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 20210729善法廣傳護有情Inspiring Goodness in All for a Peaceful World


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20210729善法廣傳護有情Inspiring Goodness in All for a Peaceful World Empty
發表主題: 20210729善法廣傳護有情Inspiring Goodness in All for a Peaceful World   20210729善法廣傳護有情Inspiring Goodness in All for a Peaceful World Empty周一 9月 06, 2021 1:46 am

20210729善法廣傳護有情Inspiring Goodness in All for a Peaceful World

So heavy is people's collective bad karma that there is not only climate change but also the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is alarmed and worried. Every day, I have videoconferences with our Tzu Chi members around the world, and our topics always include these crises.

Through live streaming, I can see our Tzu chi members at the same time and they can all hear what I say at home. Isn't this like how Bodhisattvas can go to different places and different homes to reach out to those praying for their aid? In the past, when I listened to the Dharma or when I gave Dharma talks, I wondered how it could be possible for Bodhisattvas to appear in different homes at the same time.

I used to think this was impossible although it was mentioned in Buddhist texts. Now, I'd like to share with everyone that indeed, we can go to anyone's home and even go into anyone's heart and mind. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can see one another and talk to each other heart to heart at any time, as if we had wondrous power.

At a time when there are many disasters, we should all the more remind everyone to cultivate goodness. When everyone harbors goodness within, the whole world will be at peace. If our minds are chaotic, the world will become chaotic too. It'll be hard for there to be safety and peace.

Buddhas and Bodhisattvas come to this world to inspire everyone by purifying their hearts and minds. This is not impossible as long as we all work mindfully to inspire goodness in everyone by encouraging them to think good thoughts, speak good words, and do good deeds. I hope everyone can take in my words and cultivate goodness.

Through live streaming, our Tzu Chi members around the world can listen to my talks at the same time. So, to share goodness and wholesome teachings with many people at the same time is not impossible. And, with live streaming, we can also bring our hearts together. When we work together with one heart, we can form a great strength, and when we all harbor goodness within, the world will become and peaceful.

I've also had a videoconference with our Tzu Chi members in Hong Kong. Our volunteer, Mr. Chen, is a top executive of an international hotel group. He values Tzu Chi's spirit highly, has deep faith in my words and has taken my teachings to heart. He has deep faith that as life is precious, one must respect all life. He is also well aware that all animals are sentient beings. He truly harbors goodness within.

As a top executive of the hotel group, he has inspired many employees to do good as well as love and cherish all life. They all identify with his values and have come together to do good with one heart. As they serve as living bodhisattvas, whenever they have a gathering, they are always filled with joy.

As Mr. Chen strives to promote vegetarianism, the hotel serves many vegetarian dishes. Aren't dishes without meat or fish very delicious and nutritious too? As long as we all harbor goodness within and love all life, no animals will be killed for food. This is not impossible. Grains and vegetables can satisfy our palate and are rich in nutrients that our body needs.

As human beings, we must strive to head towards the right direction in life. We are not born in this world just to eat. Rather, we must find our place as human beings and work to live out our value in life. This is truly what we have come to this world for. So, we must be mindful always.
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20210729善法廣傳護有情Inspiring Goodness in All for a Peaceful World
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