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 20210827一念善生福綿延 A Thought of Kindness to Set Forth Blessings中英


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20210827一念善生福綿延 A Thought of Kindness to Set Forth Blessings中英 Empty
發表主題: 20210827一念善生福綿延 A Thought of Kindness to Set Forth Blessings中英   20210827一念善生福綿延 A Thought of Kindness to Set Forth Blessings中英 Empty周一 9月 06, 2021 2:14 am

20210827一念善生福綿延 A Thought of Kindness to Set Forth Blessings中英

An electrical fire broke out in the garage of our volunteer Ms. Liao Huashou’s home in the early morning of May 16, just when we’ve entered the level 3 COVID alert. This fire spread to their neighbor, who’s also our volunteer, Ms. Cheng Shuchun. Ms. Cheng’s eldest daughter had been
Wanting to come home as she was in the final stage of her cancer and didn’t want to stay at the hospice due to pandemic.

Volunteers got together to clean Ms. Cheng’s home, and after two weeks, it was somewhat livable, so her daughter could come back. She went home and passed away the next day, at 39 years old. But Ms. Cheng’s husband, Brother Qinxun, was very upset. He said, “My mother just passed away recently, we had a fire, my daughter was critically ill, and she died, but I’ve been doing good deeds! Why do I suddenly have so many afflictions?

We’re grateful that, after many years with Tzu Chi, we’ve been learning Master’s Dharma, and we’re able to provide him support with empathy as well as comfort with considerations. We were able to quickly remind him of right views, and Brother Qinxun donated his daughter’s savings as well as what’s left of her funeral funds.

I always say, life is full of suffering, especially for our life, as it cannot escape the law of nature. “Why am I sick? Why does my body ache? Why did this and that happen to me?” Some would say, “But haven’t you been doing good deeds?” This is the time to employ our wisdom. We ought know that, because we’ve joined Tzu Chi and we’ve been doing good deeds, we have nurtured our wisdom and we’re able to think it through, and know that what happens in our life right now is due to the karmic affinity of our past.

In this life, we need to accept our retribution and live pass it. If we don’t accept the retribution we’ve created in the past, and want to reject it, we’ll not be able to get pass it. So, we must accept it willingly; if we know the principles well, and accept retribution willingly, we can get over the harsh retribution easily.  

The retribution could have been long and tedious; if we accept it, it’ll be over in a short time. Knowing the principles well and accepting what will come, as time passes, the retribution passes as well. We can go on to live our lives, do good deeds and form good affinities, and our hearts will not be all tied up and feel tortuous. Such is to serve willingly and receive our karma joyfully.

If in the past, we’ve done things for joy, now, we must accept the karma willingly. In the past, we have inadvertently created karma, so in this life, we have to willingly receive its retributions, be understanding and happy in accepting it so that the retribution may pass quickly. What we end up having is Dharma joy and a peace of mind. ”Thank goodness, at that time, I didn’t get myself overwhelmed and the retribution passed. I understand more about the Dharma.”

“Indeed, I witnessed the impermanence of life.” This, we tell ourselves to cultivate more diligently and earnestly. This is understanding the principles taught by the Buddha. This is how we eliminate our negative karma. When we open up our hearts and not get tied up, at time passes, our negative karma also passes. What we have gained now is wisdom. Not thinking negatively is developing wisdom. So, we are to cultivate more diligently and earnestly.

We need to continue paving the path for the future. We must believe that there is a future life just like there is tomorrow after today. There are times of today and times of future. There are today, tomorrow, this life, and future lives. How we shape our future depends on our mind at this moment. Harboring a thought a kindness will lead to a long -lasting tomorrow. For our future lives, when we aim our direction right, we’ll walk on the right path.

This is the teaching of the Sutra of Innumerable Meanings. The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings talks about the affairs of the world. It tells us that the world is full of suffering and helps us see and understand this clearly. If, when we encounter something bad and we willingly accept it without giving rise to afflictions or forming bad affinities with people, then we are seeing things clearly.

Let us not form hatred with people for our future lives, try our best to eliminate our bad karma in this life, and create the Bodhisattva Path well in our future lives. We need to inspire more people to serve as living bodhisattvas. These are he vows we want to make.

I’m grateful to volunteers in Yunlin. They live far away from me in Hualien. Because of the pandemic this year, my tour around Taiwan has been postponed. I hope this pandemic can end quickly and I’ll have the affinity to make a tour around Taiwan to see volunteers and their place of cultivation, including their recycling stations, which are also places of cultivation.

So, volunteers, the belongs to everyone; Everyone needs to awaken to the fact that we need to do recycling. By doing recycling, we help protect the Earth; now, we cherish the Earth and take action to do recycling, which is one kind of education. This education is called the grand lesson. Through sharing with others their experiences, recycling volunteers are able to pass on the Dharma to more people. They are teaching people with their own experience.

I often say that we must seize every second of our time.  As long as everyone aspires to do good, all we need is just one second of time, sometimes even than a second, whenever a thought of kindness arises, we should quickly seize that moment. Fifty-five years ago, in less than a second, I gave rise to a thought; I called on people to donate NT$0.50 daily to Tzu Chi.

We can see that at that time, the aspiration I made to start the donation effort has now become Tzu Chi’s charity mission in the world. Anything that can benefit living beings, we would do it, because everyone gives of themselves with love. So, facing this pandemic, what should we do to prevent it? How do we protect people’s health? This pandemic also brings volunteers together to give of themselves mindfully. The most important is that everyone has to be sincere, pious, and vigilant.

So, this is the grand lesson for us. Every day, I call on people to aspire and have love for others; when everyone gives and serves with a kind thought, all of us will be safe and well. Being safe and well are not something we can beg on our knees to get. It comes from giving of ourselves sincerely to create blessings. This way we will naturally be safe and well. Do you understand this?

I believe that Tzu Chi volunteers from more than a dozen of countries in the world have already heard what I said. Remember to give of ourselves with a thought of kindness. Remember, the best remedy is eating vegetarian meals, which we must try our best to promote. Let us give rise to a thought of kindness to create blessings in the world. This way, we create boundless merits and can eliminate disasters. Everyone, I give you my blessing, and thank you.
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20210827一念善生福綿延 A Thought of Kindness to Set Forth Blessings中英
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