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 20100822-- The Heart: The Source of All Possibilities (心是萬法之源)


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20100822-- The Heart: The Source of All Possibilities (心是萬法之源) Empty
發表主題: 20100822-- The Heart: The Source of All Possibilities (心是萬法之源)   20100822-- The Heart: The Source of All Possibilities (心是萬法之源) Empty周二 8月 24, 2010 11:29 am

Date: August 22th, 2010 (Sunday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: The Heart: The Source of All Possibilities 心是萬法之源

(Mr. Li Wei suffered a stroke at the age of 24, and then his wife left him. So he fell into a despair and gave up on himself)

Tzu Chi Sichuan’s volunteer, Mr. Lin-Wei said:
“I have a strange temper now. I used to have a very mild temper. But after I became paralyzed at 24, I became very ill-tempered.”
“I couldn’t get over what had happened to me and I became very irritable and stubborn.”
“For 2 years and 4 months, I didn’t speak a word.”

We just saw Mr. Li Wei. Who could have imagined that he would suffer a stroke at the young age of 24?
After his stroke, he fell into despair and gave up on himself. He became ill-tempered and felt better about his life.
Because of this, his wife left him. As a result, he fell into a very dark period of life.
Think about this, how could a young man accept such a fate? And so, he became bad tempered.
He got angry frequently and drank alcohol as a way of escape.
However, he was very fortunate to survive the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and which brought him into contact with Tzu Chi.
Tzu Chi volunteers started visiting him frequently at his home to give him care and guidance, and helped him overcome his despair.

Tzu Chi volunteer said:
“Actually, we’re just passing on the love of Tzu Chi volunteers from Taiwan.”
“If the local residents have problems, as soon as we learn of it, we would go and give them care.”
“Every time I visit him, I see Li Wei smiling.”
“On this time’s visit, I couldn’t help but tell him how happy it makes me to see him smile. He has really changed.”

Li Wei has now overcome his despair.
Moreover, he helps operate the audit-visual equipment at our activity center.
Everyday he arrives at the center at around 6 a.m to prepare the machine for watching the morning volunteer assembly.
He needs to set up the video conference so that the volunteers there can listen to my teaching as well as the sharings of our hospital volunteers in Taiwan.
He has now opened his heart. Everyday, he immerses himself in the Dharma and takes the Dharma into his heart.
Not only does he help with the audit-video equipment, he also does recycling work.

This is why we often say that as long as you open your heart, which is the source of all possibilities, you can accomplish anything.
As long as you open your heart, what can you not accomplish?

Li Wei can do many things now.

There’s another case like this, a man called Zhou Qin. A car accident in 2002 left him paralyzed below the waist.
It devastated him psychologically as well. He was only in his twenties, how could he accept it?
So, he often thought, “why me?” and could not accept what happened.

He now lives with his mother. His mother is very strong in the face of all this, but the fact is that her son is paralyzed. He would get sores from sitting in the wheelchair.
This year, he got sores again and was hospitalized. So, Tzu Chi volunteers went to the hospital to care for him.

I am grateful for what our Da Ai TV staff did.
The Da Ai TV staff, Lu Kai-Sheng, visited Zhou Qin and also gave him something to do.
He asked him to help write down the content of the videos.
As he was doing this, Zhou Qin learned about the stories of many people and they really affected him.
He compared himself with these people and realized he was quite blessed.
With this realization, he was able to come out of his inner suffering, open his heart, and find, joy again.

After leaving the hospital, he got involved in volunteer work.
He continued to document videos but he also took part in recycling work.
He and his mother together started taking up the recycling mission and they let the courtyard of their house serve as a recycling station.
When our volunteers went around the neighborhood to promote recycling, Zhou Qin also joined them in his wheelchair using a portable microphone to make appeals.
The neighbors all gathered in the courtyard of his house where they began to explain about environmental protection.

It is truly moving to see. Once we open our hearts, we will understand many truths and can open our hearts wide to embrace the world with love. Once we break through our deluded thinking and inner darkness, the light of wisdom will shine.

It brings me great joy to se him like this.
I often thank our Tzu Chi volunteers for serving as living bodhisattvas who reach out to people in suffering.
They steer the ship of compassion across the vast sea, riding through and overcoming the tumultuous waves of living beings’ inner turmoil.
I am truly very grateful.

The 2008 Sichuan Earthquake happened two year ago, but these living bodhisattvas have been giving their love continuously since in the wake of the disaster, they seized the moment to offer their love and they’ve maintained their convictions, throughout these two years with their enlightened love, they’ve continued a relay of love to pave a bodhisattva path for the locals.
They’ve served as farmers sowing seeds of love, carefully looking after these seeds, and how we see the success of their efforts.
We see the local people’s awakened understanding and love.

We also see the deputy director-general of the Deyang Environmental Protection Bureau.
He brought his staff from the city of Deyang to learn how we do recycling.
They joined Tzu Chi volunteers in going out to collect recyclables.
They were very humble in wanting to learn from our experience. It’s very moving.

A vice director-general of the Deyang Environmental Protection Bureau, Yang Kai-Sing said:
“Given what you’ve done to promote recycling and lead recycling efforts, I find that the local people really have considerable environmental consciousness.”
“This is the impression I got from residents of the prefabricated housing community.”
“Secondly, I am deeply moved by the work you are doing. The weather is so hot but everyone is still so dedicated. I am really deeply touched. I feel we should learn from this.”

Several officials in environmental protection have, like him, brought their staff to visit our recycling station.
So, there is hope for environmental work there. In China, there is indeed great need for environmental protection.
Actually, it’s not only China. Environmental protection is needed everywhere.

If, in daily life, everyone can be more frugal 7 cherish the material goods we use and be more environmental in our daily habits which is to “change at the source.” isn’t that a good way to conserve resources and reduce carbon emissions?
Only when people’s hearts are inspired to change can the world truly be saved and disasters cease. Only then can people be safe and well.

In conclusion, all that we’ve seen give us hope all that we’ve seen give us hope. I’m very happy to see it.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20100822-- The Heart: The Source of All Possibilities (心是萬法之源)

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