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 20220703寓教因果啟悲智Educating People’s Hearts 中英


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20220703寓教因果啟悲智Educating People’s Hearts 中英 Empty
發表主題: 20220703寓教因果啟悲智Educating People’s Hearts 中英   20220703寓教因果啟悲智Educating People’s Hearts 中英 Empty周六 7月 09, 2022 9:40 am

20220703寓教因果啟悲智Educating People’s Hearts 中英

We show students videos of the refugees to awaken their compassion.
They have no food, so we buy food for them.
Like what Dharma Master Cheng Yen says, we need to act with our wisdom and give to those who suffer, and we know the refugees from Ukraine. Are not facing the tragedy of war.
I’m grateful for this chance as we pray for the refugees and hope that they’ll have a better way to live soon.
I’m glad to be a part of this because this is a chance to serve and do good deeds.

When we help people understand the current events of the world, people will love other people more and love those who are far away from them. It will also serve as a warning that when a thought goes astray, it can create disasters in the world. There are natural and manmade disasters; the less serve ones will affect our community, and the serve ones will affect the whole world.

No matter how young a person is, they can be in their teens, middle age, or old age, such spiritual lessons will broaden their perspective of our world and help them examine their innate nature, so they can be mindful and act with love. I think this is very significant. Even children in elementary school or kindergarten, we ought to show them what love is.

I told mommy and daddy to be vegetarian and not hurt animals, or else the animals will be very sad because they cannot find their mommies or daddies. If someone captures my mommy, I’ll be very sad, so the animals will be sad too. So, mommy decided to ask daddy to cook vegetarian food for us.

Let’s be vegetarian, don’t eat meat, make good vows, donate coins, excise, don’t waste water and electricity, and remember to turn off the lights.

What we need to educate is people’s hearts; they need to have a heart that knows to cherish things. During peaceful times, we ought to begin teaching people to cherish material life and conserve, be frugal, and to inspire their love so they’ll care about people in suffering. Such are the lessons for our hearts.

The suffering in the world helps open a window for us to see suffering and to arise our own awareness, everyone needs to have lessons on humanity. As we live in a peaceful place, let us give with love and donate. We can call on this, everyone can see that there are many people suffering in the world, and besides refugees from war, climate refugees are a bigger problem; climate refugees suffer due t climate change, and they endure so much misery.

There is a tremendous gap between the rich and the poor. Hence, for those who live in a peaceful and safe society with a booming economy, let us help them understand the need of charity work. Can we inspire love in people’s hearts? I often say that the purpose of soliciting donation is not only to raise money but to inspire people’s spirituality.

To be safe and well, we must inspire love in people. This is called creating blessings for the world. When everyone created blessings, our world will be safe and well and be harmonious. In fact, in urging people to do good, we also hope that they can give back to society. This is the result we want. To see the result we want.
In education, teachers also need to have the concept of karma. Buddhism calls this having reasoning ability. Having such and such karmic affinity, they need to understand how to educate students, and how to purify the world and people’s hearts in order to bring harmony to society. In a peaceful society, people need to understand current events and know that in our time, there are sufferings in this world.

So, those with blessings need to help those who are in suffering. This is called the humanitarian spirit. Speaking of this, we’re here together because there are people in suffering and in hardship, so we inspire love in people and invite people to help with the humanitarian spirit. We know this path, and we are guiding people to walk this path of knowledge and wisdom.

I often say that having knowledge is not enough. We need to turn knowledge into wisdom. Knowledge is the knowing of something. That’s it. Wisdom comes from the heart. The innate nature in humans makes it difficult for to see living beings suffer. Thus, inspire students to give of their love is also part od education.

This is called turning knowledge into wisdom and using both compassion and wisdom. Using both compassion and wisdom is using compassion to create blessings for the world and using wisdom to educate students and inspire love in them. One can use both compassion and wisdom together. In Buddhism, compassion and wisdom are like our two feet. Using both compassion and wisdom is like walking with our two feet, which can take us to where we want to go.

We create a path to create blessings for the world and increase people’s wisdom. This is called compassion and wisdom. It’s also called blessings and wisdom. To help out with the world’s affairs, we need to promote Tzu Chi’s coin bank program and let people know that in Tzu Chi’s beginning, people saved coins daily to help people in suffering.  

Right now, people can do the same. We urge people to give of their love, and together we can help people in suffering countries. The most important thing is to make use of our time now when we are able to hear, see, bring out our love, and take action to help people. Seize the time now to do this. Right, we truly need people with wisdom and love to join together and make it grow and expand. Then, our strength will be great.

Then, our strength will be great. I hope people can turn knowledge into wisdom. Don’t let knowledge remain as something we know. After we know a piece of knowledge, we turn it into a strength. Small as it might be, we pool them together to create a great strength.
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20220703寓教因果啟悲智Educating People’s Hearts 中英

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