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 20210630瑞氣盈門陰鬱除Breaking Darkness with Collective Light


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20210630瑞氣盈門陰鬱除Breaking Darkness with Collective Light Empty
發表主題: 20210630瑞氣盈門陰鬱除Breaking Darkness with Collective Light   20210630瑞氣盈門陰鬱除Breaking Darkness with Collective Light Empty周一 7月 05, 2021 10:16 am

20210630瑞氣盈門陰鬱除Breaking Darkness with Collective Light

The COVID-19 pandemic carries what is like the air current of illness. We humans must all harbor goodness and love with sincere piety so as to create auspicious energy that can dispel the pandemic. Apart from mindfully caring for the needy and carrying out relief, our Tzu Chi volunteers around the world also value our educational mission highly.

Due to the pandemic, many children do not go to school. To help them stay at home without worry, we give them ample food supplies.

This is indeed a hefty expenditure. Thanks to our advisory officer, Ms. Weng, and the Tzu Chi Foundation, we can bring more aid to these children in need.

Instead of just a boxed meal, we give them enough food for a whole family. We send the supplies to rural areas by taxi. If convenient, students in urban areas can receive supplies at their schools, and they only need to do so once a month.

The management committee of our market has been entrusted to distribute the vegetables and fruits. We all work wholeheartedly to carry out this loving project. It’s our first time doing so. We all work with one heart to carry out this project in which we can see Tzu Chi’s selfless love.

Even if the costs can’t be covered, the vegetable and fruit trade unions will still carry out the project. I’ve asked all the suppliers to provide top-quality vegetables and fruits. If they can’t cover their costs, the two trade unions will support them. We will give our greatest support to the Keelung City Government and the Tzu Chi Foundation.

We hope that underprivileged children in Keelung can stay at home without worry and enjoy nutritious food during the summer vacation. More than 100 volunteers have come here to help with boxing the food supplies so they can be sent to the aid recipients. I think this will bring love and warmth to many people amid the pandemic.

As vegetables and fruits can go bad, we truly hope that they can be sent to the families in need on the same day. So, after a discussion with the Keelung City Government, we’ve invited taxi drivers to support this great cause. This way, the drivers can also earn some money.

I’m very grateful to Tzu Chi members at the Abode and many volunteers in our charity mission for meticulously planning to provide children with nutritious food. Besides rice, they’ve even thought of providing vegetables, fruits, dried food, etc. This is also how they encourage the children to go vegetarian. At a time like this, people are asked not to go to crowded places such as markets.  So, we give out ample food supplies to the needy.

As our food supplies are all vegetarian, our aid recipients can eat vegetarian foods. They have ample vegetarian food to eat and can take in sufficient nutrients. For that, I’m very grateful to our volunteers. They’ve been giving with love at all times.

We see one of our students in Malaysia. As he understands how Tzu Chi began with a few volunteers saving spare change daily to help the needy, he created a coin bank based on his knowledge of technology. He designed a coin bank with cardboard. When coins are inserted into the coin bank, they will be sorted and go to their respective drawers. We see another invention. When a coin is placed on the little bowl, the coin will be pushed up and sent into the mouth of the coin bank.

Our students are truly wise. Such ideas of theirs had never come to my mind. Such ideas of theirs had never come to my mind. What they’ve done is truly not an easy feat. So, education is very important. By putting technology into good use, we can make many contributions. This is how we can give selflessly. Through technology, we can make things easier and benefit more people.

This is very touching. Through their inventions, our students hope to inspire everyone, including their classmates, to give with love. Our students also promote vegetarianism. Despite being about six or eight years old, they not only practice vegetarianism but also call on everyone to do the same.

See, isn’t this how we can guide and inspire everyone? Now, the most important thing is to go vegetarian. This is what we all have to do. By going vegetarian, we can enjoy food that is nutritious and pure. We must eat food that won’t put us in debt. What kind of food? Vegetarian food. If we eat meat, we will be indebted to animals and have to repay the debts plus interest.

If we keep eating meat, our debts to animals will accumulate continuously, and we have to repay them in the future. So, a meat diet will put us in debt, and we can be free of debts if we go vegetarian. We must be grateful to Mother Nature for providing us with abundant grains and vegetables. We must give back to Mother Nature by protecting her with love. This is also how we can express our gratitude to her for providing us with abundant resources and plant foods.

Now, we must all give rise to goodness. This is like lighting candles in a dark room. One candle alone is not bright enough. Thankfully, there is a candle in everyone’s mind.  It’s just that some people have yet to light up the candle in their mind.

The Buddha said how a candle light up countless ones. A lit candle can only brighten up a small space around it. When its fire is passed to another candle, the first candle will not become dimmer while the second candle will be lit up. This is how a candle can light up countless ones. When everyone shares one heart and has the candle in their mind lit up, a ray of light as bright as the light at dawn can shine through the cloudy fog.

To do that, we must all put our minds at peace and harbor sincere piety within.
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20210630瑞氣盈門陰鬱除Breaking Darkness with Collective Light

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