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 20210922力行善法度此身 Creating a World of Bodhisattvas by Doing All That Is Good


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20210922力行善法度此身 Creating a World of Bodhisattvas by Doing All That Is Good Empty
發表主題: 20210922力行善法度此身 Creating a World of Bodhisattvas by Doing All That Is Good   20210922力行善法度此身 Creating a World of Bodhisattvas by Doing All That Is Good Empty周四 9月 30, 2021 10:56 pm

20210922力行善法度此身 Creating a World of Bodhisattvas by Doing All That Is Good

I often say that the COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us crucial lessons. Everyone is afraid of the pandemic. What if people say they are not afraid? If we are so arrogant and ignorant as to have a big ego and have no fear at all, we’ll forget the true principles of life.

This pandemic has shocked us and we must awaken the way an animal leans and smoothes its fur by shaking it. Yet, when this animal enjoys safety and peace, it can become arrogant and have a big ego. In each cases, it might fall into water carelessly. After it comes to, it can remove water and dirt from its fur by shaking it a few times. Its fur then becomes clean after it has shaken off the water and dirt. It is awake and its body is clean.

In the same way, those of us who have long been safe and well might slack off and let our desires grow larger and larger. Then, we’ll be led by our insatiable greed and boundless ignorance, which are the most frightening things in the world. Led by greed, people have been damaging the land. With a growing population, buildings become taller and taller.  Not only plains but lands along river banks have also been developed and used for the construction of high-rises.

Is this enough for people? No. they’ve also felled trees in the mountains and built mansions to enjoy commanding views and fresh air. Sometimes, I’d hear people talk about how their home was in a famous mountain, how much land they owned, how they’d built a mansion on a piece of land, and how great its surroundings were.

I’d feel that they are truly enjoying life, but I’d also think, it’s a pity that another wonderful forest has been destroyed. Have we humans been sewing blessings or bringing about disasters? Those who are content are the most spiritually wealthy. When we see a beautiful place, we are happy and grateful.  This place is not necessarily ours. Yet, as we can appreciate its beauty, we feel grateful.

Isn’t this enough? Take myself for example. I’m here in the Abode every day. Although I do not go out, I can still appreciate beautiful scenery around the world. I have not only seen images with magnificent scenery, but also images with aerial roots that looked like bodhisattva statues. I was told these aerial roots were under a big tree outside the Abode.

Yet, I have no time to walk there. Nonetheless, having seen the images, I’m content. I know that under a tree outside the Abode, there are aerial roots that look very auspicious. Although I’ve never walked there, I can feel they are out there. With a beautiful state of mind, we can notice beautiful scenery and feel that this world is full of Bodhisattvas.

The tree is like a treasure tree in a wonderful world. When we have Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in our mind, our world will be filled with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Even the aerial roots can grow to look like Bodhisattvas. What about us humans? Since we can take in the Dharma, how can we not become Bodhisattvas?  

Since we can awaken to life’s truths, if we do not deliver ourselves in this life, when will we have our next chance to do so? Those of us who have listened to the Dharma must quickly put the Buddha’s teachings into practice. As mundane beings, we must use our body to cultivate ourselves and nurture our wisdom-life.

As our life diminishes day by day, we must seize each day to nurture our wisdom-life. To do that, we must take good care of ourselves. By not eating animals, we can all be safe and well instead of being infected with viruses. Let us live out our value in life by speaking more good words and doing more good deeds. This way, the world will be full of living buddhas and bodhisattvas.
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20210922力行善法度此身 Creating a World of Bodhisattvas by Doing All That Is Good
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