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 20210702護諸有情遠災殃Contemplating Our Ways of Life 中英


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20210702護諸有情遠災殃Contemplating Our Ways of Life 中英 Empty
發表主題: 20210702護諸有情遠災殃Contemplating Our Ways of Life 中英   20210702護諸有情遠災殃Contemplating Our Ways of Life 中英 Empty周六 7月 24, 2021 9:58 pm

20210702護諸有情遠災殃Contemplating Our Ways of Life 中英

Every day, the topics of conversation are on the pandemic and its virus. Some places have lifted the COVID-19 restrictions, but very soon, they are back under the restrictions due to COVID-19 variants, which are even more powerful. Hence, let us repent, and express our mutual gratitude and love for people. Let us be grateful to one another. Every day, I talk about raising our heads in repentance and bowing our heads in gratitude.

Let us be grateful that we live in an abundance of material resources. Though the pandemic is very severe and has impacted many industries, there are still sufficient material resources for humans right now. But as it drags on, when will it end? As industries and businesses are in a recession, how many people will become poor? Therefore, let us curb our desires, and bring forth our sincerity as well as repentance.

Let us be grateful that farmer are still working hard to supply the demand of food. Our land is still fertile to supply humans to be on full stomachs. Hence, let us be grateful. Every meal, let us think about the origin of our food. Take some time to think about it, our bowls used to be clay from the ground, which went through the process of pottery. A lump of clay needs water and needs to be kneaded. The bowl then goes through other processes before it’s fired in a kiln.

A lot of work went into it for us to hold a beautiful bowl in our hand. There’s also the rice. Farmers plant rice from seeds. For rice to grow, they need water, land, air, and many other factors coming together. Shouldn’t we be grateful for this? When we hold a bowl of rice in our hand, shouldn’t we be grateful? Let us be grateful.

When we put our palms together at the dining table, we need to think about where our meal comes from. We also need to reflect on our virtue and conduct. How much virtue have we cultivated? A little or not at all? To reflect on our virtue and conduct is to assess how much virtue have we cultivated.

In eating a bowl of rice, how much have we contributed to humanity, to our life, to the place we live, or to our family. This is something that any person at any place, even at one’s home, should ponder about.

Think about this. There is a number. To make 500 meal boxes requires one pig and 38 chickens. If we apply this number to all the people, how many animals are killed for all the people eating three meals with one meal box per meal.

Moreover, nowadays, people usually eat take-out meals. After they receive their meal boxes, can they finish all their food? Most people don’t finish all their food. They throw away whatever they don’t finish and waste food. Wasting food is losing one’s virtue. It’s terrible.

These food wastes become and environmental problem. They create unsanitary environment, and such conduct creates a vicious cycle. When it comes to eating, it’s not as simple as one thinks; our ways of eating create a lot of problems. So, we have to work on how to change the way we live through educating people about life, and now we all have the same crucial lessons to learn, which are called the grand lessons.

We have to develop our virtues well, know what we must do and just do it, and stop doing things we know we shouldn’t do. We must stop, think deeply, listen well, and take a good look to see where the light is and where the brightness is. Our hearts have to head toward that direction, and we move forward to it step by step to create and walk on the Bodhisattva Path; this is something we must carry out mindfully.

Many diseases come from what we eat. We have to curb our cravings for meat, stop killing animals, and eat vegetarian meals; Besides, we should always harbor gratitude in our hearts. At this crucial moment, what I truly look forward to is that through education, everyone will learn the lessons and become vegetarians.

I hope that people can so this for good; starting from our daily living, every person can being to do this. Everyone, please be mindful, be mindful on working on ceasing to have ignorance and distracting thoughts, so we can carefully listen and look around to learn where the correct direction is and live out the teachings. This is purifying the world, which can make our society become healthy again for humans.

So, I hope that people can take in my words. Every day, I give everyone my blessings. Every day, I pray piously with sincerity. However, day by day, I feel there’s little I can do. This is why I have to raise my voice to call on people’s attention, to talk about and promote vegetarianism. So, I must truly raise my voice and invite everyone to promote vegetarianism together.
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20210702護諸有情遠災殃Contemplating Our Ways of Life 中英
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