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 20101213--A Medical Culture of Renwen in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (詠慈院‧美人文)


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20101213--A Medical Culture of Renwen in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (詠慈院‧美人文) Empty
發表主題: 20101213--A Medical Culture of Renwen in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (詠慈院‧美人文)   20101213--A Medical Culture of Renwen in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (詠慈院‧美人文) Empty周三 12月 15, 2010 11:01 pm

Date: December 13, 2010
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: A Medical Culture of Renwen in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (詠慈院‧美人文)
Time flies by very quickly.
This year is the tenth year of our Dalin Tzu Chi Hoapital.
When I was taking a group picture with our hospital staff this morning, the majority of the staff who took the picture with me has been working in our hospital since the very beginning, safeguarding the lives and health of people in Dali with love.
Besides providing medical care in the hospital, our medial team also does medial outreaches to remote areas on the outskirts of Dalin.
Mrs. Chen Linfeng “Besides suffering from cerebral palsy, my daughter also has a tumor in her brain. After she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Dr. Ye has been giving her acupuncture treatments. Whether it’s acupuncture or medication--- Sometime, when the cost of the medication is not covered by the health insurance, Dr. Ye would pay for it himself. This is what touched me most about Dr. Ye. I don’t know how to describe my feelings nor how to repay him. He is really a noble doctor. He has been coming to Dapu for six or seven years. One time, he was even been hit by a falling rock while driving to our town. I told him: They elderly people in Dapu really need you. I pray to the Bodhisattva: We have a very kind doctor who travels a long way from Dalin to Dapu. Please protect him during inclement weather so that he may be safe on the road.”
Tzu Chi has six hospitals located in various parts of Taiwan.
Our doctors in each hospital care for their patients and the patients’ family.
If patients can’t come to the hospital, they would go to their homes.
They very active in giving care.
We can see our medical renwen of safeguarding people’s lives and health with love being displayed in our Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital.
It’s already been ten years since the hospital’s opening.
This morning, I also heard the sharings of our doctors and saw a video of the 10th anniversary of our hospital.
Assistant Superintendent Chen shared with us the cases of several patients who had gone through a lot of suffering due to their illness.
They had lost hope of a cure.
But look, the patients have regained their health and are able to stand on the stage.
We saw a very beautiful young lady who had suffered a severe illness.
But now, you can see her standing on stage.
By enabling her to stand again, Dr. Chen not only gave her new hope toward life and the promise of a bright future which makes it a most meritorious deed; it moreover brings happiness back to her family.
So, when we cure a patient, we’re helping not just one person, but one family.
It also conserves medical resources for society and brings back a person who can contribute to society.
Look at the boundless good it creates.
But we should know how hard all of it is on our medical team.
If they don’t operate on the patient, she’d be dependent on her family her whole life.
Knowing this, our doctor bravely performed the surgery even through patient’s condition is very difficult to treat and if, after the surgery, the results weren’t as good as hoped for, people would blame and criticize the doctor.
Yet, if you don’t perform the surgery, the patient would never improve, if you perform the surgery, there’s at least some chance for improvement.
So, sometimes it’s hard to be a doctor especially given the people in today’s society, who have no understanding of how indebted they are to medical professionals and cause problems for them.
It takes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical technologists working together as a team to provide the best service to all patients.
These medical staff all started with the same aspiration---to devote themselves to saving lives.
After giving rise to this aspiration, they all studied hard and worked diligently toward this goal.
Only by putting in a lot of effort were they able to become medical professionals and be a part of the medical team.
So, it took great strength of conviction and commitment to their aspiration.
In our hospital, this common aspiration is what brings our staff together.
So, good karmic affinities bring us together.
So, I am very grateful to all the doctors, nurses, and all the staff in our hospital for establishing a medical culture full of renwen in our hospital in Dalin.
In them, I really see a forest of bodhi trees sharing the same roots.
I am very grateful for the leadership of Supt. Lin and then-Asst. Supt. Chien.
They were involved from the very beginning, even when the hospital was being built.
After the opening, staff began to join and I’m very grateful to all staff for uniting to create such renwen in the hospital.
Supt. Chien himself is especially full of renwen.
His TV program draws three times as many viewers as my program.
It really is an admirable feat.
I am truly very grateful to him.
This is Tzu Chi value of renwen.
We should strive to promote renwen in our society so more people are aware of it.
Nowadays, many hospital accreditations have included the assessment of medical renwen on their evaluation list.
So, when a hospital has renwen, the health and lives of patients will be safeguarded as renwen is at the heart of the medical vocation.
It reminds the medical staff of their mission so that they can overcome all difficulties to save people’s lives.
Then, patients will have a better chance of receiving successful treatment.
This is why I am very grateful to all of you working in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital.
You’ve set a model in the medical field.
Our medical mission has truly taken root here in Dalin.
I’m very grateful and cannot express enough gratitude to you.
The hong-bao for this year features Buddha, the Awakened One in the cosmos caring for planet Earth because our planet really needs everyone’s care.
That can only happen if everyone’s hearts are purified.
The three rice seeds inside represent the small, medium, and chiliocosm---“the great trichiliocosm” which expresses the vastness of the universe.
We should strive for the awakened understanding and vastness of heart that can encompass the trichiliocosm.
The three seeds can also represent the Three Obstructions to overcome.
The mundane mind is obstructed in many ways.
I hope everyone can learn the Buddhist teachings so you can gain true understanding of our world.
I must also thank our hospital staff.
At every ceremony, I tell people that these rice seeds come from rice planted and harvested by the staff of our Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital and that all of you furthermore select each rice seed carefully.
So, these rice seeds come from Dalin because Supt. Chien and all you staff wanted to make such a gift to all Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide.
I hope like this rice seed, everyone can be a seed that produces innumerable seeds.
(Source:Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20101213--A Medical Culture of Renwen in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (詠慈院‧美人文)

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