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 20211006素養身心物欣榮Protecting the Earth and All Life by Going Vegetarian


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20211006素養身心物欣榮Protecting the Earth and All Life by Going Vegetarian Empty
發表主題: 20211006素養身心物欣榮Protecting the Earth and All Life by Going Vegetarian   20211006素養身心物欣榮Protecting the Earth and All Life by Going Vegetarian Empty周六 10月 16, 2021 11:41 am

20211006素養身心物欣榮Protecting the Earth and All Life by Going Vegetarian

We’ve seen floods, wildfires, storms, and other natural disasters. Nature’s elements are indeed out of balance. What’s more worrying is that due to global warming, erratic weather patterns have truly become very common. Nature’s elements have become imbalanced because driven by our habitual tendencies we humans have been damaging the environment ceaselessly.

Many people have gone astray in life and have not only been damaging and polluting the environment but also creating bad karma. With the passing of time and growing world population, bad karma has been accumulating and is becoming heavier and heavier, which will create more and more hindrances to good things.

And, with more and more people becoming deluded due to their greed, anger, and ignorance, bad karma will keep accumulating, leading to an increasing frequency of disasters.

We must not think little of anything that can bring about disasters. When a small fire spreads to a forest, it will be hard to put out the fire. Forests are the lungs of the Earth and they have become inflamed. Our lungs might suffer from inflammation just like the way forests suffer from wildfires. Wildfires have put the Earth in a dire situation and some fires have been burning for a long time.

COVID-19, which can cause lung inflammation, still makes everyone anxious and worried as the new variants are so infectious that people can still get infected even if they have kept a distance from others. When people’s collective bad karma comes to bear, viruses become rampant, which is described in the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra.

In all, the COVID-19 virus runs rampant now. Recently, I’ve often said that the weather, the land and people all carry energy that is like air currents. The weather changes with the seasons, which alternate and follow Nature’s cycle. When spring rolls in, many things on the land will thrive and the weather will be warm.

And it will be hot when summer comes. This is how the weather changes with the seasons. The air, which carries energy, feels different in different seasons. Lands also carry energy and have different properties. Each land is suitable for certain crops. For example, some crop0s cannot grow in soil with a higher level of acidity.

Not only do the weather and the land carry energy that is like air currents, due to people’s bad karma, the COVID-19 virus has also spread like air currents. Where does the virus spread? Wherever there are people creating bad karma, the virus spreads. The virus is invisible and intangible. What can we do?

I’ve said that there is no cure for COVID-19 yet. Over the past year and more, I’ve been saying that the only remedy for the pandemic is vegetarianism. There are different vegetables and fruits.

May everything go well with you!

Only vegetarianism can ease the pandemic, for by going vegetarian, we can purify our heart and mind.  People might say that vegetarians are pure-hearted and kind and no one would say vegetarians are bad people. So, vegetarianism can bring about purity.

I’ve said that this pandemic is teaching us a crucial lesson, which is the need for vegetarianism. I’ve been mentioning this over the past year and more. In the past, I’d rather not mention it as it’s hard for people to go vegetarian. Due to people’s desire for meat, many eat animals and create bad karma as a result.

Since it’s hard for people to go vegetarian, I preferred not to speak of vegetarianism. But now, I must speak about it because I see it as my responsibility to promote vegetarianism. Recently, I’ve been saying that our diet is of utmost importance and that we must practice vegetarianism and express our sincere piety. To express our sincere piety, we must love all life and stop the killing of animals.

This is also how we can safeguard our lives and health. All living beings share the same good nature as the Buddha. So, we must strive to protect them.
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20211006素養身心物欣榮Protecting the Earth and All Life by Going Vegetarian
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