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 20210620因緣相續成菩提Furthering the Affinity from Past to Future


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20210620因緣相續成菩提Furthering the Affinity from Past to Future  Empty
發表主題: 20210620因緣相續成菩提Furthering the Affinity from Past to Future    20210620因緣相續成菩提Furthering the Affinity from Past to Future  Empty周一 7月 05, 2021 9:57 am

20210620因緣相續成菩提Furthering the Affinity from Past to Future

Tzu Chi volunteers are always thinking about the same world, which is the world of bodhisattvas and Tzu Chi work. In Tzu Chi, you, I and everybody are always connected together. Volunteers, I really seize each moment. I now truly seize every second; each second of life is valuable. I hope I can live out the value of my life and truly fulfill my time well.

I often hear disciples of mine make vows in front of me to follow me and say that they love me. So, I’d say this to them, to truly love me, you have to love what I love, and to truly follow me, it’s to follow me life after life.

Volunteers, as living bodhisattvas cultivating in this world, we must reach out to and help all beings in suffering. Suffering is not only about being in poverty or ill; the real suffering is when people’s hearts are full of ignorance and afflictions. So when people suffer from illness or poverty, we come together to reach out and help them; this isn’t a difficult thing to do.

What we fear the most is that when people are spiritually ill and become vexed by ignorance and afflictions, they are affected by the illness of afflictions. For example, Mother Nature has been continuously contaminated and the air has been polluted, when this has gone extreme, the whole world is impacted by climate change. Climate change causes deterioration to the environment and brings annihilation to our world.

The world is now going through the stage of deterioration. I often say that this is living beings’ collective negative karma. Collective negative karma comes from the negative karma of living beings’ ignorance and afflictions. This is why it’s called living beings’ collective negative karma.

Are there any ways to save living beings? The solution lies in humans. We need to self-awaken as well as help other people to awaken. If we don’t awaken ourselves, we cannot save ourselves. After we’ve awakened, our hearts will broaden and become as vast as the universe.

What we come to love are all living beings. We don’t just love ourselves or our families we love everyone and all living beings and things in the universe. Is it possible to save all living beings in the universe? Yes, it is possible. As long as we harbor a broad and pure heart, we will naturally embrace all of the universes.

We need to feel the suffering of people and have the compassion to relieve them of their suffering. We cannot bear to see living beings having a lot of ignorance. It’s because of their ignorance that they create disasters. So, I truly hope that people can eliminate the ignorance in their hearts and then help those around them liberate their hearts from entanglements.

We need to have Samadhi. Samadhi comes from having a calm mind. So, we need to purify our hearts and keep our minds calm. We also need to activate our wisdom. Wisdom is love that is pure and untainted. With wisdom, our love will expand and grow.

Everyone, we need to grab tightly the spirit of Great Love. I will never lose faith in this. This is to form everlasting affinities with living beings. I don’t want to seek liberation and leave this world. If there are any living beings who have not been delivered, I will not want to attain Buddhahood. Only when all living beings are delivered will I attain Buddhahood.

I have worries, but I don’t have afflictions. In this life, I have no conflicts with people, do not fight ever matters nor have disputes with the world. Yet, I seek after life’s value, and seize the time to do things that brings valye to my life. So, my disciples, we live in the same world, and we need to have the sense that we coexist.

As you are all my disciples, right now, I hope, I truly, truly hope that everyone will seriously take my Dharma to heart. Believing in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha is not worshiping them or praying for blessings. If you don’t cultivate nor create blessings, how will you have blessings?

Hence, everyone must learn to create blessings in the world, which is the real Bodhisattva Path. Bodhisattvas’ affinity lies in suffering beings, and this is the great purpose of the Buddha coming to the world. I have wanting to emulate the Buddha in his great purpose of coming to the world. I also hope that my disciples will be able to truly comprehend the truth of the universe.

Karmic affinity involved the past, the present, and the future, so in the past, there was a karmic seed between us which resulted in a special affinity between us. You knew of me and were touched by what I did, so you were willing to join Tzu Chi. You aspired and vowed to be on the broad path of Tzu Chi; let us make it wider, pave it smoother, and inspire people after us to walk on the path we’ve paved. As the path is smooth, they can walk it well.

This is what we must do; as long as I am breathing, I’ll never give up on making values out of my life.
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20210620因緣相續成菩提Furthering the Affinity from Past to Future
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