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 20210623 法潤心田得豐收Nourishing Minds with Love


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20210623 法潤心田得豐收Nourishing Minds with Love Empty
發表主題: 20210623 法潤心田得豐收Nourishing Minds with Love   20210623 法潤心田得豐收Nourishing Minds with Love Empty周一 7月 05, 2021 10:44 am

20210623 法潤心田得豐收Nourishing Minds with Love

How much does it cost to learn Tzu Chi’s love? How much? Nothing at all. All you need to do is give with love.

We see how our volunteers in Mozambique are full of love. I don’t feel that they are materially poor. They truly are spiritually rich. I often speak of Mother Nature. When the balance of Nature’s elements contributes to favorable climate conditions, and when there is fertile soil, we can bring joy to many people by teaching them to grow crops.

Our volunteers in Mozambique have taught locals to grow crops, and the locals have enjoyed good harvests after much hard work. Mother Nature is rich in resources. As long as we work hard, we can enjoy many resources. In all, seeing how good harvests have brought joy to people in Mozambique, I am very happy.

We’ve also been working to transform their lives for the better by helping their children to receive an education. To help the children and the future generations to live better lives, we’ve started to build classrooms for schools there. This is what we are doing and we will work to improve their education system step by step.

I’m very grateful to our volunteer, Dino.  He can communicate with the locals and interact with the government to improve their education system. We should consider what they need and provide resources accordingly. I often say that how much water we should give to a place of land and whether we should sprinkle drops of water or pour a whole bucket of water on it depend on the texture of the soil.

So, to appropriately provide resources for Mozambique, we must tap into our wisdom. We must also exercise our wisdom when giving with love. How many resources we should give depends on the needs of the people there.

We must also teach them to give with love. Bits of efforts, when accumulated, can form a great strength and everyone can do their part for the common good. So, we must guide everyone to give. This is also how we can inspire love in them and encourage them to cultivate themselves.

To walk the Bodhisattva Path, one can make donations, give of oneself, or rejoice in and support others’ good deeds, all of which can help to make a difference. We must encourage everyone to do so.

This food comes from the crops I grew. Master says that we can give good to help the needy.

I can only help the needy by giving them this cornmeal.

I have no money to donate, but I can give a few crops harvested from my farm.

We have carried out relief in many countries around the world and have inspired many people to join our rank. Despite different ethnicities and languages, Tzu Chi members can all speak Tzu Chi and thank you in Chinese. This is their common language. No matter what language they speak, they’ve all learned to speak thank you and Tzu Chi in Chinese. Tzu Chi is always on their mind and they’ve been living out Tzu Chi’s values.

To take part in this bowing pilgrimage, we slept outdoors last night. This was not easy for us as it was very cold. Yet, it pays off, for Master’s and the Buddha’s teachings can lead us and our families to change for the better.

Master has taught us a grand truth that the Dharma can heal the ills of our mind. Yet, this is possible only when we take in the Dharma.

I used to see volunteerism simply as work. Now, I see it as a mission. I often hear an inner voice, which urges me to help the poor and the suffering around me.

They are all my good disciples. Thanks to the good affinities we formed in our previous lives, we have come together in this life. In our future lives, we will continue to share the same aspiration and work together even closer with the same bodhisattva heart. See how orderly our volunteers are. They maintain social distancing. They truly follow COVID preventive measures strictly.

This pandemic has taught us crucial lessons. We must always follow preventive measures, such as keeping a safe distance from others and maintaining good hygiene. We must also tame our minds. To just satisfy our desire for the transient taste of meat, we’ve let our greed run wild, killed countless animals and let our minds go astray. Now, we must bring our minds back to the right track.

See how our volunteers in Africa follow the preventive measures strictly. Over the years, they’ve learned how to live and carry themselves. Although their living environment is simple, they’ve been guarding their minds. We should all learn from them. If everyone can learn from them, this pandemic will end quickly.

One of the crucial lessons is that the only way to end the pandemic is by purifying hearts and minds. In all, we must all curb our desires, calm our minds, and learn life’s truths. We truly must pay more attention to what’s happening in the world and bear witness to them.

We should think about how blessed we are. Don’t we need to harbor gratitude within? From what we see and hear every day, we know we are blessed. So, we must always harbor gratitude within. Only when we harbor gratitude within can we nurture genuine love. With genuine love, we will have strength to give of ourselves.
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20210623 法潤心田得豐收Nourishing Minds with Love
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