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 20100816-- The Tenth Anniversary of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (大林慈院十周年慶)


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20100816-- The Tenth Anniversary of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (大林慈院十周年慶) Empty
發表主題: 20100816-- The Tenth Anniversary of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (大林慈院十周年慶)   20100816-- The Tenth Anniversary of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (大林慈院十周年慶) Empty周一 8月 16, 2010 11:24 pm

Date: Aug 16th, 2010 (Monday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: The Tenth Anniversary of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital 大林慈院十周年慶

Supt. Jian of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital said: “It is Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital Tenth Anniversary.”

Dr. Lin, the director of our medical mission said:
“Time truly flies. Seeing Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital celebrity its tenth anniversary is deeply meaningful for me.”
“Here in this part of Taiwan, this hospital has truly fulfilled the role of saving lives & safeguarding the community’s health.”
“This was Master’s hope and we didn’t let her down.”
“On this tenth anniversary occasion, besides expressing my gratitude, I offer my best wishes.”
“May we continued to work hard to fulfill this mission here and to carry out Master’s ideals and make this hospital become a model of Tzu Chi’s renwen values.”

Look, our Tzu Chi hospital in Dalin has been running for 10 years.
The staff are like one family. The 280 plus people who were onstage were recognized for their 10 years of service.
In other words, they were with the hospital form the very start and helped the hospital become what it is today, thorough their unity, harmony, and teamwork in a spirit of gratitude and love for one another.

They are like one big family treating one another as siblings. Such is their unity and love for one another.
This is the greatest offering they can make to me. It’s the greatest gift they could give me.

I am truly very grateful.
Yesterday was a day of great peace and joy for me.
Thinking back to ten years ago, at the hospital’s grand opening, we laid down the plaque that proclaimed the hospital’s mission to save lives and safeguard the health of people in the community.

Since then, every day, they’ve truly been fulfilling this mission and upholding the ideal of love.
Because of this hospital, the rural town of Dalin became more prosperous.
So, while safeguarding the health of the community, they also helped it to flourish and also spread an atmosphere of love.

We saw them harvesting vegetables from the hospital’s Da Ai Vegetable Farm.
It really had the flavor of county life.
There in Dalin, they are truly cultivating a great field of blessings.
They are a big forest of bodhi trees because of their a awakened understanding and love.
They work hard as farmers cultivating the field of blessings and sowing seeds of goodness.

The red envelopes we receive each year at the Year-end Blessings Ceremony contain rice grains,and they came from the hospital’s rice paddy.
With this red envelope, everyone has a rice grain, a seed of blessing.
From one seed can come innumerable seeds.

We also saw the unity and teamwork and the oneness of heart of all our hospital staff.
They arranged themselves in a formation to symbolically represent a crew supporting their ship captain.
Look at the strength and love they displayed as they joined together as one sharing one heart and mind.
Doesn’t it express everyone joining together in unity and teamwork to support their ship captain.

At the front, we see Dr. Lin the director of our medical mission and Supt. Jian of Dalin TU Chi Hospital.
Around them were the superintendents of five other Tzu Chi hospitals in Taiwan all giving support to Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, lending their strength, placing their arm on one another’s shoulders.
Our six hospitals are one family. The offering they make to me is harmony.
It truly brings me great happiness and fills my heart with spiritual joy to see their unity, harmony, mutual love and teamwork.

They really showed great strength. All our hospitals are like ships of compassion who carry the ill aboard and transport them across the river of samsara to reach the shore of peace, wellbeing, and joy.

A patient, Miss Cai said “Thank you so much” to Dr. Chen.
Another patient said:
“Thank you, Dr. Chen. You have given me a different future”

Asst. Superintendent Chen said:
“Actually , I’m the one who should be the most grateful.”
“Today is the 10th anniversary of our hospital.”
“Because we have a hospital in Dalin and patients who trust us, they entrust their body to us.”
“In other words, the patients are our teachers.”
“They allow us to perform medical care to treat and benefit more patients.”

See how Asst. Superintendent Chen was moved to tears when he saw the patients whose lives he had helped save.
He was so moved that he could not speak. I can truly feel how he feels.

There’s also another doctor, Dr. Chen He has a patient who is a single father with four daughters.

A patient, Mr. Jhang is a single father said:
If it weren’t for Dr. Chen, all of you here would not see me here today with my four lovely daughters.
Dr. Chen not only takes care of me and treat my illness, he also takes care of my family and my children.

When I was hospitalized on Friday. I was worried about who’ll take care of my children.
He said, “They can stay with my family.”
“How can I ever repay you for this?” I said.
“He said that Tzu Chi Hospital gives unconditional care.”

Dr. Chen Pin Fan said:
"Actually, I feel that if there’s anything I can do for my patients, I’d do it."
"I think this is because Master teaches us that a doctor’s job is not only to treat the patient’s illness."
"A good doctor is someone who gives holistic care including the patient’s family and heart."

You see, when a patient is poor and suffering from illness, our doctor is willing to do anything he can to help his patient.

I’m very grateful that our hospital in Dalin has so many staff dedicating themselves with love.
It is very beautiful, and such a bright result is only possible if the hospital is run with a system of self-discipline and love.
They were giving a sign language performance on the Thirty-Seven Principles of Enlightenment.

You see, following the melody of the song, they took the meaning of each word into their hearts.
The Dharma expressed in the song is carried out in their daily life.
So, their conduct is full of Dharma as they have the Dharma in their hearts.

Everyone, the gratitude expressed by the patients onstage wasn’t just a public display made for the occasion.
Our hospital truly provides quality service always.

How can I express my gratitude to our staff?
They have Great Love and serve as farmers spreading seeds of goodness.
And now the seeds have grown into a forest.
They are using both compassion and wisdom to treat both the body and mind of the patients.
They’ve given their all to this medical mission. The staff at the hospital are really united in heart.

I also have to thank all our hospital volunteers.
The land where the hospital stands was originally a piece of wildland.
Without your efforts, your contribution, your love and your support in building the hospital and caring for both the staff and patients, without you, our hospital could not provide the kind of good care it does now.

I really have to say thank you to you all.
So, besides thanking all the staff of all of our Tzu Chi hospitals, I have to thank all of you volunteers also.
I also give my sincere blessings to our Dalin TzU Chi Hospital for their ten years of wonderful service.

I’m very grateful to you for safeguarding the medical mission with wisdom. I’m truly grateful.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20100816-- The Tenth Anniversary of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (大林慈院十周年慶)

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