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 20211231廣結法緣度人間Forming Good Affinities Widely with People中英


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20211231廣結法緣度人間Forming Good Affinities Widely with People中英 Empty
發表主題: 20211231廣結法緣度人間Forming Good Affinities Widely with People中英   20211231廣結法緣度人間Forming Good Affinities Widely with People中英 Empty周四 1月 06, 2022 8:47 am

20211231廣結法緣度人間Forming Good Affinities Widely with People中英

I went to our recycling station; I was truly touched by our recycling volunteers and I admired them. See, much garbage has been created in the world. Our recycling volunteers have put recyclables into categories. The disassembled parts hardly look s recycled items, for they’ve been carefully sorted and neatly organized. Indeed, our recycling volunteers are truly inspiring.

There are all sorts of things worth cherishing in society, every volunteer has created blessings. I am truly grateful to volunteers for all the things they’ve done. Take fireflies foe example. I started talking about fireflies. Now, all around the world, there are fireflies. With the aid of modern technology, data and information get passed around instantly. Tzu Chi volunteers have wisdom and respond quickly. They take action at once and follow the Dharma.

So, living in the world, we have to do deeds by the Dharma; yet, without deeds, Dharma can’t be shown. However, we have to use wisdom to carry out deeds. When giving rise to a kind thought, that is using wisdom. When giving rise to an unwholesome thought, we’ll create conflicts that lead to disasters. Therefore, when Tzu Chi volunteers guide others, they hope that they can transform people’s conflicted hearts into wisdom that helps society and the world. This is a kind of education.

The vows of Jing Si Drum Team for 202 was the following: immerse ourselves in the Lotus sutra and carry out the Dharma accordingly, join together to recruit more volunteers, commit to vegetarianism and protecting lives, learn to stay humble and be kind.

With a heart of gratefulness and humbleness, we’ll learn from our senior volunteers and many other fellow volunteers. Although we cannot always be by Master’s side, our hearts remain strongly connected to master.

I am really happy. I believe that from the bottom of their hearts, these young people earnestly want to give of themselves to serv the world. Of course, it all began from their affinity with Tzu Chi. So, young volunteers, you are truly wonderful. But, you have to know that our future society belongs to you all. Our future society truly need young people to continue doing good deeds to create blessings for the world.

Especially, you are the children or grandchildren of Tzu Chi volunteers. Your family is truly a family of living bodhisattva that pass on kindness to future generations. These young volunteers came to know Tzu Chi when they were very young; look at how they have grown! Truly, going at this rate, their future is immensely bright.

The path of kindness has no end and it can take us very far, so let us guide them to have greater love. When one has the power of love, the most important thing is one’s wisdom. Let us seize our life to nurture our wisdom-life. We are not just living our life in the world; what’s the most important is to have wisdom. Only a life of wisdom can utilize blessings and create blessings in the world.

What can you see clearly?

I can only see your face mask.

Just my face mask? Are you not able to see me?

When I HEARD Master said that Tzu Chi will purchase vaccines to save lives and that we are short of funding, I cried. I began to raise funds, no matter I know these people or not, I told them about my fundraising. I told people Master’s story. I didn’t think that’s enough so I made iron eggs. I purchased the ingredients and made them myself.

Then, I started calling people one after one, but I’m visually impaired, so dialing the number is very hard, but I kept doing it. Within a week I have a thousand orders. Once needs to cook the eggs and simmer them for along time until they reduce in seize; it takes three days. It takes three whole days for 10 eggs. My order would take me three whole months. Anything I can do for master, Tzu Chi work, work to help people, I’ll do it.

It’s such hard work.

Master, one cannot do hard work if one lives in luxury. I’ve done a lot of hard work, and I’m your disciple. My hard work cannot be compared to yours, I’m used to hard work.

You’re a good disciple. You worked so hard to help me accomplish my vow. Such are her determination and power of love. I’m very grateful. It sounds hard work, but she formed great affinity of blessings. This is an affinity that is formed with the Dharma. Blessing is akin to having a business, however many sales will lead to however much wealth. It is countable. But to serve and to give oof yourselves, no matter what strength, great or small, you are serving society.

Hence, this volunteer’s deed can move countless people. It’s hard to say how many, but what’s important is her power of love. She gave rise to this aspiration from her wisdom-life, which belongs to her, life after life. She is very wise; though she cannot see, it is remarkable that she can still dial her cell phone by feeling around the keypad. She called people one after another.

According to the Dharma, this kind of wisdom-life is in her eighth consciousness. The five consciousnesses are eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body. She used her body and her sense of touch to make so many things. This is the five consciousnesses working together.

When the plates were brought out, we saw that food looked dark brown. But, when they were put on the table, they smelled delicious. We smelled it with our nose. When that volunteer was sharing, we heard her with our ears. We took her words to heart and the words entered our mind consciousness. Everyone praised her.

It’s the same for her. With her mind consciousness, when people praised her and she heard it with her ears, she felt it with her heart and mind. This is the working of the sixth consciousness. After the sharing passed through the sixth consciousness, people sill kept the sharing in their minds. This is the working of the seventh consciousness. They pondered how this volunteer could aspire to this with her vision impairment.

Thinking about this is working of the seventh consciousness. The most important thing is this volunteer gave of herself. Her effort has entered the deep part of her memory, which is the eighth consciousness. The eight consciousness is our soul. After we die, we take nothing with us except karma.

She has created blessings by serving people so this karma of blessing has entered her eighth consciousness. She also inspired other people to be like her. If she can do this, every person each has their means of making contribution. She has inspired others to do this. This is kind of education, and it also transforms people’s mindsets. This creates a lot of merits.

So, I told her that she had boundless merits. It was good She did the right thing. She was also very willing to do this. When she heard people being happy and complementing her deeds, she was truly joyously in accepting this. This is doing things willingly and joyfully accepts the result. I give her my blessings.

There are many things to be grateful for. Of course, there are other people helping her and praising her. People have supported her and rejoiced in her good deed, which also brings merits. This is her good affinities with people. Speaking about this, she’s truly mindful. I gave her my blessings. Everyone praises her. We’re grateful that people are helping her also bring merits.
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20211231廣結法緣度人間Forming Good Affinities Widely with People中英

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