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 20210618導向善道湧活泉 Guiding People Toward the Path of A wakening


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20210618導向善道湧活泉 Guiding People Toward the Path of A wakening  Empty
發表主題: 20210618導向善道湧活泉 Guiding People Toward the Path of A wakening    20210618導向善道湧活泉 Guiding People Toward the Path of A wakening  Empty周一 7月 05, 2021 10:39 am

20210618導向善道湧活泉 Guiding People Toward the Path of A wakening

Volunteers, as I raise my head and look at the universe, the Dharma realm is full of volunteers’ power of love. Their footprints of love are many and close together. I’m grateful to our volunteers Meiyun for coming up with the idea of holding her study group online, which has allowed more people to participate. This is how an online study group can invite numerous people to take part. Haven’t I often talk about one seed can produce innumerable seeds?

I feel that, in this life, I have no regrets as coming to this world, I’m able to have such good affinities with a group of Tzu Chi volunteers. The source of that one seed has produced bodhi seeds, with each seed disperses out and produces innumerable seeds. So, our world is filled with Bodhi forests of living bodhisattvas, Bodhi forests with sentient beings. Our world is a world of sentient beings.

Yet, we all have the same aspiration to head in one direction, which is to walk the Bodhi path. Bodhi means awakening. So, the Bodhi path is a path of awakening. This path is very broad and big. By expanding the path and making it bigger, we can invite many people to serve as bodhisattvas.

We guide people to walk this path. As people walk on a path, they take steps and move forward inch by inch. We merge the paths of people and guide them toward the path of awakening. The Chinese word for “to guide” is composed of the words “path and “inch”. So we aim at this path and toward it.

Thus, the words “inch” and “path” together make the word “to guide”, which is to guide to the Bodhisattva Path. Oftentimes, I talk about recruiting living bodhisattvas. Indeed, we should always follow the Bodhisattva Path in the right direction.

Living in the world, we must mindfully recruit as many people as possible and inspire them to be living bodhisattvas. Serving as a bodhisattva, one has to walk the Bodhisattva path and live out the Dharma on the path. People who do this are called bodhisattvas. The destination of the Bodhisattva Path is to attain Buddhahood.

Volunteers, we now have the affinity to encounter the Dharma, so we must cultivate ourselves, starting as mundane beings. In learning the Dharma, as mundane beings, we must start learning and resolve to attain the Buddhahood. To attain the Buddhahood, one is to aspire to walk the Bodhisattva path and walk toward the direction of the Buddhahood. This is the path of attaining Buddhahood. This is the path of enlightenment where we learn and become awakened.

I often talk about gaining insights and awakening as we serve and learn. The meaning is clear and easy to understand. So, as a humble mundane being, we start learning and serving toward the direction of the Buddhahood, which is to live out the Dharma and walk the Bodhisattva Path. This is the reason that I call you all living bodhisattvas.

We are all newly aspired bodhisattvas. You and I have a mutual goal. We have the affinity now to being walking the path. You all are also beginners. We all learn to emulate the Buddha’s spirit. Therefore, the path of emulating the great enlightened Buddha is called the broad Bodhi Path.

As mundane beings, for us to reach Buddhahood, we have to live out the Dharma on this broad Bodhi Path, which is to serve as living bodhisattvas. On this Bodhi path, we serve as bodhisattvas who reach out to living beings in suffering.

Everyone, let us broaden our horizon more and more. We worry about the worries of the world and feel the pain of the suffering in the world, so when living beings are in suffering, how can bodhisattvas be at ease? I’m now feeling the ailments of the illness of living beings as well as sensing the suffering of the world.

All of us need to be more mindful. We need tens of thousands of people with hearts pure like lotus flowers, and within each flower, there are countless seeds, and I look forward to all the flowers blooming, and producing countless seeds. That come together, every single one of them.

With my whole heart, I wish people can be vigilant and sincerely pious to inspire others to act with their love. As we are with blessings, let’s seize every second and use this time to rescue the lives of people in the world. So, though I ask everyone to be calm, please don’t give in to indulgences; we must be more alert about this.

Please promote vegetarianism and inspire love in people’s hearts, just a little would be fine, let us inspire a little bit of love from everyone; this love is like a firefly. When people release love in their hearts it is like each releases a firefly, and there will be tens of thousands of fireflies. They twinkle brightly, so that eve hearts in darkness or in ignorance can see bright spots.

This way, there will be flickering of lights in our world, and the world will be safe. This is the savoring of the Dharma as we attend study groups. This is the genuine spring of our spirituality, and they need to flow forth rapidly; may we illuminate the light in our hearts and let it shine.
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20210618導向善道湧活泉 Guiding People Toward the Path of A wakening
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