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 20190726堅守善念愛共鳴Giving with Sincerity, Integrity, Faith and Honesty


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20190726堅守善念愛共鳴Giving with Sincerity, Integrity, Faith and Honesty Empty
發表主題: 20190726堅守善念愛共鳴Giving with Sincerity, Integrity, Faith and Honesty   20190726堅守善念愛共鳴Giving with Sincerity, Integrity, Faith and Honesty Empty周四 8月 08, 2019 12:24 am

20190726堅守善念愛共鳴Giving with Sincerity, Integrity, Faith and Honesty

In the summer of 1991, I received a call from Mr. Wang, one of Tzu Chi’s vice presidents, He said that Master was very very worried about the floods that struck eastern China. Master also reminded us that when bringing aid there, we truly must be very careful and take safety into consideration in each step of planning we make.

In the aftermath of the floods, fundraising was truly hard work because many people on the streets questioned why Tzu Chi would help those affected in eastern China rather than the needy in Taiwan. I still have the deep impression that back then, Master called on everyone to pool together their love to help the flood survivors. Master hoped that we could inspire love in everyone through the fundraising.

Looking back, we see that what Tzu Chi’s work was truly made possible by Tzu Chi members’ dedication. As Tzu Chi members, we must be grateful to one another as we have all lived out the Buddha’s teachings and vowed to carry out our missions with deep faith. Although we’ve celebrated Tzu Chi’s 53rd anniversary, we had scarce resources back when Tzu Chi was first founded.

When carrying out relief abroad, our volunteers always share with everyone how Tzu Chi began with a few volunteers saving 50 NT cents every day to help the needy. Indeed, that was how we began Tzu Chi’s work. Now, we have brought relief aid to 99 countries and regions. This was only made possible by our Tzu Chi members who have been working together with one heart over the years.

We must have faith that we can all selflessly give of ourselves. There is no one that I do not trust. I often say that there is no one in the world that I do not forgive, love, or trust. I practice this principle with bravery. First, we must trust everyone in the world. I shouldn’t be the only one loving everyone in the world.

May all of us open up our hearts and minds so that we will embrace all humanity and the entire universe. We humans all live together on Earth. If the Earth is not in peace and safety, no amount of money will matter at all. Our volunteers, Mr. Hou Bo-wen and Ms. Chen Po-ling, helped with giving our relief aid in Cambodia in a time of war. Po-ling is indeed very brave.

There are various kinds of giving. We can share material things, the Dharma, as well as comfort and support with others. When we see a person fall into the sea, even if we cannot swim, we’ll give rise to compassion and wish to go to his or her rescue.

Although Cambodia was very dangerous back then, by taking part in the relief work, I realized what giving is truly about. Monetary aid is not enough. We must also give of ourselves. We must shoulder responsibilities bravely rather than let difficulties hold us back. When something is right, we should just do it.

Our Tzu Chi members have shared many different parts of Tzu Chi’s history. Indeed, we are grateful that we’ve made history in our lives by carrying out Tzu Chi’s work. What’s most wonderful is that we’ve made history by giving of ourselves. I am very grateful for that Tzu Chi’s members all harbor sincerity within.

Not only do we give of ourselves selflessly, but we are always firm and determined in serving with sincerity, integrity, faith, and honesty. With utmost sincerity, Tzu Chi members all uphold the spirit of giving selflessly without asking for anything in return. For that, I am very grateful. Be it a large donation or a small one, by pooling together many people’s donation, we have helped many people in need.

For the past 50 years and more, each donation to Tzu Chi has been used for the greater good. So, we all have a clear conscience. As I’m already advanced in age, in each of my talks, I do like to make it clear that I have no regrets in this life because I have a clear conscience. In everything I do, I believe myself to be selfless. Each donation to Tzu Chi has been used to help the needy and every bit of money is used only when necessary.

Our volunteers give selflessly without asking for anything in return. So, we all have no regrets in this life. When doing fundraising, you pay everything out of your own pockets. You pay for transportation fees and even buy gifts to send to those who make a donation. And you hand every bit of money you’ve raised to Tzu Chi. So, I said that I have no regrets in this life, and all of you, as Tzu Chi members should have no regrets as well.

I simply cannot express gratitude to you enough. As Tzu Chi members, We should always harbor sincerity within and practice the ways of Bodhisattvas at all times. As time ticks away second by second, we truly must seize our lives to give.

Despite the many health problems I have, I’ve been caring out Tzu Chi’s work steadfastly since I was young. Some would tell me: Master, I’ve done much of Tzu Chi’s work. Please wish me good health. And I’d reply: I’ve also done much of Tzu Chi’s work, but I do not enjoy good health either. We reap what we sow. When giving, we should ask for nothing in return and harbor a great heart.

With that, we can sow more blessings. The Buddha taught us that this world is filled with much suffering. Only when we witness suffering will we count our blessings. We should be content with what we have and help the needy through giving. What’s most a remarkable is that although time passes unceasingly, we’ve stayed committed to our initial aspirations.

When we give rise to a good thought at a certain moment, we must stay committed to it forever and ever. May you recall which year you started to do Tzu Chi’s work, which day you were inspired to do so, and what karmic affinity and which person inspired your innate goodness.

We must not forget Tzu Chi’s history and our Tzu Chi’s members. May you recall how you’ve worked together in carrying out Tzu Chi’s work and inspired one another to harbor love within. May all Buddha and Bodhisattvas above be touched by us. For that, we must bring forth our innate goodness and inspire even more people to do so.

We cannot make a difference if there are only a few people harboring goodness within. Yet, as Tzu Chi members, we must harbor goodness within unwaveringly.

Only then can we go amongst the people to serve and work to purify everyone’s heart and mind. No matter which year you joined Tzu Chi, may you not to forget Tzu Chi’s history and the work we’ve carried out now. May we all cultivate wisdom by looking back on the work we’ve done.
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20190726堅守善念愛共鳴Giving with Sincerity, Integrity, Faith and Honesty
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