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 20210627 天降大任勇承擔Shouldering Responsibilities at the Time of Pandemic


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20210627 天降大任勇承擔Shouldering Responsibilities at the Time of Pandemic Empty
發表主題: 20210627 天降大任勇承擔Shouldering Responsibilities at the Time of Pandemic   20210627 天降大任勇承擔Shouldering Responsibilities at the Time of Pandemic Empty周一 7月 05, 2021 10:52 am

20210627 天降大任勇承擔Shouldering Responsibilities at the Time of Pandemic

Now, facing an immense wave of COVID-19 pandemic which is the event of the century, in my heart, I have lots of concerns and I feel truly anxious and much worried; it is indeed hard to put into words.

Recently, at 8AM each day, our Tzu Chi hospitals have been giving reports on our medical mission online. I am indeed grateful for this. What we need to do now is not only carry out the medical mission in our hospitals, but also take up our responsibility in society and reach out to whatever place that Tzu Chi can provide aid.

I am also grateful to all Tzu Chi volunteers, for everyone has now taken up this great responsibility conferred to us all. Everyone understands my words and has tried their best wholeheartedly to carry out the mission and devotedly give of themselves.

Beside all this, everyone is truly sincere about it. Seeing the current situation, I’ve said that no one could stop this pandemic. The only way is for people to be vigilant, pious, go vegetarian, and stop killing animals. We have to be vigilant. Doing this is to thoroughly reflect on our behaviors in the past and how we let our cravings dictate us, and so on.

This wave of the pandemic is not only for Tzu Chi volunteers to learn, but for all people in our society. It is the grand lesson for everyone to learn. This wave of pandemic is a warning message to the whole world; it is our lesson to learn.

So, how should we learn from this grand lesson? The first important thing is to nurture love, and inclusive love. Let us love and cherish all things on Earth. How do we protect the health and safety of humans while caring for all things on Earth and particularly animals?

Every day, the superintendents of our hospital report to me; they talk about the advanced medical technology of today, and I hear about the ways to prevent the COVID-19 virus, and how to quarantine the patients. Although there is no cure right now, through quarantine, it can still be prevented.

Supt. Chao is very thoughtful, he is one step ahead on every level and he knows how to lead a team. He is courteous and considerate, knows how to communicate with encouragements and loving words.

Our medical staffs all do their jobs with a willing heart and accept all that comes joyfully. They have their own tasks but they work together; I hear the reports every day and feel truly moved. I’m truly grateful. They’ve taken on such important responsibilities by gearing up and going into the battle against COVID-19. Truly, they have been so brave and extremely cautious, and they shoulder on their responsibilities.

I often think, fortunately, fortunately that besides the charity mission, there is the medical mission, and the cultural mission to report facts and share correct views. For this, I’m truly grateful. We have protected the health and love of Taiwan.

We do so by utilizing great loving-kindness and great compassion. Great loving-kindness secures the safety of our society and great compassion protects lives. Great compassion is to feel others’ pain as our own. Our staffs have truly been protecting our society. Their Great Love and lasting compassion are truly genuine. This is the history of our world.

I keep saying that we must record down Tzu Chi’s history. This is not for fame. It’s for keeping our history. What is there to differentiate in this world? We shouldn’t get attached to differences, such as us and others. The true nature of things is wondrous existence in true emptiness.

We are not forming attachments; we do this is for the grand lessons. The world is experiencing a pandemic unlike before. As of now, the virus has spread to over 200 countries and regions, covering the entire world.

At this time, we try out best to provide aid and be an organization that is useful and truly being needed in this world. An organization is comprised of people. Without people, there can be no organization. Without organization, there won’t be any manpower and strength to provide aid at this needed time. Such is our world.

It’s comprised of space, time and people. In such a vast space, we can pull people closer to one another. Amongst people, we try our best to spread Great Love and form lasting compassion. This is not impossible to do.  

Time continues to pass. Everyone, please be mindful all the time. I’m grateful to Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide, whose number should be over ten thousand. I hope everyone can hear my talk and learn this spirit of making good use of one’s life to create value. Only when we give do we create value. When we don’t give of ourselves, we don’t create value out of our life. Please be more mindful in this.
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20210627 天降大任勇承擔Shouldering Responsibilities at the Time of Pandemic
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