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 20100924-- TIMA Members: Relieving Suffering and Inspiring Love (慈濟人醫年會欣圓緣)


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20100924-- TIMA Members: Relieving Suffering and Inspiring Love (慈濟人醫年會欣圓緣) Empty
發表主題: 20100924-- TIMA Members: Relieving Suffering and Inspiring Love (慈濟人醫年會欣圓緣)   20100924-- TIMA Members: Relieving Suffering and Inspiring Love (慈濟人醫年會欣圓緣) Empty周六 12月 18, 2010 5:53 am

Date: September 24th, 2010 (Friday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: TIMA Members: Relieving Suffering and Inspiring Love 慈濟人醫年會欣圓緣

The annual convention for our international medical association, TIMA, drew to an end yesterday.
Everyone was filled with joy.
I heard that many had made an appointment to meet one another in Taiwan again next year.
All of them are living bodhisattvas from different parts of the world and they each carry a Bodhi seed within.
After coming to Taiwan and learning more about Tzu Chi, the Bodhi seeds in their hearts have sprouted.
So, before leaving, many of them have made vows to spread the seed of love in their countries of residence and work to nurture the Bodhi seed in everyone.

Don’t we often say that we are like a forest of Bodhi trees that grow from the same root?
It is my hope that every Bodhi seed can grow into a big Bodhi tree that bears fruits with even more seeds, which can then be spread to even more places around the world.
This way, no matter which country it is, with just one seed, it will multiply to numerous seeds.

I often share with you that to save the world, we must start with people’s minds.
Only when people’s hearts and minds are purified can there be peace and harmony in the world, and only when there is peace and harmony in the world can people live in peace and safety.
So, for people to live in peace and safety and to create a peaceful and harmonious world free of disasters, we must work to purify people’s hearts and minds.
Only when people’s minds are purified can the Bodhi seeds within them begin to sprout and give rise to more seeds, which will then multiply to innumerable seeds.

This is what we can achieve when our hearts become as pure as that of the Buddha.
Thus, I earnestly hope that everyone can care for their Bodhi seed within and further work to nurture the seed in others so that there’ll be innumerable seeds around the world.
Indeed, one seed can give rise to innumerable seeds and that is how these seeds can grow into a forest of Bodhi trees with fruits that bear more Bodhi seeds.
All this is only possible when all the right conditions come together.

This year we have doctors from Haiti attending the TIMA convention.
After a major earthquake hit Haiti in January of this year, teams of TIMA members from the U.S. took turns to provide medical aid there.
At the same time, our volunteers also worked to nurture the Bodhi seed within the locals.
By so doing, they inspired love in many people, including a few medical professionals.
So, some of them also came to the TIMA convention this time.

Likewise, in Chile, the magnitude-8.8 quake which struck in February of this year also brought out many people’s love and compassion.

A Tzu Chi volunteer, Chile, Mr. Xie Jhen-Siang said:
“Actually, everyone has a kind heart and wishes to help, but we just didn’t know how. Tzu Chi provides a path for us to walk on.”

A member of TIMA, Chile, Dr. Yan Chuang-Long said:
“There was no power or water. And that day when we went to the disaster area, there was a magnitude-7 aftershock. Yet, Tzu Chi volunteers weren’t afraid and followed us straight into the disaster area. They were even more tenacious than CNN reporters as they hardly slept at all.”

After our volunteers from the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay went to Chile to provide aid, many people have been inspired.
And soon after that, many local doctors became our TIMA members, and a Tzu Chi liaison office has also been set up.

As for Bolivia, following the severe devastation caused by flooding in 2007, Tzu Chi volunteers in U.S. also went there to bring relief.
Touched by our volunteers’ dedication, doctors from a local French hospital in Bolivia began volunteering with us and even came to Taiwan to attend the TIMA convention.

Dr. Edil Eurique Toledo Avalos said:
“Seeing so many people coming back to the spiritual home of Tzu Chi, I am deeply touched. After I return to Bolivia, I will pass on to my peers all that I have seen and learned here so we can help even more people.”

There are indeed many kind and loving people in the world.
When Tzu Chi volunteers set foot in a country to help those in need, many will be inspired to join us on this broad Bodhi path and reach out to help the poor in their country.

So, seeing TIMA members coming to Taiwan from 23 countries this time, it truly makes me feel there is much hope.
So, I am very grateful and touched.
When conditions are right, the Bodhi seeds within each person will sprout and take root.
This is how we can spread the spirit of love.
Indeed, it takes people to spread the Dharma, which are the true principles of life that originate from pure and selfless Great Love.
And, these truths, which can all be found in this world, all originate from people’s pure, untainted minds.
Only when people’s minds are pure and untainted will they give rise to compassion and wisdom and work to benefit humanity.

The Buddha says that living in this world, there’s much suffering to bear.
That is why we must nurture a heart of selfless Great Love to help others.
Take for example Typhoon Fanapi, which hit Taiwan this time, and the flood disaster that it brought.
At the time, a TIMA member from southern Taiwan, Dr. Hong, was attending our TIMA convention in Hualien.
As soon as he heard of the flood situation, he immediately headed to southern Taiwan.
Once train services were resumed, he picked up his luggage and took the first available train back to Kaohsiung.
As soon as he was there, he wasted no time in gathering other TIMA doctors there and headed to the flood-affected areas.
There, they found that some people who were injured from cleaning up their homes after the floods were at the risk of getting infections.
Seeing that, our TIMA doctors quickly attended to their wounds.
For that, I am truly very grateful.

I am very grateful to all the TIMA members for safeguarding people’s lives with love and giving of themselves in a timely manner.
I am truly very grateful.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20100924-- TIMA Members: Relieving Suffering and Inspiring Love (慈濟人醫年會欣圓緣)
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