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 20210903恆持善念去無明Holding On to Our Kindness and Letting Go of Our Ignorance中英


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20210903恆持善念去無明Holding On to Our Kindness and Letting Go of Our Ignorance中英 Empty
發表主題: 20210903恆持善念去無明Holding On to Our Kindness and Letting Go of Our Ignorance中英   20210903恆持善念去無明Holding On to Our Kindness and Letting Go of Our Ignorance中英 Empty周四 9月 16, 2021 10:03 pm

20210903恆持善念去無明Holding On to Our Kindness and Letting Go of Our Ignorance中英

We know you’re not working now wo we want to provide some aid for you.

My wife got sick. Luckily we received the aid, so we’re more at ease as we can use it to buy things we need. Thank you.

They’ll only apply for the aid when they really need it. We are healthy and able, so we try our best to serve and to seize the time as much as we can.

I lost my job after the pandemic took place. This bag of food is such a big help for my family.

At this difficult time, it’s good that Tzu Chi’s holding distributions; they’re truly a great help.

Lately, I’ve been saying that, the feelings I have for Tzu Chi volunteers is not just from this life. If I did not form such affinities with everyone in my previous lifetimes, people would not be taking my words so deeply to heart whenever I talk. Once I speak about something, many people support my causes.

When I want to do something, people listen closely to it and seize the affinity to serve and do the right things. We need to lead valuable lives. A valuable life is one that can benefit the world, that I a valuable life.

Nowadays, I keep on promoting vegetarianism. For the past year or two, I’ve been saying that, the remedy for this pandemic is for people to become vegetarian. But humans are ignorant, and believe that animals can provide nutrients for us. This is an incorrect concept.

Hence, the Buddha lamented that living beings suffer and cannot avert it because living beings create their own karma, and they create disasters and sufferings with their desires. They deplete resources with their monumental desires; the matter of eating takes up the most resources, and, we eat with our mouths.  

Therefore, because of this, we now have to wear a mask. No one knows when we can be without it, so we can return the days when people can show their faces and be able to see others clearly with all their facial features. Moreover, besides our five sense organs our thinking can be clear as well. What can we do so that everyone can think clearly and be healthy both in body and mind? The only prayer now is for pandemic to be over quickly so people can be healthy again.

Yet, we mut be healthy spiritually, for without it, we cannot be healthy physically. What does it mean spiritually healthy? It’s to eliminate our ignorance and know that we must coexist with the earth. This is a topic that I keep talking about recently, everything in the world is to coexist with one another. Humans, animals, and everything in the world need to coexist together.

Right now, let us use our mouth to urge people to coexist with the earth as well as abstain from meat. May everyone make the vow to not eat animals. Let us change to a vegetarian diet and change our preferences for food. People in the world collectively need to have sincerity and nurture love in their hearts to protect and cherish lives. Only in this way can we bring climate back in balance so that people living in the world can be safe and well. This is something we need to mindfully do.

We all hope for disasters to mitigate, but this depends on everyone’s sincerity. The disasters I see every day around the world are truly frightening. The impermanence of nature is brought about by humans’ destruction. For years, we don’t know how long ago this started, humans have been destroying the earth. How can people not sincerity seek repentance? Hoe can people not be grateful?

Being safe and well, we are grateful to the land for providing what we need in daily life. We should be grateful for everything. Only by having gratitude will our heart be open and vast. Only by having gratitude can we be happy every day. With gratitude, our heart will be as vast as the sky and earth. To bring balance back in nature, we need to have gratitude.

Only with gratitude can we bring forth our kindness and be content. So, having gratitude is very important. At any moment, I’m always grateful. We need to awaken. We need to truly awaken. Only by harboring gratitude all the time can we awaken.

I do this. Oftentimes, when I watch Da Ai TV and I see recycling volunteers, hear what they say, and look at what they do, I’m very touched. I cannot help but put my palms together and thank them. During the pandemic, I have not taken a tour. I really miss my recycling volunteers. They truly make people cherish and respect them.

So, every day I harbor gratitude as well as respect and love. “Gratitude, respect, cherish lives, and love” are things that I harbor in my heart every day. Everyone, let us think more about these words” gratitude, respect, and love “. Of course, all these go to respect the lives of all living beings.

So, we need to cherish lives. Let us harbor gratitude, respect, love, and cherish lives. Let us show our love and collectively love all lives, love everything in the world, be grateful to one another, and help one another to do good.
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20210903恆持善念去無明Holding On to Our Kindness and Letting Go of Our Ignorance中英
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