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 20210328 生命行動鑄歷史 How Our Actions Write Our Histories


文章總數 : 2003
威望 : 33
注冊日期 : 2012-11-03

20210328 生命行動鑄歷史 How Our Actions Write Our Histories Empty
發表主題: 20210328 生命行動鑄歷史 How Our Actions Write Our Histories   20210328 生命行動鑄歷史 How Our Actions Write Our Histories Empty周一 4月 05, 2021 5:30 am

20210328 生命行動鑄歷史 How Our Actions Write Our Histories

In 2009, Typhoon Morakot took place in northern Taiwan, but Kaohsiung and southern Taiwan experienced major flooding with many casualties. Brother Jingyou, Brother Yechun, and I were the first ones who went into the affected area in Cishan. In a short time, we set up three Tzu Chi service stations.

The first was at Cishan Hospital; we called volunteers so they could arrange for chanting services there. The second and third service stations were at Cishan Junior High School and Shunxian Temple. In one morning, the three of us took care of all the tasks involving set up. After that, we came back to work on tasks involving volunteers. That was what I did the first day; I went to the affected area in the morning.

We were the most grateful of Master, who was full of wisdom. Master said that the branch in Kaohsiung would take on  the project of building the Shanlin Great Love Village. Today, I want to share that, Master gave instructions, time after time, that the affectees were t move into the Shanlin Great Love Village before Chinese New Year, which took exactly 88 days.

Because of Master’s guidance, we were truly grateful that Master said Kaohsiung Branch was to take on the project, and that we had the full support of Tzu Chi volunteers all around Taiwan. We were so grateful! Master kept insisting that the quality of the houses must not be compromised, so affectees could live in safety, along with good ventilation and being earthquake safe. Therefore, we were truly mindful about the quality of the houses.

Volunteers, when we recount events in our memories, we are recounting the value of our life. In our memories, we should store what we have done with our life. If we don’t recount them now, who will? We are sharing what we did with our life. When an event took place a while ago, those who joined later would not know about it; let us talk about our experiences, and pass them on to people who came after us as they never knew what we had done before.

Like the flooding of Typhoon Morakot, I also stayed for quite a while in Pingtung; I went to survey the disaster with volunteers, and saw the damages of the flood. At that time, we also built a Great Love Village in Changjhih Township. The Great Love Village there was not small. The one in Shanlin was the largest one. We also built a few smaller villages in Kaohsiung and Pingtung, with the number of houses  ranging from less than ten to several dozen.

These were the works we had done. So, whether volunteers are from Kaohsiung or Pingtung, we should recollect our memories and not forget what we’ve done for that disaster. They are history of our life with Tzu Chi. Eleven years ago I endured a lot of pressure to help these areas. When I travelled down from Taipei, I brought a very heavy heart with me. No matter what criticisms I faced, I just endured them.

I had to. To endure is to have strength. I said to myself, if I endured them, I could create blessings to benefit countless people. If I did not endure them and got deterred by people’s criticisms, then I could not truly help the people who were suffering. In this life, I’m always moving forward. Now that I’m in my old age, I dare to tell everyone that I have no regrets in my life.

I persist in doing things that need to be done. I’m very determined because I choose to do good and I carry it out. I’m very determined to do good deeds. For things that need to be done, I will take up the work and just do it. For if we don’t take up the work, who will? It was fortunate that I persisted back then. That was how we came to build Great Love Villages in Shanlin and Changjhih. There were large communities.

As long as we have a sincere heart, we can create a beautiful world with the spirit of sincerity, uprightness, faith, and honesty. This cannot be done with one person or two hands. It requires a lot of people with united heart. I called on people to do this, and everyone responded to the call. People firmly believed in what I said and thought, this is what Master wants to do, and this is also our aspiration.

So, when everyone unites together with one mind and conviction, nothing is impossible. Now, I believe that some volunteers here actually responded in the wake of Typhoon Morakot to help disaster affectees build their communities. The affectees relocated from the mountain areas to the flat land, where they can live and work in stability; they would have a peace of mind, a place of live, and get back on their feet, so their children and many generations to come could go to school, find jobs, build their home and career.

I remember very clearly that at that time, after Typhoon Morakot struck, our volunteers took 88 days to complete more than 700 houses. Besides this, we prepared 88 housewarming gifts for the residents.

Now, everyone, let me refresh your memory again, you have to remember that after Typhoon Morakot struck, volunteers completed building houses in 88 days and prepared 88 housewarming gifts for residents. All these are thoughtfully and thoroughly done. This part of Tzu Chi’s history is to be passed on to the future generation; it is the most real and precious part of history.

When looking back, let us not forget that year, the people involved, and the event in Tzu Chi’s history. Everyone, the good deeds we’ve done bring the most glorious values to our lives.
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20210328 生命行動鑄歷史 How Our Actions Write Our Histories

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