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 202001223愛善會合耀人間Nurturing Love and Kindness for a Better World


文章總數 : 1952
威望 : 33
注冊日期 : 2012-11-03

202001223愛善會合耀人間Nurturing Love and Kindness for a Better World Empty
發表主題: 202001223愛善會合耀人間Nurturing Love and Kindness for a Better World   202001223愛善會合耀人間Nurturing Love and Kindness for a Better World Empty周六 1月 02, 2021 8:00 am

202001223愛善會合耀人間Nurturing Love and Kindness for a Better World

Time passes very quickly. The passing of December signals the beginning of yet another year. That’s how months pass by and turn into years. Let us bid this year farewell with gratitude and embrace the future by cultivating blessings and wisdom in the coming new year. We must vow to cultivate blessings and wisdom. Only when we sow blessings can we be blessed, and only when nurture our wisdom can we be wise.

We must seize opportunities to sow blessings. I hope we can do so. May we all be safe and well, keep working in unity and serving with joy, and seize opportunities to sow blessings in the new year to come. For more than 50 years, we Tzu Chi members have been harboring goodness and love and encouraging one another to work for the greater good.

I see that many of our Tzu Chi volunteers are already advanced in age. Even so, they all do volunteer work in their communities very diligently. Some of them do recycling and others pay home visits to the needy. With a bodhisattva heart, whenever they learn of people in need, they always reach out to them no matter how far away they live. We visit the poor and see how we can relieve their suffering.

We give out love and go all out to relieve their suffering and bring them joy. Apart from seeking ways to relieve their suffering and caring for them with love to bring them joy, we also guide and inspire them to benefit others, for instance, by doing recycling. When we are still alive, we must always put ourselves into good use. If the elderly live alone, have nothing to do and have no one to talk to, they will be bored and will feel that they are useless.

Our volunteers will encourage them to cme out and do recycling. Everyone can do recycling, and be happy doing the work. Our recycling stations are truly full of joy. Our volunteers have been doing recycling very diligently ever since I first encouraged everyone to do so 30 years ago. Indeed, nothing is more beautiful than our recycling volunteers’ hands.

Look at our elderly trainee volunteers, so very neat and orderly. They didn’t look old even if they were already in their 60s, 70s, 80s, or even 90s. They were very meticulous in their performance. I truly couldn’t tell which of them was advanced in age. Their movements were very precise and in sync. And, as they’ve taken the Dharma to heart, they all have a sharp mind. When asked to sign “Bodhisattva” in sign language, they all did it in perfect sync. Many of them were advanced in age.

Yet, as they were all very orderly and wore the same volunteer uniform as those who were in their 20s, I couldn’t tell which of them was advanced in age. Their performance was truly beautiful as they all shared the same heart and were all very agile. They moved with perfect synchrony and didn’t even skip a movement. The order they displayed truly is the beauty of Tzu Chi.

Everyone, nearly 55 years ago, we initiated Tzu Chi’s work with a single thought of goodness and love. Ever since then, more and more people have joined our rank. We’ve been walking the Bodhisattva Path without even a slight deviation and paving that path for all to walk upon.

We’ve also been going amongst people to serve and encouraging the elderly who live alone to do recycling work. Environmental protection is indeed an issue of global concern as it is related to climate. All of Tzu Chi’s work is related to the Earth and humanity. As simple as recycling may seem, it is in fact closely related to the principle of the universe and the climate of the Earth. So, we must all take recycling seriously.

As Tzu Chi members, we always speak good words and do good deeds. We walk the Bodhisattva Path steadfastly and are firm and determined in bringing aid to those in suffering and creating a good environment for everyone. I hope we can all keep working together to relieve others from their suffering and bring them joy. Simply by changing our mindset, we can sow blessings for humanity.

As Jing Si disciples in Yilan, we vow to work in unity and mutual love to build a sturdy jeweled stupa. We’ll form good affinities with more people, pass on the Jing Si Dharma lineage unwaveringly, tap into our wisdom and inspire more people to join our rank.

May Master always be with us and continue to expound the Lotus Sutra.

I see that you all work very hard. Ever since our volunteer, Mr. Li Zheng-fu, provided his land in Yilan to build a Tzu Chi office, you have all inspired many to join our rank and have been paving the Tzu Chi Path. Thanks to your dedication, we have this office in Loudong.

Everyone, let us hold onto our aspiration of giving with love and wisdom and working in unity life after life. By working in unity and pooling everyone’s love together, you can gather much strength to build a large and towering jeweled stupa that shines as a beacon. Thank you all. May you pool everyone’s love together. Thank you. May you all cultivate blessings and wisdom and walk the Bodhisattva Path. I wish all of you joy and good fortune in this coming new year. Thank you.
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202001223愛善會合耀人間Nurturing Love and Kindness for a Better World
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