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 20200618利益人群得輕安Giving in the Present Moment


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20200618利益人群得輕安Giving in the Present Moment Empty
發表主題: 20200618利益人群得輕安Giving in the Present Moment   20200618利益人群得輕安Giving in the Present Moment Empty周三 6月 24, 2020 7:16 am

20200618利益人群得輕安Giving in the Present Moment

COVID-19 has spread across borders and affected both the rich and the poor. The virus spreads wherever it goes.
"If they gather, they can easily be infected. We've called on everyone to wear a face mask as some residents here are unwilling to do so."
"We'll personally bring care to places where social distancing is easier to maintain."

Our Tzu Chi volunteers remind everyone not to underestimate the virus. They call on everyone to be more vigilant and protect themselves at all times. We must know that both the rich and the poor can fall ill. Everyone experiences suffering in life. What brings suffering in life? Between birth and death, there is again and illness.

Time passes ceaselessly in the course of our lives. Even if we live in peace and safety, we will still go through aging and illness. When we get old, our strength declines and we may fall ill. Most of us go through this form of suffering. Illness is the greatest suffering in life. Those who live long go through aging, and aging can lead to health decline and illness. When we become old, we may fear death. We will all pass away one day, which is a law of Nature.

Born into this world, we cannot escape death. Do we fear death? Many people are afraid of it. Yet, can feeling afraid change anything? Those who have penetrated all life's truths clearly understand that to live out their value in life, they must go amongst people to serve.

"I've known Tzu Chi for 14 years. It's been a long time. I know my donations will go to help the needy, such as those affected by floods or earthquakes."

"We must form more good affinities with others. I often show him Tzu Chi Monthly. With years of interaction, I've formed a close bond with him. I actually have many health problems, but I come here every morning. Doing recycling helps improve my health. There is much recycling work to do. I'm happy doing recycling. I've learned much from Tzu Chi's work. This is truly meaningful. Time passes unceasingly. We are getting older older and older. We must seize time to serve and should not wait."

When we give of ourselves to benefit others, we will bring value to our lives and feel peaceful and at ease. After our work today is done, we will have peace of mind. At night, we can go to sleep without worries. When we wake up tomorrow, we must harbor gratitude within as the sleep is like a short period of death, and waking up is like rebirth. Today marks our rebirth and last night has become the past.

Every day, we go through the cycle of birth and death. Yesterday is like our past lives, today is like our present lives, and tomorrow is like our future lives. This is how we go through birth and death in a short period of time. Each day is a separate day. In each present day, we must be well prepared and get all our work done so we will feel peaceful and at ease and have a good sleep at night. And when we wake up tomorrow, it's anther new day with a new beginning.

Our previous lives are a long period of time past. Yesterday is shorter than that, and even shorter than yesterday is an hour or a second past. I often forget what I thought of a short while ago. Whether a time past is long or short, we must live in the moment. We must always guard our thoughts well, speak good words and do good deeds. When we speak good words in a second, we've put the second into good use. If we spoke good words and did our work well yesterday, we will have peace of mind today.

So, when we live each moment to the fullest by doing our work well, we will not be afraid of death. The cycle of birth and death happens between yesterday and today. when yesterday has passed, it's like we've gone through death, and today marks our rebirth. If we did our work well yesterday, we can begin our work to today at peace and ease. Birth and death alternate in between days. At the end of each day, we look forward to the following day.

We must put each moment into good use. Time consists of the past, the present, and the future, and it's most important for us to put each moment into good use. we must seize time to work for the benefit of all. Instead of seeking self-interest, we should work to benefit all humanity.

We should love those in suffering around the world just like our own family. When we can do so, we will not fear or worry about death. Instead of taking issues with others for our own good, we must bring safety and peace to the world. For that, we must be very mindful.
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20200618利益人群得輕安Giving in the Present Moment
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