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 20100922 -- TIMA Convention: A Gathering of Humane Doctor (中秋團圓‧人醫慈航)


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20100922 -- TIMA Convention: A Gathering of Humane Doctor (中秋團圓‧人醫慈航) Empty
發表主題: 20100922 -- TIMA Convention: A Gathering of Humane Doctor (中秋團圓‧人醫慈航)   20100922 -- TIMA Convention: A Gathering of Humane Doctor (中秋團圓‧人醫慈航) Empty周五 12月 10, 2010 7:14 am

Date: September 22th, 2010 (Wendesday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: TIMA Convention: A Gathering of Humane Doctor 中秋團圓‧人醫慈航

Today is the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.
I’d like to wish everyone and every family a happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Over these past few days, there are indeed many things to be grateful for.
Many members of our medical association, TIMA, have come to Taiwan from different countries.
Despite having different cultural backgrounds, they have gathered together at our Jing Si Hall here in Hualien for this year’s TIMA convention.
They share the same heart, which is the heart of the Buddha, and shoulder the same mission of serving as humane doctors who care for both their patients’ physical and emotional health as well as the health of the Earth.

Nowadays, apart from people falling ill, the Earth has fallen ill as well.
The erratic climate conditions are an indication of how ill the Earth is.
See how our doctors are also concerned about the climate conditions and work hard to care for the Earth by encouraging everyone to be vigilant and sincerely pious and to adopt a vegetarian diet.

A member of TIMA, Dr. Lin Lianshuei said:
I am only a doctor who cares for patients.
But to care for the Earth, I must encourage every one of my patient to eat vegetarian, so that they can all be doctors of our Earth.
Eating vegetarian is good for our health and our Earth as well.

Take a look at Dr Lim, our TIMA member in Malaysia.
He patiently explains to every one of his patients why it is important to eat vegetarian and how it can prevent heart disease as well as strokes.
He even gets his patients to share their own health problems.

“Come over here. How old are you?”
“You’re 36 and what do you suffer from?”
“My hand is weak”
“She had a stroke and she is only 36”
“Did you eat a lot of meat?” (Nod)
“You ate a lot of meat. Do you want to cut down on that?
“I don’t eat meat anymore”

He not only encourages his patients to eat vegetarian, but he also sets an example by being vegetarian himself.
See how Dr. Lim not only cares for his patients’ body and mind, but also the health of the Earth.
Such is the way to truly save the world and people’s lives.

Don’t all our volunteer doctors from 23 countries attending the TIMA convention at our Jing Si Hall share this same sense of mission?
Their mission in life is to save people’s lives as they respect all lives and cannot bear to see others suffer.

See how our volunteer doctors go to out-of –the way places to hold free clinics and provide medical services to those who are not able to go to the hospital or pay for their transportation and medical expenses.
For patients who cannot come to us, our volunteer doctors will go to them no matter how far away they are.
This is what our volunteer doctors do no matter which part of the world they are in.
They not only go to out-of-the-way places, but also off-shore islands.
For example, our TIMA members in Taiwan often go to off-shore islands, such as Penghu and Kinmen, to hold free clinics there.

Apart from caring for people in their countries, when disasters occur in any part of the world, our TIMA members will travel there to give medical aid and bring comfort and support to those affected.
See how they go to the needy to treat their illnesses and prescribe the appropriate medicine to relieve them of their suffering.
So, doctors are like living buddhas as what they value most are the lives of others.
Being healthy is a blessing.
However, in life, everyone has to undergo birth, aging, illness, and death.
As soon as we are born, we start to age.
It’s a blessing for those who stay healthy when they get old.
However, some people are born poor, ill or disabled.
And among them, the more fortunate will meet people who can help them and care for them, such as humane doctors.

Yesterday, at the TIMA convention, doctors from the Philippines shared with us about a lady they treated at one of their free clinics who had a huge tumor on her lower jaw.
Our TIMA doctors operated on her and relieved her suffering by removing the tumor that had been growing on her face for 24 years.

For a major surgery like this, the cost would’ve been nearly US$16,000.
However, our TIMA doctors helped perform the surgery she needed free of charge.
This is how these doctors treat all lives with equality and respect.
With their skills, wisdom and love for others, they truly are “Great Healers”.
It is indeed very moving.

Among the TIMA members this time, there are several doctors who traveled all the way from Paraguay.
To fly to Taiwan, they had to travel a total of 50 hours.
Among them is Dr. Meza who has 8 medical professionals in his family.
Having attended the convention four years in a row, this year, he brought his son-in-law with him.
Seeing that, I’m truly very touched.

For the convention this time, I must also thank our volunteers from Taichung for taking on the responsibility of coordinating the event this time.
They arrived in Hualien on September 17, two days before the convention began.
But, because of Typhoon Fanapi, there were a lot of last-minute changes.
Yet, everyone worked together to give of themselves so willingly despite the many changes and extra work they had to do.
They have done all this in the hope that the TIMA members may take away a lot from the event, and that my heart would be set at ease.

I am truly very grateful for all that our volunteers in Taiwan have done.
Thanks to so many people helping out at the event this time, we were able to see it through despite the typhoon.
May everyone take away what they learn to help relieve the suffering of all those in need around the world.
The work you do is indeed meritorious.
Thank you, everyone, for your united efforts.

Today is the 15th of the eighty lunar month, when the moon is fullest and brightest.
But this occurs only once a year.
So, I earnestly hope that the moon within every one of us, which is just as full and bright as the mid-autumn moon, can shine at all times.
These are my sincerest wishes and blessings.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20100922 -- TIMA Convention: A Gathering of Humane Doctor (中秋團圓‧人醫慈航)
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