just couldn’t help myself when I was out”.

This girl said that meat dishes used to be too tempting to pass up, but because of this, she always felt guilty when she saw me on TV.

A Chi Tzu’s teenager, Li Shih-tong said:
“Every time I hear Master speak of karma on TV. I’d be afraid”.
“Before I quit meat, I couldn’t look at Master without feeling guilt and shame”.
“Tzu Chi’s first precept, is “Do not kill”. If I can’t even do that, how could I be Master’s good disciple?”

Da Ai’s reporter asked:
“Can you look at Master on TV now?”

Li Shih-tong answered:
“I can now watch Master on TV without any guilt”.

See how even a teenager like her was able to overcome her desires to eat meat.
Even little children are doing the same --

Mrs. Liao Yi-mei ‘s child studies at Da Ai’s kindergarten and she shared:
“My child isn’t scrawnier from eating vegetarian and is still very strong”.

Mrs. Fang Ying-jyuan’s children study at Da Ai’s kindergarten and she shared:
"When they see me wiping the floor, they hand me a cup of tea and tell me to rest".
"Then, they squat down to wipe the floor for me and say: Mommy, take a rest. We’ll do it”.

After becoming vegetarian, these children not only learned to be more compassionate toward all lives, but also more thoughtful to their parents.
When they become more disciplined like this, it is less likely that they will. do wrong and so, they’ll have a settled mind to focus on their studies.

So, eating vegetarian actually helps us become more disciplined and focused so that we’ll be able to gain insights into Truths.
If everyone could be like that, wouldn’t we get along with one another more harmoniously?

Yesterday, I saw on Da Ai News that Mr. Shih, the chairman of ASUSTek Computer Inc., provided all his employees a free vegetarian meal.
Everyone enjoyed the meal and was surprised to find that vegetarian dishes can be so delicious.
They also found such a diet to be good for both the body and mind.

Everyone should give vegetarianism a try.
Once we make the resolve to eat vegetarian, we’ll find that is isn’t so difficult.
So, we must take in good teachings and nurture a heart of goodness.
By eliminating our desire for meat, we can stop creating bad karma.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20100729-- Living a Life of Value and Goodness (成就生命大意義)

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