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 20190916人醫之約歸源頭2019 TIMA Convention: Love Brings Us Closer


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20190916人醫之約歸源頭2019 TIMA Convention: Love Brings Us Closer Empty
發表主題: 20190916人醫之約歸源頭2019 TIMA Convention: Love Brings Us Closer   20190916人醫之約歸源頭2019 TIMA Convention: Love Brings Us Closer Empty周五 9月 20, 2019 1:47 am

20190916人醫之約歸源頭2019 TIMA Convention: Love Brings Us Closer

TIMA members around the world gathered in Hualien. They came from 24 countries and regions to participate in the annual TIMA convention and to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Their main goal of attending the conversation was to share and exchange their experiences with one another.

At the convention, not only can the TIMA members broaden their knowledge in their medical profession, they can also learn different healthcare system and medical environment of other countries as well as medical skills and technologies.

The most important of all is that, by gathering in Hualien, they had the opportunity to build rapport with other TIMA members. At the convention, during a period of four or five days, they spent time and attended lectures together. Besides building rapport, they also exchanged their experiences and skills. Furthermore, they inspired one another to serve with love.

One doctor said that he did not know what love is about before. Now in Tzu Chi, he knows that love is about giving and serving others. It is truly joyful to hear this. Both young and senior doctors are open-minded to exchange their experiences in the medical field. Meanwhile, participating in the conversation, They learned about Tzu Chi’s values and spirit. This is truly touching.

Doctors of different religious backgrounds came together at the convention and respected one another. Everyone got along and was in harmony. They moved together as a group in an orderly way. It was very touching.

Of coarse, we have to be grateful to the volunteers in Taiwan For supporting this convention, such as providing accommodation, beverages, etc. Every time we hold a large event, I am touched and grateful to them from the bottom of my heart. I really have the time to say thank you, you’ve done a marvelous job, to them in person.

Yet, they continue to carry out Tzu Chi’s work. They do this not just for international events, they are like this in normal Tzu Chi activities. Everyone is very happy to form good affinities with volunteers from overseas. With so many TIMA members from different countries coming to Taiwan, They seized the chance to get to know them and form good affinities with them. So, I want to say thank you to the volunteers in Taiwan.

At the opening ceremony, I was very impressed with so many attendees from different countries and regions going onstage in such an orderly way. It was truly not easy, I am very grateful to our medical team in Hualien. Supt. Lin led doctors of our Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital and served as the host of the convention. This was not easy. They taught the attendees Tai Chi exercise. It was very touching.

All in all, Superintendent Lin met with me yesterday, And I expressed my gratitude to him. During the days of the convention, he served as the host. When TIMA attendees arrived at the Jing Si Hall, Superintendent Lin was there with his team to receive them. This was remarkable. I am truly grateful.

One of the attendees was a hospital superintendent from Jordan. When he was at the Abode, he said that over two years ago, a Syrian refugee doctor who is a very good doctor, asked to use his hospital room for surgery. That was the first the case, after that there have been many, many cases.

Our volunteer Mr. Chen Chiou-hwa said after the first surgery, which was in 2016, There have been over 1,000 cases. For some children, their condition was discovered at breath and received the surgery right away; they are already four or five years old now. We have received in many cases and our volunteers have kept on caring for them.

Elaf, may I see where you had the operation? May I? Yes or no? Yes. Good, you can’t tell the scars. Elaf, you love us, why? I love you very much. We love you too, but why do you love us? My sister loves you too. Why do you love them? I don’t know why.

The superintendent of the hospital saw that Tzu Chi volunteers sponsored so many surgeries, took care of the patients, and even after the patients were discharged, volunteers continued to care for them like they were family. He was very moved, and grew curious about this organization. That day, when he was on stage, he made a vow.

He said he would do more for TIMA there. That was his vow. Regardless of different religious faith, when one person is willing to aspire to serve, however far the distance is between us, our aspiration of helping people is the same.

A Chinese classic text says, Men at their birth, are naturally good. Their natures are much the same; their habits become widely different. It is us who see the differences between ourselves and others. Yet, our loving heart is the same, so we are drawn near again. Despite how far we physically are from each other, we can all come together because we have the same love.
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20190916人醫之約歸源頭2019 TIMA Convention: Love Brings Us Closer
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