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 20210715 福愛氣流弭災疫Dissipating the Pandemic with the Force of Love and Blessing


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20210715 福愛氣流弭災疫Dissipating the Pandemic with the Force of Love and Blessing Empty
發表主題: 20210715 福愛氣流弭災疫Dissipating the Pandemic with the Force of Love and Blessing   20210715 福愛氣流弭災疫Dissipating the Pandemic with the Force of Love and Blessing Empty周六 7月 24, 2021 10:46 pm

20210715 福愛氣流弭災疫Dissipating the Pandemic with the Force of Love and Blessing

I've been reminding everyone that the COVID-19 pandemic teaching us crucial lessons and that the first and most important thing now is for us to practice vegetarianism. Every day, we have to eat to sustain our lives. What do people eat and what kind of karma do they create if they eat meat? How do they turn animals into meat dishes?

Countless animals have experienced torturing pain (when being killed for food.) All this is a result of people's desire for meat. Many people keep consuming animals due to their insatiable desire for meat. This is how they create bad karma. Bad karma created as a result of killing animals has been accumulating over time. How bad karma leads to disasters is beyond us, and is also hard to describe with words.

We've seen how people around the world are afraid of the pandemic and how natural disasters have been occurring frequently due to the imbalance of Nature's elements. This year, we've also heard reports of unprecedented heat waves.

"It's been too hot to work since June. Everything has become difficult, be it going out or doing some shopping, as the heat is truly unbearable."

"We can't stay in the sun as we've suffered from heat exhaustion. I even passed out the other day. We have no access to electricity and the power generator gets broken every day."

"Undoubtedly, this is abnormal. The temperatures are 7 to 10 degrees Celsius higher than those of previous years. Temperature records have been broken in a row."

In the future, global warming will be getting worse, leading people to suffer from oppressive heat just like how meat or fish is pan-fried on a stove. When we come to this world again in our future lives, we will suffer from such a heat as if we were on a hot stove.

Recently, temperatures in some places are even higher than 50 degrees Celsius. It's indeed very hot. When we have a fever up to 40 degrees Celsius, those around us will urge us to rush to the hospital. Indeed, it's very dangerous if our body temperature is much higher than normal. In the same way, global temperatures must not keep rising, for high temperatures will cause water shortages, and the heat and the lack of water will bring much hardship to people. This is what the world will be like in the future.

Presently, a lot of people have lost their lives to the pandemic. In some places, cemetery workers cannot bury the deceased properly because cemetery grounds are full and there is a shortage of coffins. Also, as COVID patients must be isolated, their family cannot see them even when they pass away. Indeed, I can't bear to share stories about this pandemic that has affected the wholes world and I can hardly describe them with words, either. In all, the world truly is filled with much misery and suffering right now.

Everyone, at a time like this, can we not vow with sincere piety to extend our love to all life and stop the killing of animals? By eating grains and vegetables, we can get full and cleanse our body. Let us all cleanse our body and sincerely practice repentance together with one heart. Only when we all practice repentance and care for one another with love and gratitude can we bring about safety and peace in the world.

I've mentioned this over and again. This is very easy to do, but it's very hard to ask everyone to do it. So, sometimes it's of no use to keep saying it. However, because of the pandemic, it's now a must to promote vegetarianism. We must live in harmony with all animals and give with boundless love so we can sow boundless blessings. Only when we give with boundless love can we sow boundless blessings and mitigate disasters. This is what boundless love can do.

I've shared many ways to quell disasters and they all have something in common: boundless love. We need to give of ourselves continuously, and instead of asking for anything in return, we should express gratitude to one another. This is how we can work together in love and harmony, which is the only way to dispel the pandemic.

Everyone, I hope you can pay more attention to what's happening around the world. With a few taps on your phones, you can see many truthful stories from Tuz Chi's media. May we all pay more attention to what's happening in the world, for this is how we can cultivate our wisdom. Let us all vow to walk the Bodhisattva Path, for this is what we need to do as we learn the Dharma.

Everyone, please learn about what's happening in the world with a pure heart and mind and remain mindful always.
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20210715 福愛氣流弭災疫Dissipating the Pandemic with the Force of Love and Blessing
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