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 20210808大哉食事素人生Living a Vegetarian Life


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20210808大哉食事素人生Living a Vegetarian Life Empty
發表主題: 20210808大哉食事素人生Living a Vegetarian Life   20210808大哉食事素人生Living a Vegetarian Life Empty周三 8月 18, 2021 5:29 am

20210808大哉食事素人生Living a Vegetarian Life

This is the orientation for our 21-day challenge to good health. Every one of you here has successfully signed up to be a part of this challenge. For the next 21 days, we’re all in this together!

I’ve been on the vegetarian challenge for 9 days, and I stepped on the scale yesterday, surprisingly, I had lost 3.5kg. Today is the second to last day. We got the results of our second blood best. My cholesterol has been good; it was 4.8. Now, it’s 3.8.

My blood pressure went from 154 to 106; my doctor wants to reduce my medication dosage.

When I was 93kg, my waist was about 40 inches. The last time I measured it, it was less than 35 inches.

To stay alive, we eat. We eat for our health, and we want to taste unprocessed food. As long as our hearts are in it, meat is never a must. Think deeply for a moment, the most unclean food is meat. Meat is also the most easily-spoiled food. Meat comes from a life it is related to an animal’s life. If you eat meat, you take lives when you eat.

Truly, you are taking animals’ lives. For you to be alive you kill animals’ life; you indeed take their lives away from them! Ultimately, lives are harmed, and you stored up so many things in your body that is unclean. We must know that diseases enter through the mouth. Meat is not a must to a healthy body.

We can be healthy eating grains and plants. I talk about this every day. Plus, vegetarians have a sharper mind. Since ancient times, many famous people, including scientists, philosophers, and religious figures, all have sharp minds. Young volunteers, bodhisattvas have enlightened love; they are beings with enlightened love.

All lives are the same. We are humans, and humans have great abilities; humans can protect all lives and they can kill all lives too. It all depends on a single thought we need to change just a thought. We often talk about switching to a vegetarian diet and we can change our eating habits from evil to good, and it only takes one thought.

This evilness comes from killing countless lives; it is all evil. People eat meat, but without killing and harming animals, where do you get the meat? By eating meat, one must harm animals, kill animals, boil them, fry them, and cook them; every piece of meat comes from many cruel processes to each a person’s mouth. When we open our mouths to eat, is it a must to eat food that comes from a life? No, it isn’t.

Grains and plants are true food, very pure, and very beautiful. Indeed, a vegetarian diet can lead to a pure heart and clear conscience, and a wonderful life. To make our life valuable, we need to save lives. How can we use our one life to save the lives of numerous animals? We can protect and save lives. When we protect lives, we are saving lives. To protect lives is to spare lives. Don’t capture animals, cage them, and harm them just for eating them.

So many patient’s illnesses come from what they eat, why is that? A vegetarian diet is a clean diet and a carefully prepared plant-based diet. Moreover, we should eat seasonal, locally-grown food.

To be healthy, we have to eat a vegetarian diet, which is clean and pure. Look at grains and plants they can be made into many delicious dishes. I see the food in front of me, whether they are beverages or desserts, they look very delicate, pure and beautiful. They look delicious. They should be content. This is having a happy life.

Being content is being happy. If we are not content with such food, we’ll create karma by eating meat. If we often have evil thoughts in our mind, that would lead to an ugly life. To live a truly good life is to eat a vegetarian diet. Through skillful hands, one can turn delicious food into delicate art. Whether they are drawn or made by hand, the food is nicely made. It’s very artistic and makes one’s life wonderful.

So, when we eat, we should bring out the true beauty and taste of food. Through creating artistic vegetarian food, we can turn people’s life into a good life. So, protecting, saving and sparing animal lives make our life the most beautiful, vegetarian life. It’s beautiful. It’s vegetarian. This is why we way a vegetarian life can be artistic.

It’s also very clean, beautiful and kind. Living such a life makes our life most wonderful. We can talk to people and share with others the purity, beauty and kindness in our heart. There are many topics to talk about, such as the wonderful life stories of people. There are many good topics to talk about, such as stories about people, animals and matters and things in the world.

In hearing the sharing of volunteers, I am very happy that they have such pure, kind and beautiful thoughts, life and deeds. So, for things that are right, just do it. As long as our direction is right, we walk forward diligently. The grand lesson teaches us about the important matter of eating. By changing our mindset, we can protect, save and spare the lives of animals. This makes our life a good life. This makes our life a wonderful life which is also of the highest wisdom.
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20210808大哉食事素人生Living a Vegetarian Life
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