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 20210707 淨心無染災遠離Less Desire, Simpler Life


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20210707 淨心無染災遠離Less Desire, Simpler Life Empty
發表主題: 20210707 淨心無染災遠離Less Desire, Simpler Life   20210707 淨心無染災遠離Less Desire, Simpler Life Empty周六 7月 24, 2021 10:15 pm

20210707 淨心無染災遠離Less Desire, Simpler Life

"I'm sorry. I know it hurts badly. Please hang in there a bit. We are doing a checkup and we also have to do a mucus suction."

"What I fear is that I can't save patients' lives, can't bring them back from the edge of death. There truly are many people giving me support. I can't carry out the work myself. Our medical team, including respiratory therapists and nurses, go through fire and water with me. I'm not exaggerating."

Indeed, everyone in our medical mission is on high alert over this COVID-19 outbreak in Taiwan. I've always felt that we must remain vigilant and sincerely pious. What's most worrying is when people think: "Since this outbreak has been ongoing for nearly two months (and the number of cases is decreasing,) it is very likely to end." We must not let down our guard. Otherwise, there will be another outbreak. That's very worrying.

So, we must keep practicing precautions each and every day. Recently, I've often said that no one can stop the spread of the virus. Again, I'd like to remind everyone of this. The only way to end the pandemic is for all of us to awaken. We should no longer be deluded.

We should awaken and, with our head up and our palms together, repent to heaven that we have let our greed run rampant, we have now learned our lesson from the sudden onslaught of the pandemic and will heighten our vigilance and work hard to cultivate ourselves.

We must be vigilant at all times. As many illnesses come from food, we must be very cautious about what we eat. We must know that many kinds of germs can be found in animals. We should guard our actions and live in harmony with the environment. Mother Nature provides us with air to breathe and abundant plant foods to eat. So, we must be content and count our blessings and not be wasteful.

Many of us do not count our blessings.With so many material things before our eyes, we've let our mind go astray. So, we keep buying clothes in a blind pursuit and only wear some of them later. When we see clothes on the streets that we find attractive, we spend a lot of money buying them, take them home, and hang them up in our closet. Yet, every day, when we open our closet, we wonder which piece of clothing to wear. In fact, we have too many clothes to wear.

For years, we just keep buying clothes. There are many of us like this. And, some time later, when we declutter our closet, we may just take many clothes out and put them into trash bags even if we've never worn them. Very few people now would collect or buy used clothes, so ( a lot of discarded clothes have accumulated.) I hope that our living environments won't be cluttered with clothes, rendering us no room to walk around.

Sometimes, I'd see how our Tzu Chi volunteers brought aid and care to those whose homes were so cluttered that there was no space to walk upon. Our volunteers would work together to declutter and clean up their homes. I've often seen this kind of living environment.

In all, we must live a simple life. We should drink more water, and since vegetables, fruit, and rice are delicious, filling, and rich in nutrients, by eating such foods, we can get full and enjoy good health. We shouldn't collect or buy things we don't need. If we buy a lot of things and do not use them, we are wasting our money on things that will clutter our home. And, if we collect dirty, discarded things, they will clutter our home, too. Hoarding things is a result of our greed.

Do we need to spend money when we hoard things? If we buy many things, we'll spend a lot of money. We don't spend any money if we collect discarded things. Yet, out of greed, we may collect them without considering if we need them or if we have space to store them. In all, this is the result of a deluded thought.

I can explain many true principles behind this. Simple put, we must not let our desires run wild. We must be mindful of this. We must not crave things we don't need whether they are valuable or not. Vegetarian food is clean and provides nutrients we need. So, we don't need to eat meat. (By not eating meat,) we can also prevent harmful germs from entering our body. Doing so is very easy. Once we fall ill, we will suffer unspeakably. So, we must always live a simple life and follow true principles. This is how we can enjoy good health.
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20210707 淨心無染災遠離Less Desire, Simpler Life
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