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 20211003盤點生命信願行Take an Inventory on Our Lives and Our Faith, Vows and Actions


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20211003盤點生命信願行Take an Inventory on Our Lives and Our Faith, Vows and Actions Empty
發表主題: 20211003盤點生命信願行Take an Inventory on Our Lives and Our Faith, Vows and Actions   20211003盤點生命信願行Take an Inventory on Our Lives and Our Faith, Vows and Actions Empty周六 10月 16, 2021 11:35 am

20211003盤點生命信願行Take an Inventory on Our Lives and Our Faith, Vows and Actions

Volunteers, climate change and food are two very big issues. That’s right, everyone in the world should pay attention to these matters. We must believe that being vegetarian is a must. We often hear people criticize a person for doing things his own way regardless of what people say. When I hear this, I’ll think: I worry more when a person doesn’t do things in the way he says he will.

Many people, when they are in front of others, they are eloquent and they speak enthusiastically. I worry that although they can speak, do they take in the words they say, have them imprinted on their hearts, and truly carry them out? I wonder if you remember I’ve said in the past that I devote my entire life and health to Tzu Chi’s missions as if my skin is the paper, my bones are the pens, and my blood are the ink.

I look forward that lives like this can be kept and preserved in whole. Such is my wisdom-life. Lately, I’ve been saying that may everyone take an inventory of their life and place importance on Tzu Chi’s wisdom-life that’s in all of you. In the past, how did we utilize time, places and the world?

Now, we are in different places, but, with technology, we can meet online. So, as you know my heart, and you know me, you know that I've devoted my entire life and my health to Tzu Chi. My only hope is that  all the Tzu Chi volunteers will harbor gratitude toward one another and cherish their wisdom-life; without every one of us, we cannot carry out Tzu Chi’s work.

Because of Tzu Chi’s work, our lives are raised to another level, our lives are colorful, and we can take an inventory of the things we’ve done. The more we’ve done, the more fulfilled our wisdom-life becomes. It’s like fireflies. One firefly is easily overlooked, but a group of fireflies is very dazzling and they are certainly eye-catching. Whether they fly, people’s sight follows and they draw out people’s excited voice: Look! There are a lot of fireflies!

This tells us that, such occurrence is rate, and this is a good analogy. We are all living at different places in the world, and I hope that all the volunteers will have correct faith and directions, and they’ll carry out the Dharma. This is call having faith, making vows, and taking actions.

Everyone needs to vow; you don’t need to vow loudly. When we vow, we need to reflect; ask ourselves: is my vow earnest? Or is it hollow and superficial? So, I hope everyone can make earnest vows and truly exert your strength. True faith, vows and action required us to put our vows in action.

I do not go out. Every day, I stay at this small meeting room, yet what I see is the entire world, whether it’s seeing the world map or using my ear to listen to people reporting about world matters, disasters around the world, and people’s suffering.

This is made possible with modern technology so in this small meeting room I vow to inspire people around the world to be bodhisattvas I’ve dedicated my life to do this. So, even if my skin is being used as paper and my blood as ink, I’m willing to do so. Even if my bones are being taken apart and used as pens, I’m willing to do so.

This is because, in life, using our life to do the right things is the most precious. Recently, I keep urging people to take an inventory of their life. How much have we done for the world? If we’ve done a lot, give ourselves well-wishes, thank ourselves, be grateful, and continue to do more. When something is right, just do it.

Let us make the vow to turn our conduct into a role model for the world. We need role models in order to bring people on to the right track in life. This requires the effort of everyone, you, me and others. In this era, everyone needs to exert their effort. Speaking good word is an effort. Taking action is also an effort.

The most important thing is the direction of our heart. After we aim our heart in the right direction, we use our body to serve. We use our mouth to inspire more people to serve as living bodhisattvas. Everyone, I hope you do not underestimate yourselves. We are not merely ordinary beings or living beings; we ought to allow ourselves to be bodhisattvas.

I am a bodhisattva. Whatever I’m able to do, I’m willing to take up the responsibility. Let us allow ourselves to be bodhisattvas. Volunteers, I hope you can take my words to heart. Our wisdom-life must be lasting. As volunteers carry out Tzu Chi’s work, in one second’s time, they can send my wisdom-life far away, spread Great Love, and send lasting compassion and Great Love to around the world.

I wish every volunteer well. For this pandemic, everyone must stay vigilant. Although people must keep some distance, our love for people cannot stop. So, we must form lasting compassion and spread Great Love. Such is the grand lesson. Remember to promote vegetarianism and that eating a vegetarian diet is a must.
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20211003盤點生命信願行Take an Inventory on Our Lives and Our Faith, Vows and Actions
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