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 20210425法音廣傳喚覺醒 Spread Dharma Voices to Awaken People


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20210425法音廣傳喚覺醒 Spread Dharma Voices to Awaken People Empty
發表主題: 20210425法音廣傳喚覺醒 Spread Dharma Voices to Awaken People   20210425法音廣傳喚覺醒 Spread Dharma Voices to Awaken People Empty周五 4月 30, 2021 1:25 am

20210425法音廣傳喚覺醒 Spread Dharma Voices to Awaken People

The world is full of suffering and impermanence so we need to cherish the people around us even more.  Let us cherish our affinities with people. Especially, after we’ve learned Dharma, we need to form more good affinities with people and resolve bad affinities. We also need to seize time to cultivate ourselves. If we don’t deliver ourselves in this lifetime, in which lifetime are we going to deliver ourselves?

Everyone, we did not create the law of karma, but, consequences are not set in stone. The karmic causes we created in the past brought about karmic conditions, which led to karmic consequences. Such consequences teach us crucial lessons, which are the grand lessons.

We now deeply understand that impermanence can happen in an instant, so we have to quickly awaken from our entanglements of afflictions. We have to purify people’s hearts by keep on sharing Dharma with people. This is spreading Dharma. Such is Dharma. It firstly makes us be vigilant. Then, we need to share the Dharma of impermanence with people.

To mitigate suffering, we have to get rid of the ignorance in people’s hearts. One person’s voice is limited and too small. We need a lot of people to raise their voices. Instead of having cries in the world, let us fill the world with voices of Dharma. May everyone speak Dharma and pass on the voices of Dharma. Only when Dharma floats around in the space where people live in can the world be peaceful and keep people away from the karma of suffering.

US volunteers, although you live faraway and the US is located on the opposite side of the globe from Taiwan, this bond of master and disciple between you and me is very close. Everyone, please be more mindful. Look at this year, for us to talk, we rely on technology.

I can see many volunteers on the screen in front of me via videoconference. As I’m talking, they can see and hear me. Yet, as soon as I say good-bye to them and the videoconference ends, everyone on screen disappears. Such is technology. It allows us to see images of people appear on screen in front of us. This technology can also make people disappear in an instant. Such is principle.

The Four Noble Truths teach us about suffering and ways out of suffering. So, for me to talk to volunteers, I also follow principles and travel half a glove via internet to talk to volunteers. Even though we are half global away from each other, please take my words to heart.

We have the same mission and you know my heart, as we have an affinity with each other in this life, I hope that, such good affinity will continue on for all of us into our future lives, so we can serve together with one heart harmoniously.  Rare as it is for you to be my disciples and walk on the same path, let us all comes together with mutual love for one another,

There are many disasters in the world right now, so it is needed even more for people to bring all their strength together and help people in suffering in the world. A large group gives great strength. I’ve always talked about recruiting more volunteers, indeed, to reach more people, let us widely spread Dharma voices. Your voice can be Dharma voices, too, so, by telling people one by one, one can purify people’s hearts, only then can disasters be mitigated in the world.

Never underestimate your good words, never underestimate them; perhaps your good words can lift up some afflictions from people’s minds; it might inspire countless people to give rise to kindness in their hearts and make great vows. Please place importance on this and say good words often, spread them often, as we need to purify people’s hearts; volunteers must be more mindful on this.

I hope the pandemic will be over soon, so travel can resume like before. Without taking an actual trip, you can still freely take a trip of the hearts, and come to the Abode whenever you like. Let us work together in unity and harmony with love; the remedy is being pious, being pious is to utilize our Great Love.

With this love, let us love one another and love all living beings on Earth. Everyone must keep on talking about this. You should all know what I am about to say; the most concrete way to show our love is being vegetarian. This is the truest way for us to show our love, show that we love all things with life. This is the only way to always remind ourselves that the Bodhisattva Path is about helping suffering beings, that’s how we can always stay on the Bodhisattva Path.

In all, there are so many things I want to say, but time keeps on passing by; let us seize time. Let us be grateful to our life, and make sure that, for as long as we live, we will live our days by serving steadily on the Bodhisattva Path. With all my good wishes, I hope that, all of you will serve steadily on the Bodhisattva Path. I hope you can truly comprehend my teaching of loving those I love, and loving each other as we walk and encourage one another on the Bodhisattva Path. I wish you well. Thank you.
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20210425法音廣傳喚覺醒 Spread Dharma Voices to Awaken People
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