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 20210811停息欲念行善法Living a Life of Great Value by Giving


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20210811停息欲念行善法Living a Life of Great Value by Giving Empty
發表主題: 20210811停息欲念行善法Living a Life of Great Value by Giving   20210811停息欲念行善法Living a Life of Great Value by Giving Empty周四 9月 30, 2021 9:59 pm

20210811停息欲念行善法Living a Life of Great Value by Giving

"It's been a long while since we last transported recyclables using a recycling truck. It's raining, so driving is not easy."
"As two months have passed, some recyclables have become soaking wet and some plastic bags have broken."
"Some recycling volunteers couldn't stand staying at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic and said to me, 'Sister Mei-yu, when can I resume the recycling work? It's boring to stay at home.' "
"As only nine people are allowed to do recycling at a time, I'm always the first to come here."
"I didn't know what to do over the past two months because I've retired."
"Does it feel that time passes more quickly here?"
"Yes, it does."
"Why? "
"Because recycling brings me joy and there are many other things to do here."

Our Tzu Chi recycling volunteers have truly followed my words amid the pandemic. I asked them not to go out and they truly didn't. Yet, they said, "What can we do? It's very boring and uncomfortable to just stay at home. We truly look forward to doing recycling." That is because when doing recycling, they can interact with many other volunteers and live out their value in life by collecting and sorting recyclables that can be remade into useful resources.

They think that one must not waste one's life away, so they give of themselves to protect the Earth. They think that they must live out their value in life, so they dedicate themselves to recycling as well as helping and benefiting others. Despite being advanced in age, they can't bear to have nothing to do. They feel bored when they have nothing to do. So, they'll listen to my Dharma talks with their phones, take part in study groups, and share the Dharma with others.

"I listen to Master's Dharma talks and share Master's teaching with everyone. They said to me happily: 'Although you didn't receive an education, you are wise and can share Master's teachings.' I replied, 'I can do it thanks to Master.' Master, thank you for guiding me to walk the Tzu Chi Path. I'm filled with joy."

She is filled with joy and said that although she is advanced in age, she can still learn from my Dharma talks and share my teachings with everyone. This is how she guides and inspires other elderly people. As COVID restrictions in Taiwan have been eased, over the past few days, I've heard our volunteers say: "We are happy we can resume our recycling work."

"As we follow the rules of temperature check, real-name registration, and social distancing, we can do recycling without worry."

"Doing recycling makes me feel alive. The pandemic has let us understand that life truly is impermanent, so we must seize time and opportunities to do our part for the Earth."

"My fellow volunteers are very happy to come here. They said that after two months of staying at home, it's their first day back here to do recycling and that coming here feels like returning home."

"We all remember to practice social distancing, and of course, wear a face mask."

With the restrictions being partially relaxed, they can go out to do recycling, but they still have to practice social distancing. Despite that, they are very happy to resume their recycling work. In all, they've attached great importance to life's value. These elderly volunteers of ours truly cherish their lives and seize time to give of themselves.

See how our elderly volunteers strive to live out their value in life. Our you Tzu Chi members, you should all work as hard as them. As the pillars of society, you must safeguard our society, cherish all resources, and nurture people's hearts and minds. Also, you will probably start a family soon. What kind of society and environment will you leave to your children? I hope you can all be more mindful, be grateful to the elderly, and be grateful to the resources you have.

In all, everyone, we must stop, listen, and look. We must stop desires from arising in our mind, listen to and take in wholesome words, and look at what's happening in the world. We must change ourselves and head towards the right direction in life. We must all be mindful of life. We must all be mindful of this.

This pandemic is truly teaching crucial lessons to humanity. Look at rivers. How beautiful they are! There are also green fields, dragonflies, and butterflies on Earth. Their beauty is for us to appreciate. And, simply by eating vegetables, fruit, and grains, we can get full and enjoy good health.

Yet, we humans have crossed the line and disrupted peace in the world because of our craving for meat. Humans and animals are the same as we are all living beings. As living beings, we humans consume all kinds of animals that are living beings too. Just think, isn't this strange?

The Earth is full of life. Yet, we humans consume animals and take away their lives. I hope everyone can harbor goodness within. Being the most intelligent of all creatures, we humans can protect all animals and give of ourselves to benefit others. This is how we can live out our value in life.

Of all living beings in the world, we humans can live a life of the greatest value, for we can seize our lives to care for all animals, relieve people's suffering, and sow blessings for humanity and the world. To live out our value in life depends on whether we can give of ourselves for humanity. So, we must be mindful always.

Let us seize the time we have, give rise to good thoughts, and listen to good words. Can we take good words to heart and be inspired to live them out? When we do it, we are living out our value in life with each passing second. By making good use of our time, we can bring value to our lives. I hope we can all live out our value in life.
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20210811停息欲念行善法Living a Life of Great Value by Giving
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