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 20210617 感天動地行利他Taking Care of Our Mind and Extending Love to All


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20210617 感天動地行利他Taking Care of Our Mind and Extending Love to All Empty
發表主題: 20210617 感天動地行利他Taking Care of Our Mind and Extending Love to All   20210617 感天動地行利他Taking Care of Our Mind and Extending Love to All Empty周一 7月 05, 2021 9:52 am

20210617 感天動地行利他Taking Care of Our Mind and Extending Love to All

In the face of this COVID-19 outbreak in Taiwan, we should awaken and also encourage one another to think about whether we are deluded in life, doing whatever we want and (consuming meat) without considering the consequences. We should think about whether we have given rise to greed, anger, and ignorance, and whether arrogance has led us to think that we are surely able to conquer Nature.

Many of us have been going after wealth without realizing that we've created garbage and harmful things rather than abundant resources. We've been ceaselessly producing garbage and polluting the environment around us. I often say that countless blessings can be created over time and that this is also true for disasters. With one enlightened thought, we will work to sow blessings for the world, whereas a deluded thought can lead to disasters. Indeed, all of this depends on our minds.

How many people around the world are still creating bad karma through indulging in worldly desires? In comparison, there are much fewer people who have awakened and have been striving to purify people's hearts and minds and sow blessings for the world. Which is heavier, bad karma or blessings? If they were measured with a balance scale, would the side of bad karma be higher than that of blessings? In all, those who work to benefit others are still much fewer than those who seek self-interest.

In Tzu Chi, touching stories can be found everywhere. So, there is much for me to be grateful for. Every day, at 8:30 a.m, I have a meeting with our medical staff members. Our superintendents interact with me and update me on our COVID-19 related work. What they do is very touching, though I can't bear to see the tough work they have to do. Our doctors truly are living buddhas and our nurses truly are living bodhisattvas as they all take care of patients with love.

It is truly not easy for our medical staff members to treat COVID-19 patient and conduct COVID-19 screening as they have to wear a full set of personal protective equipment for long hours. It is very uncomfortable because all their body heat is trapped inside. They wear more than one face mask. Before that, they have to apply tape to their faces to prevent irritation and abrasion. They even wear plastic shoe covers, which add to the discomfort.

They are covered from head to toe for dozens of hours and it's inconvenient for them to eat or drink or go to the restroom. Yet, they endure it all. Who knows they give of themselves this much? Indeed, we should all harbor respect towards healthcare workers.

Once an outbreak occurs, each member of the medical system, including pharmacist, medical technicians, etc., plays an important role in saving people's lives. Even sanitation workers are indispensable, for without them, the hospital's environment wouldn't be clean. So, I often say that we must be grateful to everyone for giving of themselves mindfully.

We see how at a time like this, our medical staff members show what the giving of fearlessness is about. It's not that they're not afraid of the virus. Yet, with great loving-kindness and compassion, our medical staff members muster up their courage and devote themselves to taking care of COVID patients. How can we not hold them in high respect? How can we not be grateful to them?

The practice of medicine truly is noble. I'm deeply grateful to our medical staff. Yet, I'd like to remind them not to let down their guard. We shouldn't think that this outbreak is about to end. It'll still go on for a while and we must be vigilant of another surge. We must keep following preventive measures strictly.

We see that many countries are battling COVID variants that are even harder to deal with. This outbreak has taught us crucial lessons. We must all heighten our vigilance and go vegetarian quickly. We must make great vows to protect all life and live out our vows. This is also how we can create countless merits. We must safeguard and care for all life. Such all-embracing love is the only way to sow many blessings for all.
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20210617 感天動地行利他Taking Care of Our Mind and Extending Love to All
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