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 20210701 謙恭和敬持正法Practicing Discipline, Goodness and Love


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20210701 謙恭和敬持正法Practicing Discipline, Goodness and Love Empty
發表主題: 20210701 謙恭和敬持正法Practicing Discipline, Goodness and Love   20210701 謙恭和敬持正法Practicing Discipline, Goodness and Love Empty周六 7月 24, 2021 9:51 pm

20210701 謙恭和敬持正法Practicing Discipline, Goodness and Love

Over these few days, through videoconferences with our Tzu Chi volunteers in Singapore and Malaysia, I saw how they'd been guiding and inspiring others while working hard on Tzu Chi's Four Missions. They are truly dedicated to our charity mission. Since last year, our volunteers in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia have been bringing relief supplies to different areas every month, to those financially affected by COVID-19. They've been doing so for many months.

While giving with love, they also follow COVID preventive rules. With a heart of purity and selfless love, they give out relief supplies to they need respectfully and show them how they can practice propriety. When giving out relief supplies to the needy, our volunteers practice propriety by keeping a safe distance from them. Such is practicing the paramitas of giving and moral discipline.

Despite drenching in sweat under the scorching sun, our volunteers still move and carry the relief supplies by themselves. To maintain social distancing, they step forward, put down the supplies, and step backward. They then make a bow to the aid recipients. This is truly not an easy feat. They truly have my admiration. They give with love without asking for anything in return. How wonderful this is. They've truly been creating auspicious energy and harmony in this world. Isn't this the practice of repentance and gratitude?

Repentance should not only be expressed in words, but also in actions. To practice repentance, we must give with love without asking for anything in return and also carry ourselves with propriety. Doing so is the key to a wonderful world. I truly hope that everyone can learn the crucial lessons taught by the pandemic. I have faith that those who've come to practice self-discipline amid the pandemic have learned the crucial lessons.

In the past, they may have let their desires run wild, but not they have kept their desires in check and will keep practicing self-discipline. This is how they've learned the crucial lessons taught by the pandemic. Seeing that, I'm filled with joy.

We also see Chile. As Chile is in the Southern Hemisphere, it is winter there. It is freezing cold and the COVID situation there is also very serious. This country occupies a long strip of land, extending more than 4,000 km from north to south. There are not many Tzu Chi volunteers there, but quite a few people there are poor. With cold winter and serious COVID situation there, our volunteers try their best to provide aid. The relief work is truly not easy.

Yet, instead of letting it hold them back, they've been helping the needy for many years. As there are not many of them, they work vert hard to bring aid and care to the needy. They've been doing so for many years. Looking around the world, we can see many people in need. Now, we must calm our mind, keep our desires in check, and think about how blessed we are. Since we are blessed, we must help the needy through giving. One doesn't have to be rich to give.

We see our volunteers in Mozambique. Through translation, they've all understood my words. Even if they are poor, they give whatever they can to help others.

"Many people here in Metichura have no beds and have to sleep on the sandy ground. So, volunteers gather here and make bamboo mats together. We'll send the mats to the poor in communities. You can see that making mats is not easy."

"Many elderly people have no money to buy mats and do not know how to make one. So, I teach children to make mats and they've also invited their friends to learn together."

"It's been years since I learned to make mats. This time, I walked a long distance from my home and came here to make mats with other volunteers. these mats will be sent to the elderly. I also wish to help them."

"This mats is big enough for three people. We'll make more mats in the future. We hope to bring aid to more elderly people and poor families."

Such is love and spiritual wealth. They help those worse off even if they do not have much to give. (They've also been giving out crops) since they were taught to farm. They practice propriety and follow my words. I say that we have to take off our shoes before walking into a cultivation ground, and our volunteers there follow my words.

Even if they use piece of sandy land as their cultivation ground, they take off their shoes and arrange them in an orderly manner before entering the cultivation ground to listen to talks on Jing Si Aphorisms. They listen to the talks attentively. See how they sit with order. They are no less orderly than those of you who are present here. They truly can inspire everyone. Even I have also been inspired by them. How can I not respect them and love them deeply? I truly love them deeply.

In videoconferences over these few days, I've also said how I love them from the bottom of my heart. Everyone, please also show them your love, for they practice propriety and harbor love and goodness within. Those who do so truly deserve our respect. So, we must be mindful at all times.

These volunteers of our all practice vegetarianism. See, as they are mindful, they've cultivated the once-idle land and reaped good harvests. How wonderful it is. How happy they are. They are truly endearing and I love them deeply. Everyone, I'me grateful to you. As we've been walking the Tzu Chi Path, more and more people have joined our rank. There is much to be grateful for. my best wishes to you all. Please be mindful at each moment.
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20210701 謙恭和敬持正法Practicing Discipline, Goodness and Love
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