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 20220427微音共振聚福德Inspiring All to Give Rise to Love and Good Thoughts


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20220427微音共振聚福德Inspiring All to Give Rise to Love and Good Thoughts Empty
發表主題: 20220427微音共振聚福德Inspiring All to Give Rise to Love and Good Thoughts   20220427微音共振聚福德Inspiring All to Give Rise to Love and Good Thoughts Empty周三 五月 04, 2022 1:04 pm

20220427微音共振聚福德Inspiring All to Give Rise to Love and Good Thoughts

With imbalance in just a few people’s minds, wars may occur between countries. Many in Ukraine are fleeing. Where can they go and settle down?  There are truly many refugees. How do they feel now? My heart is very heavy when I think of that.  

Every day, I say that we must pray for peace with sincere piety so our sincerity can be sensed by all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas high above. Exactly how many people have been praying with sincere piety?  The voice of prayers is indeed too weak. As there are not enough people praying with sincere piety, the voice of prayers is very weak.

Lately, I’ve been urging everyone to call on all to serve as living bodhisattvas. Actually, my voice is weak when I urge everyone to do so. How can I ask everyone to guide others in a strong voice? As my voice is weak, not many can hear what I say, and even fewer can take my words to heart and awaken to the true principles I’ve shared.  

As I can’t speak in a strong voice and not many can take in my words, I feel that hope is thin. We see that the war between Russia and Ukraine has pushed the prices of daily goods even higher. With the rise of oil prices, shipping costs are increasing, and so, inflation is getting even worse. Also, with the continuous consumption of oil, air pollution is getting more and more serious.      

In all, once people give rise to desires, a lot of resources will be consumed, which will in turn cause much pollution. We see mounds of discarded clothes. Once discarded, clothes become garbage that pollutes and damages the environment. Isn’t all this caused by people’s desires?

So, we must all awaken to this and live a simple life. Our Tzu Chi volunteers always wear their blue-and white uniform when they do Tzu Chi’s work. They’ve worn it almost every day over the years, yet it still looks new. Over the past few decades, we monastics have always worn our monastic robes. Don’t you feel that they also look new?

Don’t you feel that they also look new? In all, we can all live a simple life. Yet, with an unwholesome thought, people have been polluting the environment, creating bad karma as a result of killing animals, etc. When people give rise to greed, they may crave the land of their neighbors and want to buy it.         

With greed, country leaders seek to gain much more than that. They might think: I hope the neighboring country can be mine too. To satisfy their greed, they invade the neighboring country and cause much damage. In this world, all matter undergoes formation, continuation, decay, and annihilation. When people’s living environments are destroyed, they can no longer live there.    

There is too much to share. The refugees are in great suffering. Where can they call home?  Life is truly filled with much suffering. I’d like to remind you all that we must harbor good thoughts at all times and give what we can to help the refugees. How much we can give is less important than whether we’ve been inspired to give. Let us all put our palms together and pray for peace with sincere piety.

Let us all give what we can, harbor gratitude within, and pray for peace with sincere piety. May our sincerity and love be sensed by all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas above, so the war can be ended and the peace can be restored. I hope we can all change our way of thinking. Instead of bringing about disaster, we must sow blessings for the world. Only then can people around the world enjoy safety and peace..
Now, we must help the refugees to fill their stomachs and stay warm. As long as we all give what we can, Tzu Chi volunteers, through a relay of love, can bring aid to the refugees in suffering. They will then feel warmth in both body and mind.

We must have faith that every bit of money we give can go to help the refugees. Some people might say: the refugees are so far away from us. Can they receive the aid we give?  They certainly can. As long as we all give what we can, countless people can be helped.  

I often speak about countless merits. Only when we all pool our love together, can we help people in need, create countless merits and practice virtues. We can practice virtues by giving with a pure, loving heart. As long as we all give with a loving heart and pool our love together, we can help many people in need. We mush have faith in this as faith is the source of all merits and virtues. When small donations are pooled together, a large amount of money can be accumulated.

Everyone, we must inspire love in all. We do so not for the sake of money, but to inspire all to harbor sincere piety within. When we all sow blessings by doing good with sincere piety all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas above can sense our goodness and sincerity. When we all sow blessings by working together in harmony, nature’s elements can be balanced and the world can regain safety and peace. When bad thoughts are turned into good ones, everyone can be safe and well.
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20220427微音共振聚福德Inspiring All to Give Rise to Love and Good Thoughts

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