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 20100902-- Cherishing and Conserving Nature's Resources (民物共榮惜資源)


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20100902-- Cherishing and Conserving Nature's Resources (民物共榮惜資源) Empty
發表主題: 20100902-- Cherishing and Conserving Nature's Resources (民物共榮惜資源)   20100902-- Cherishing and Conserving Nature's Resources (民物共榮惜資源) Empty周四 9月 23, 2010 6:13 am

Date: September 2nd,2010 (Thursday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: Cherishing and Conserving Nature's Resources 民物共榮惜資源

At this moment, we should be sincerely grateful.
The rain that Tropical Storm Lionrock brought this time has helped raise water levels in the reservoirs.
However, we mustn’t think that since water levels in the reservoirs have risen, we can now use as much water as we want.
This is only momentary.
Wasting water resources is something that we should not do.
So, we must harbor sincere gratitude and cherish water at all times without ever becoming wasteful.

For everything we use, be it electricity or water, we must cherish these resources and use them sparingly. This is also a virtue.
So, we must always respect and hold Nature in awe. (敬畏天地)
I often say to everyone that we must revere and cherish Mother Nature and accumulate blessings by doing good. (敬天愛地 聚福緣)
Apart from giving rise to love and respect, we must hold Nature in awe and do the best we can to fulfill our duty of caring for the Earth by leading a diligent and frugal life.(做好本份事: 克勤 克儉)
We must cherish all the resources we have as all things in this world do not come by easily, including water.

We must know where our water comes from when we turn on the faucet.
The water that Nature provides us with is first collected in a reservoir, and then undergoes a treatment process, before being delivered through pipes to our homes.
Shouldn’t we begrateful for that?
Just thinking of how our water is supplied to us is enough reason for us to cherish it.
For every drop of water that we use to wash our hands or drink, we must bear a heart of gratitude.
So, if we do not cherish water and just turn on the faucet to let the water flow way, that’d be a great waste.
We really shouldn’t do that. It really isn’t ethical either.

We must know that every drop of oil, every grain of rice and every bite of food is a result of countless people’s hard work and sweat.
When we throw away more leftover than the amount of food we eat, we are depleting our blessings.
People who do not cherish resources are not admirable at all.

Everyone, we truly must cherish everything Nature provides.
Only then can there be favorable weather and all things on Earth flourish. (天時運轉 民物共榮)
If we can all livein accordance with the laws and principles of Nature, then the weather will be favorable as the seasons follow their natural course. (順天地道理, 天時運轉順四季)

Lately, there have been many disasters related to water.
In the first half of this year, many countries were hit by droughts.
Yet, starting from June and July, many countries have been devastated by floods.
This year’s 63rd Annual United Nations Conference for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) was held in Melbourne, Australia.
Tzu Chi was also invited to attend.
As our exhibit and presentation focused on water and sanitation issues around the world, our volunteers shared about how we helped clean up parts of the Angke River inIndonesia (印尼紅溪河) and how we helped build cisterns in Gansu, China (甘肅水窖).

We shared everyone of the importance of remind everyone of environmental protection.
Otherwise, if people are not environmentally aware or have bad living habits, it will lead to very unsanitary conditions as we saw with the Angke River.
See how this river was clogged up with garbage and how people ate and drank from the same river where they defecated and urinated.
It was truly a vicious cycle as they even used the water to make food for people to eat.
See how grateful we should be for having clean water to use in our lives.

Also, in Gansu, China, because of the severe water shortages there, we have helped build nearly 20,000 cisterns for the locals there.
When it rains, the water is collected in the cisterns.
That is how they have water to drink, wash, and water their crops.
See how each drop of water doesn’t come by easily
So, these are the examples we presented at this NGO conference in Australia.
For the conference this time, representatives from over 70 countries attended.
They’ve seen how we practice what we promote and even make use of modern technologies to recycle and reuse the resources we have.

I am truly grateful to our volunteers for their mindful efforts at this conference.
In fact, Australia has been plagued by droughts since 2001.
So, water is very precious in Australia.
That is why the Australian government has been searching for viable sources of water and encouraging people to collect rainwater by offering rebates for those who install rainwater tanks in their houses as a way to collect rainwater for domestic use.
They also work to raise public awareness about the need to conserve water.
One of ourvolunteers there, Mrs. Wenley Ho, has been working very hard to spread the word of cherishing water in Australia.

Mrs. Wenley Ho: “The Australian government is very good as they care a lot about the environment. We should be very grateful for this. If we do not work with the government to promote water conservation, then who will? It must start from each and everyone of us.”

She also made small posters and put them up in her office remind people to cherish water.
At home, she also constantly asks her family to use water sparingly.

Everyone, this is what we should all do and set an example for others to follow.
After all, we all live on the same Earth and share the same water resources.
If everyone does not conserve water and continues to use water wastefully, then we’re wastingthe water we all share.
So, everyone, please cherish the water we have.
We truly must be grateful that Tropical Storm Lionrock moved away from Taiwan yesterday.
However, everyonein Taidong and southern Taiwan still needs to be vigilant of the ongoing rain.
Let us pray with sincere piety for peace and safety throughout the world.
Although we hope that typhoons can bring us water, we also hope that the weather can be favorable as that will be a blessing for everyone on Earth.
So, please be mindful always. (時時多用心)

(Source:Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20100902-- Cherishing and Conserving Nature's Resources (民物共榮惜資源)
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