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 20210207造福人間愛無量Creating Blessings in the World with Infinite Love


文章總數 : 1978
威望 : 33
注冊日期 : 2012-11-03

20210207造福人間愛無量Creating Blessings in the World with Infinite Love Empty
發表主題: 20210207造福人間愛無量Creating Blessings in the World with Infinite Love   20210207造福人間愛無量Creating Blessings in the World with Infinite Love Empty周二 2月 16, 2021 7:16 am

20210207造福人間愛無量Creating Blessings in the World with Infinite Love

Time flies by very fast. Every year at this time, we send off last year and welcome the New Year. Right now, there are volunteers in 57 countries and regions at over 30,000 locations joining us via the internet. This is like a reunion of a big global family. We see staff from our Tzu Chi missions of medicine, education, charity, and culture all gather here at this place. They represent Tzu Chi’s four missions and eight footprints. Tzu Chi volunteers are all united in one heart to carry out our four missions and eight footprints around the world.

On my last tour, we started out in Hualien and went to Taitung. At Taitung, I recalled that over 50 years ago…This year is my 60th year in Hualien. I came to Hualien; first, I stayed at Mr. Xu’s house, then I lived in a small wooden cabin, and overall, there were many hardships for me to overcome, and I went, from being all by myself to having some people with me. Then, there were groups of people, and now, I meet with people all over the world. This is all accomplished in an accumulation of time.

I never have disputes with others nor fuss over matter, but I often fight against time; though it is always a losing battle, I respect time. Time has enabled me, from being all by myself to now, I have disciples far and wide, as well as our four mission and the widespread of our charity works.

Tzu Chi volunteers have utilized their love and spread their love all over the world, which is also accomplished through time. 55 year ago, Tzu Chi started by taking one step at a time and gathering bits of donations here and there. I often say, grains of rice can add up to fill up a basket and drops of water can add up to form a river.

Drops of water, like raindrops, are not to be underestimated because, when coming together, they can form a stream, a river, the vast ocean; Great Love is not something to underestimate. Great Love has been carried out around the world, in places we can reach, places we’ve heard about, or places we can see, and we can bring aid there.

I am very grateful today that there are so many Tzu Chi volunteers in so many countries, as well as over a hundred CEOs and depute CEOs tuning in to this streaming on the internet. I want to thank them and the Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide, for without this group of disciples, my teachings cannot reach around the world. They have been spreading the Dharma on my behalf.

It is because of them, Great Love can be spread; they use their love to help many in need, provide education, and help people rebuild. This can be done because I have many disciples around the world who spread the Dharma teachings I want to expound, pass on the words that I want to speak, and do the things that I want to do.

So, today, I’d like to say thank you to all volunteers around the world. I entrust hope and Tzu Chi’s four missions and eight footprints to you to continuously carry out into the future. I hope that Tzu Chi volunteers around the world always come together in one heart and aim in the right direction no matter what you do.

Jing Si disciples in the missions of charity, medicine, education and culture sincerely make vows to Master. We are grateful that 55 years ago, Master founded Tzu Chi. From a small wooden cabin, Tzu Chi’s charity mission has now reached to half of the world’s countries. We are grateful to Master for motivating the part of our brain that associates with compassion and altruism. We go among people to help those in suffering.

We practice the spirit of the Sutra of Innumerable Meanings; after we relieve people’s suffering; we share the Dharma with them. With convictions, Master has led us disciples to serve for half a century. Master, when you take one step, we will take a step in eight directions. Master tells us to broaden our Great Love and turn it into lasting compassion. We will safeguard the Jing Si Dharma lineage and broaden the Tzu Chi Path.

May Master long live in this world. May Master keep on expounding the Lotus Sutra. May Master continue to expound the Lotus Sutra.

I’m truly touched. I also make vows. We have to keep our vows in our thoughts all the time in order to make them lasting life after life. Staff and volunteers, I’m grateful that through all these years everyone has gathered their love together and headed toward the same direction. That direction is the vastness of the universe and all throughout the Dharma realm.

As time is infinite, my vows also have no limits. Everyone, life will eventually come to an end. Yet, our heart is eternal. To make something go on life after life requires us to hold on to our vows at every moment. Everyone, don’t forget the vows you’ve made today. Don’t forget your initial aspirations, the first time that you made your initial aspirations; now, you make your vows again.

I believe, and I make this vow that I will carry out my vows with faith, vows and action. I hope everyone can follow me in having faith in eternity, and make vows with me. Let us make great vows that reach out to the whole world, the universe, and the Dharma realm. I hope you make the vow to go with me around the world.

Our power of love is for creating blessings in the world. I sincerely give everyone my blessings. May everyone do good deeds in the world. This is called creating blessings. May everyone realize the great way, which is the truth in the world.

Everyone, let us all make vows. It’s like this ship of compassion. We begin with creating blessings, and we aim to nurture eternal wisdom. This is the work of our missions of charity, medicine, education, and culture. All that I’ve said is my blessings to you and my gratitude to you. Thank you.  
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20210207造福人間愛無量Creating Blessings in the World with Infinite Love
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