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 20210829無限綿延慈濟情 Extending the Love of Tzu Chi for Generations to Come


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20210829無限綿延慈濟情 Extending the Love of Tzu Chi for Generations to Come Empty
發表主題: 20210829無限綿延慈濟情 Extending the Love of Tzu Chi for Generations to Come   20210829無限綿延慈濟情 Extending the Love of Tzu Chi for Generations to Come Empty周一 9月 06, 2021 2:24 am

20210829無限綿延慈濟情 Extending the Love of Tzu Chi for Generations to Come

We’re giving these vulnerable families some warmth and blessings.

I truly feel a lot of love from the Tzu Chi Foundation.

With Tzu Chi long-term aid and care, vulnerable families are able to gain some stability.

Being able to serve is a blessing. Because of the pandemic, we weren’t able to come out. I’m using this opportunity to serve and form affinities with people.

In this pandemic, I’m truly touched and very grateful. What we should be grateful for is we are being safe and well now. Yet, we mustn’t let down our guard; we still need to keep our vigilance up. This pandemic is not over yet. Moreover, in many countries, we see their pandemic situations get worse with new variants of COVID-19 being more transmissible than before. So, we need to stay vigilant.

Being safe and well now, we need to raise our vigilance even more and not let down our guard. In addition, we need to cherish and create blessings. To cherish our blessings is to eat simpler meals. Let us be grateful to the delicious flavors of grains, fruits and vegetables. Different colors and types of vegetable have different flavors, and they are tasty. We should count our blessings and be content. Seeing people who are in suffering, how can we not create blessing? We should truly create blessings.

Recently, I’m truly touched by the kindness of society. There are few entrepreneurs who saw how Tzu Chi is trying to help with this pandemic and expressed their support by donating to Tzu Chi. Thi’s right, they are entrepreneurs with big businesses. Yet, it is not enough for one organization to do this. Right now, we need many people to come together to help.

It’s not only the coming together of money or goods the most important thing is the coming together of people’s sincere hearts. Only when people harbor the same sincere Great Love and lasting compassion will we have peace and safety.

In this pandemic, we see people’s love and their genuine compassion. Having money and being willing to donate it is truly not easy. Can people without money do this? Yes. There is a family who makes a living by selling pan-fried stuffed buns. The man pan-fries the stuffed buns one by one. He said that he wanted to buy a house, but it’s more important to help people. While making money over the past several decades, he and his wife have this common goal.

They continue to live in a simple house but donate the money they’ve saved for the past several decades. He donated money to make each family member, including his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, honorary board members. He said this is creating blessings for his children and grandchildren. This is better than having a lot of money.

This is having a correct view. Such is his thinking. This is our life’s direction and it is called we reap what we sow. When you leave money to your children, you don’t know how they will use it. This couple leads a simple life, their meals are simple, and they donate the money they’ve saved to Tzu Chi for building hospitals and schools. They have been consistent in donating money to help the poor.

So, though gradually, they have perseverance for their vows, and fulfill them like so. This is why I often say, in my life, I have received so much Great Love and lasing compassion that I wonder how many lifetimes will it take me to return these sentiments. The money is not for my personal use, but it allows me to help so many people and gives me an abundance of strength that is full of compassion and love.

This compassion is long lasting and the Great Love has been spread widely. Truly this is hard to describe with words. Volunteers, you must be more mindful as every second can be used to do things that will become a part of Tzu Chi’s history. You mustn’t waste time; plant the seeds of kindness deeply in your conspicuousness. Nevertheless, I’m very grateful, and I hope that we can be of one heart and maintain this love of Tzu Chi for generations to come.

The young people nowadays have love, but they need to be guided. Many of them are educated; with knowledge, they can come up with many things and make many things possible. However, in terms of interpersonal relationships, they are confused about their love and sentiments, so the society becomes messy.

At Tzu Chi, there is love and sentiments, too, but there are also rules and priorities; the love is Great Love and the sentiments are lasting compassion, in the way like bodhisattvas love all the living beings and want to help those in suffering with an enlightened love. When we give rise to love in our hearts our love has no boundaries.

Whenever we awaken to something, it comes from our enlightened love and compassion. A being with Great Love and lasting compassion is a bodhisattva. Bodhisattvas travel the world; they do not just focus on benefiting themselves. Let us carry out deeds in the world for the living beings in suffering who are still lost in delusion and ignorance.

How do we help them and share good words with them? We hope to live life without face masks, and have peace and safety, so, let us share and spread the Dharma with all the living beings. Let us keep our actions, words, and thoughts pure, but we are not just sitting and waiting. Despite having face masks on, we need to filter. When we filter, we will not let mean words and ignorant voices enter our consciousness.

From our consciousness, let us share the Dharma, and spread them to help people. This pandemic is truly a grand lesson for us, and we need to be mindful about this.
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20210829無限綿延慈濟情 Extending the Love of Tzu Chi for Generations to Come
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