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 20100831-- Bringing About Peace and Harmony by Inspiring Love and Goodness in People (鄰里互愛種福因)


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20100831-- Bringing About Peace and Harmony by Inspiring Love and Goodness in People (鄰里互愛種福因) Empty
發表主題: 20100831-- Bringing About Peace and Harmony by Inspiring Love and Goodness in People (鄰里互愛種福因)   20100831-- Bringing About Peace and Harmony by Inspiring Love and Goodness in People (鄰里互愛種福因) Empty周五 9月 17, 2010 6:53 am

Date: August 31th,2010 (Tuesday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: Bringing About Peace and Harmony by Inspiring Love and Goodness inPeople 鄰里互愛種福因

Many of you may still remember that seven years ago today, on August 31, 2003, a big fire brokeout in Louzhou, Taipei County (台北縣蘆洲).
The fire was started by a jealous wife suspecting her husband of being unfaithful.
See how suspicion and anger could lead to such a disaster that killed and injured so many peoplein their apartment building.

Early that morning, upon hearing the news, Tzu Chi volunteers immediately mobilized to bring aid tothe fire survivors, in six days, nearly 1,000 volunteer shifts were tabulated.
Our volunteers also helped arranged accommodations for the fire survivors and were there forthem for quite a few days.

A fire survivors Liao Cun-huo live in Da Si Country, Louzhou(蘆洲大囍巿住戶-廖村和): “Tzu Chi volunteers like Brother Jin-hai (金海師兄) and Sister Yue-me (月美師姊) often visited us in the community. When they were here, we’d complain to them about how worrying it was to see people in the community not getting along with one another even after the fire.”

But thanks to Tzu Chi volunteer’ long-term care, people in this community eventually saw pastthis incident and let go of their resentment.
Several people in this community have even become our Tzu Cheng members and volunteers, and the residents now also do recycling together.
So, everyone has now turned their resentment and discontent into love for others and the Earth.

(Every Thursday,doing recycling together at community in Da Si Country)
(The following sentences are between volunteer, Liao Cun-huo(廖村和) and Da Ai report)
“Doing recyclingis a very good way to bring everyone in the community together.”
“Because we get together and chat after the work is done.”
“So, everyone feels warm despite the cold weather.”
“Yes, everyone’s heart is warm and full of joy form doing recycling.”

See how this Mr.Liao readily took on the duty as the chairman of the residents’ committee to bring people in his community together with love and tender care.
By encouragingeveryone to do recycling, he has not only made the community a better place, but also brought everyone close together.
Indeed, as long as we are willing, anyone can be a recycling volunteer.
So, nothing is impossible to achieve in this world.
As longas we take good care of our minds, then no matter what happens to us, we’ll be able to make use of the circumstance and turn adversity into peace and harmony.

Indeed every day is an important day in Tzu Chi’s history.
Apart from what happened today seven years ago, we see that Tzu Chi volunteers in the Philippines are writing a new page in Tzu Chi’s history today.
Tzu Chi volunteersin the Philippines will be holding another aid distribution today.
They’re doing this because in the evening of August 26, a major fire in an impoverished area of Navotas(那莫達巿), a city in Metro Manila, burned down the homes of 1,500 families.
As all 1,500 families affected by this fire were poor to begin with, they literally lost everything they had to this fire.
When Tzu Chi volunteers learned of this, they immediately went to the disaster area to see what aid supplies and help they could give.
The very next day,they went back to give out hot meals and other supplies that people needed the most.
But with so many people affected, a single distribution was not enough as we have to bring them what they most urgently need for the time being as well as provide them with hot meals every day.
Today, another distribution will be held.

A mayor of Navotas City, John Rey Tiangco: “You’re here every day for the past three days, from morning till night, feeding them and giving them hope.”

Seeing how Tzu Chivolunteers went to provide continual aid and care with such sincerity, the mayor and police were inspired to join Tzu Chi volunteers in giving care and comfort as well as distributing aid supplies to the fire survivors.

Our volunteers not only give the survivors the material aid they need, but also inspire the lovein their hearts by sharing with them Tzu Chi’s spirit of Great Love as well as the need for everyone to care and support on another.
The best example for them to see are our local volunteers from Marikian City(馬利僅那巿), who were affected by severe flooding when Tropical Storm Ketsana hit last September.
Thousands of flood survivors that Tzu Chi volunteers care for over the past year have now joined our rank to serve as volunteers.
So, for the August26 fire in Navotas this time, many locals from Marikina City mobilized in these past few days to help prepare hot meals plus sort and package aid supplies for the fire survivors.

A Marikian’s volunteer, Mercy: “Although we aren’t the ones who purchased these supplies, weare giving our effort to help in Tzu Chi. If I were affected by such adisaster, it would be hard on me, too. It is better to help others than to receive help from others.

See,that’s how we go to people’s aid and do everything we can to give them the helpthey need in their time of need, we reached out to them and relieved their suffering with wisdom and compassion.
Now, see how theyare giving of themselves to help more people in need.
That is why, at all times, we must work hard to sow seeds of love and goodness can become widespread throughout the world.
Not only should wespread such seeds far and wide, but we must also diligently sow these seeds inthe community we ourselves live in and work hard to nurture and care for them so that they can grow into fields of merit (遍功德林).

Starting with where we live, we must then work to spread and sow seeds of goodness all around the world so that there’ll be fields of merit everywhere.
When the world is filled with fields of merit, there’ll be peace upon earth and no disasters in the world.

We also see on Da Ai News that two tropical storms and one typhoon have formed over the watersaround Taiwan.
Everyone, we need to heighten our vigilance and take precautionary measures.
We must also remind everyone in our communities to clear away all the trash in the vicinity of their homes and not let them block drains and gutters.
This is what we must be more careful about. All the doors and windows also need to be secured.
If possible please avoid going outdoors and be cautious when you’re outside.
This is how we can be mindful and take good care of our minds at all times as the key to spiritual cultivation is to take good care of our minds and seize every chance to form good affinities with others.

(Source:Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20100831-- Bringing About Peace and Harmony by Inspiring Love and Goodness in People (鄰里互愛種福因)
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