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 20210709合和互協布善種 Working Together in Unity and Harmony to Sow Seeds of Goodness


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20210709合和互協布善種 Working Together in Unity and Harmony to Sow Seeds of Goodness Empty
發表主題: 20210709合和互協布善種 Working Together in Unity and Harmony to Sow Seeds of Goodness   20210709合和互協布善種 Working Together in Unity and Harmony to Sow Seeds of Goodness Empty周六 7月 24, 2021 10:29 pm

20210709合和互協布善種 Working Together in Unity and Harmony to Sow Seeds of Goodness

Right now, of this current era, the COVID-19 pandemic is truly giving us a grand lesson. Please remind ourselves that, vegetarianism is indeed a must, but more importantly, working together in unity and harmony with love is also a must.

With today’s society and people’s morality, people have a lot of desires. However, when I hear that Tzu Chi volunteers follow the rules and eat a vegetarian diet, I feel more comforted.

Thailand is a Buddhist country, and I hope that, at this time, volunteers are even more mindful in spreading the spirit of Buddhism. The Buddha taught us to love, to love the lives of all living beings, and this is very important. So, to love all the living beings in the world, eating a vegetarian diet is the only way. Eating a vegetarian diet can always remind us to think about protecting and loving all lives, hence, let’s be mindful about it.

The Chinese for “thinking” is made up with two characters; one character is made up of the character of heart on top of the character of field. The second character is the heart character on top of the character for image. Even though there is an image in our heart, at this time, with the grand lessons, let us go of the image which we hold on stubbornly, and return to the field of our heat.

When we have a field, we must put our heart into cultivating it, and if we plant the right seeds, they’ll become food for the world. Human life can sustain on grains and plants, so, let us cultivate the field mindfully. Hearing the reports from our volunteers in Thailand, indeed, they act with one heart as they plant seeds in the spiritual field of blessings, and I feel much at ease.  

So now, we must be vigilant and sincerely pious. We must pray sincerely together with one heart for disasters to end. We must love and protect the lives of all living beings in the world. Let us protect lives. To do this is to eat a vegetarian diet and practice percepts. Only in this way can we truly be safe and well.

These concepts are not hard to understand, but they are not easy for people to do. Right now, people have to start raising their awareness about the lives of living beings. The pandemic is invisible. So, it requires everyone to heighten their vigilance. Most importantly, we must eat a vegetarian diet and be vigilant ant sincerely pious.

Let us heighten our vigilance and be very careful in all that we do in daily living. Let us always keep rules and precepts in mind and not to break them. For this pandemic, I keep saying that we shouldn’t have disturbed the virus. The virus was originally carried by animals. When humans disturb animals, it’s like a wind blows dust all over the place.

So, we need to constantly nourish our inner field with the water of Dharma to increase our understanding of the Dharma, get rid of karmic obstructions, and mitigate disasters. The best way is to eat a vegetarian diet. We do this not for creating merits. We are doing what should be done to protection our body and other people’s wellbeing.

Vegetarianism is worthy for us to promote. Right now, this is the only way. The only solution is to eat a vegetarian diet and give of ourselves with love. We heard tzu Chi volunteers in Bangkok delivering aid packages to people’s houses. I’ve been praising them for this. Under the pandemic, volunteers there have aspired to nurture love in people’s hearts nonstop and sow seeds of goodness in Thailand. This is creating blessings.

Recently, I kept talking about blessings, which is like a layer of protection to keep people safe and well. So, we should continuously promote vegetarianism and seize the affinity, for the current COVID-19 pandemic is a good opportunity for us to promote vegetarianism. So, Thailand needs Tzu Chi volunteers. Volunteers there should be vigilant, sincerely pious, and always be diligent.

With Tzu Chi’s spirit and values, we can protect all living beings in the world. This is my greatest hope; this is not impossible, and as long as we have the heart for it, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

We are living bodhisattvas in the world. Everyone can be living bodhisattvas and seize the affinity to give of themselves with having loving-kindness for living beings living bodhisattvas in the world. So, this is the Buddha’s goal for coming to this world. The current pandemic serves a good opportunity, we have to seize this chance to share the teachings as living bodhisattvas. Everyone, please be mindful all the time.

For the elderly volunteers, although we are advanced in age, we still need to encourage one another not to give in old age; we should be work together with young people, middle-aged people, and people in their prime to bring out the value of our life and seize every day while we are alive to do meaningful things. Let us encourage one another on this.

Our volunteers in Thailand are diligent and should keep on doing so. Many people in suffering are waiting for us. When we all give rise to a kind thought and seize the affinity to do good every day, we can bring aid to these suffering people, so they can have stability in their life. This is what we should aspire; we should aspire to be person who brings and to people.

Beside those people in poverty whom need our help, the ich also need spiritual support. So let us keep on sharing the dharma to everyone with blessings in the world and help them grow in wisdom. This is cultivating both blessings and wisdom.
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20210709合和互協布善種 Working Together in Unity and Harmony to Sow Seeds of Goodness
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