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 20210806廣度十方立願行 Making Vows to Help Countless People中英


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20210806廣度十方立願行 Making Vows to Help Countless People中英 Empty
發表主題: 20210806廣度十方立願行 Making Vows to Help Countless People中英   20210806廣度十方立願行 Making Vows to Help Countless People中英 Empty周三 8月 18, 2021 5:22 am

20210806廣度十方立願行 Making Vows to Help Countless People中英

Jing Si disciples from central Taiwan make vows to Master online. Dear Master, our hearts will always be close to your heart. We will listen to Dharma talks, study Master’s books, diligently cultivate ourselves, pass on the Dharma to benefit all beings, and practice your teachings. Master, please do not worry.

Indeed, for this period of time, I haven’t seen volunteers at the Jing Si Abode. I believe that volunteers are all listening to Dharma talks online. Thanks to the advanced technology we have now, everyone’s home can be a cultivation ground. No matter where volunteers are, they can see me and listen to my talks.

More importantly, I hope that everyone can interact with one another. Serving as a living bodhisattva, every volunteer can be at any place via internet to internet with and encourage with one another.

Indeed, there are many things to be grateful for. Also, there are many things to share with people. The current COVID-19 pandemic is something we have never seen before. Let’s hope that the pandemic can come to its end quickly. To make this happen, it requires every one of us to aspire and vow to create blessings now.

Making aspirations and vows to practice vegetarianism is being the most sincere and pious. If we have made aspirations and vows, we must practice vegetarianism. This is to have inclusive love for all beings. I hope that everyone will remember how important it is to practice vegetarianism because of this pandemic.

Some people may not be used to this yet, or they feel it is hard to convince their family, so they make so with non-vegetarian food. However, as long as we’re determined and have the will, eating vegetarian meals is not hard. Only when every family takes practicing vegetarianism to heart, stops killing animals, learns to love animals and save animal lives, can this pandemic be shortened and come to its end.

I’ve always said that this pandemic needs everyone to be determined to eat a vegetarian diet as this pandemic is truly severe. Everyone can recall that I’ve been talking about the grand lesson. This is truly a huge lesson for humans, so, let us all be more mindful about it. Why do I say this pandemic is a grand lesson? Because it is a disaster. Yet, we think, “That’s not how I feel.” This is because we are still living life as how we wish.

Indeed, we live our lives as we wish, so, I say, “Let us be grateful.” This pandemic is really severe, but we still feel that we are safe and live as we please as the days go by. Hence, everyone, I express my gratitude. However, every one of us must be more alert, and harbor sincere piety to create blessings for the world and to mitigate disasters; this is the only way for the pandemic to be over safely and quickly.

Even though we see on the news that the situation is gradually being contained in Taiwan, I worry about a surprise comeback. Still, let us remain vigilant about this. After this pandemic, everyone still needs to remember the grand lesson I’ve talked about; it is for us to be awakened right now because our future generations all hope to live in peace and safety, and no one wants the virus to return with surprise attack. Humans will be very concerned about this.

So, we lived in safety before, now, let us aspire and make vows to recruit more volunteers and encourage people to love and protect animals. Hearing everyone’s sharing, I am much moved. Dr. Chi mentioned that homeless people and who are hungry would wait outside his clinic. They believe that Dr. Chi will love and protect them and that they will receive the help they need with dignity.

I believe that every person who has received help all think that they will receive the help they need with dignity. Such is the heart of a bodhisattva, loving and protecting living beings in suffering. Dr. Chi you have aspired to help countless people.

With your love, you’ve been taking cere of people in suffering for years. Thus is why I often say that you’re like the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and have vowed to take care of every family. You’re also like the Kstigarbha Bodhisattva guarding at the entrance to hell, trying to guide people away from hell by teaching them to create blessings.

I’m grateful to you. The people you’ve inspired all have blessings and affinities. You’ve also  inspired many honorary board members. As long as you’re determined, with vows comes blessings, and you’ll be able to help many living beings and inspire a lot of people with blessings. To create blessings in this world, we need to tell one another that those who have blessings should aspire to help people and give of themselves with what they have.

All in all, we aspire to help people with what we have. Giving of ourselves with the power of love to create blessings for the world is something that we should urge everyone to do. I’m grateful to volunteers for making vows. I hope this pandemic can come to an end quickly so that I may go to the various Tzu Chi offices around Taiwan to see how volunteers are doing on their spiritual practice.

This is what I would really like to do now. I sincerely give everyone my blessings. Please greet the volunteer in your area and give them my blessing son my behalf. Thank you, and best wishes to everyone.
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20210806廣度十方立願行 Making Vows to Help Countless People中英
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