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 20210708 福慧行善無所求Coming Together to Give with a Grateful Heart


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20210708 福慧行善無所求Coming Together to Give with a Grateful Heart Empty
發表主題: 20210708 福慧行善無所求Coming Together to Give with a Grateful Heart   20210708 福慧行善無所求Coming Together to Give with a Grateful Heart Empty周六 7月 24, 2021 10:24 pm

20210708 福慧行善無所求Coming Together to Give with a Grateful Heart

"Everyone is afraid of COVID-19 as they are not familiar with it. what we doctors can do is set our team members' minds at ease by telling them that as long as we protect ourselves well, we don't have to be afraid."

Our Tzu Chi medical staff still work on weekends. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Taiwan, they safeguard people's lives and health with love as they did before the outbreak. What we most wish for right now is that everyone can stay safe and well and that soon there will be no new cases and the outbreak will end.

For that, let us all pray for safety and peace, live with vigilance and sincere piety, and learn the crucial lessons taught by the outbreak. We should never stop learning. At a time like this, we all the more need to learn the crucial lessons. Everyone is truly mindful amid this outbreak. We see how other volunteer groups do their part to ease the outbreak.

See, they held placards to remind customers to follow preventive rules, which truly is a must right now. Volunteers see it as their mission to meet the needs of society by providing support in an organized manner.

Seeing how volunteer groups in Taiwan can help stabilize society, I think of how, over the past 50 years and more, our Tzu Chi volunteers have also been working to benefit society. I'm very touched. I'm very happy to see that many people who are not in Tzu Chi are also volunteering. This is also how they can inspire others to do the same.

We see how the medical staff at our hospital in Taichung performed a surgery bravely to save a patient's life.

"The tumor, which was nearly 30 cm (in diameter), pressed against the patient's internal organs. So, he suffered from the loss of appetite, had difficulty breathing, and was becoming thinner.

(The tumor) was like a time bomb that was about to detonate. We tried hard to remove the tumor without it rupturing. It was indeed very difficult. "

It took many medical staffers to take care of the patient for days. Our medical staff aspired to be doctors, nurses, or medical technicians. They are truly admirable. How could they care for patients like this if they were not living bodhisattvas? How could they bear with tough medical work if they did not have the Buddha's heart?

Those of us who are safe and well truly should harbor gratitude within at all times. We should all the more remain grateful to those who bring us aid in times of need. As we have support from others, how can we not respect everyone with gratitude and love? Please take in this principle of respecting everyone with gratitude and love and keep it in mind at each moment.

When we are safe and well, we must express gratitude to one another, and we must respect one another with gratitude and love in daily life. Fro that, we must cultivate our minds. I've also learned how we've carried out much charity work amid the pandemic. We've been providing medical supplies, including respiratory devices, and nutritious food supplies for each country that has asked us for aid. Every day, we add relief supply entries to our aid distribution lists.

Over 50 years ago, we began our charity mission with scarce resources, and now, out of the more than 200 countries and regions in the world, we've brought aid to over 100. Fro that, we must be grateful to one another. We've been carrying out our charity work by pooling everyone's donations, resources, and efforts together. We must encourage more people to serve, for without manpower, we can't carry out relief.

We must also encourage more to give what they can, for without resources, we cant' carry out relief, either. When we have resources, we need people to distribute them. So, manpower and resources are equally important. We must continue to be mindful, work in unity, and inspire others to join our rank. We must also understand that as we all have much hard work to do, we should work together in harmony and give rise to mutual gratitude.

Everyone, I'm truly grateful to our Tzu Chi members, including everyone here at the Abode. Thanks to the leadership of our CEO Mr. Yen, units in our charity mission have been working in unity and harmony to carry out every project. They've formed a great strength for our charity projects amid the pandemic.

I'm also grateful to the CEO of our medical mission. Every day, he stays updated on the operation of our medical mission by listening to briefings from our hospitals. The CEO of our educational mission is also dedicated. knowing that children in Taiwan do not go to school now due to the outbreak and that some of them had no electronic devices to study from home, our volunteers quickly gathered used computers and other electronic devices and had the broken ones fixed up so these children could take part in distance learning.

They've also brought foods to poor families so the children can have food to eat and their parents won't have to worry. Before the outbreak, the children could have lunch at school. As they do not go to school now, our volunteers have brought them food supplies. They are truly considerate in carrying out charity work. Now, many volunteers are working with wisdom to benefit the needy. Such is cultivating blessings and wisdom.

There are many stories to share. At a time like this, everyone in Tzu Chi's Four Missions is working for the common good. Everyone in our cultural mission is working to stabilize society and bring peace to people's minds by sharing information on the outbreak. I'm very touched that everyone in our four missions is working together to end the outbreak quickly and help people get back to normal life.

For that, everyone in our four missions should work in unity and harmony and also work with other people with one heart. There is too much to share. My best wishes to you all. I hope we can give with love more often. May we eliminate our afflictions and ignorance and give of ourselves more often rather than take issues with others. This is how we can sow blessings for the world and grow in wisdom.
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20210708 福慧行善無所求Coming Together to Give with a Grateful Heart
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