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 20101009-- A Path for Finding Our Buddha Nature and Creating Blessings for the World (法緣恆續同造福)


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20101009-- A Path for Finding Our Buddha Nature and Creating Blessings for the World (法緣恆續同造福) Empty
發表主題: 20101009-- A Path for Finding Our Buddha Nature and Creating Blessings for the World (法緣恆續同造福)   20101009-- A Path for Finding Our Buddha Nature and Creating Blessings for the World (法緣恆續同造福) Empty周日 1月 02, 2011 6:47 am

Date: October 9th, 2010 (Saturday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: A Path for Finding Our Buddha Nature and Creating Blessings for the World 法緣恆續同造福

Tzu Chi volunteers all around the world have come back to Hualien, Taiwan for this camp.
Do you know why?
It is due to karmic affinities---the karmic affinities you have with me.
This is truly an incredible thing.
I have always stayed in Taiwan and have never left its soil.
But, because we are born in these modern times, a time with advanced technology, I can therefore stay where I am yet still travel the world via videoconferencing.
I am given “the supernatural power of travel”. (神足通)
What’s more you and many of our volunteers have “the supernatural power of sight”. (天眼通)
Despite living far away from me, you can still see me and hear my teachings.
Isn’t that also having “the supernatural power of sight”?
So, the fact that we can interact with one another in this way and learn about Tzu Chi as well as participate in Tzu Chi’s work with wholehearted commitment---if we did not share karmic affinities, how could this have been possible?

We share the same heart.
What heart is this?
(Yes) The Buddha’s heart.
We all share the Buddha’s heart.
We all inherently possess the Buddha nature.
But, our ignorance and delusions have kept us away from this Buddha nature which is the same as Buddha’s.
We mundane beings have blocked our Buddha nature and the more delusions and affinities that we have, the farther away we end up from our Buddha nature.
But, no matter how far away from it we’ve gone, our Buddha nature still remains within us.
It is still there and will always be there.
We will forever possess it.

So, all of us must believe that each of us can become a Buddha.
We mustn’t lock down on ourselves or become disheartened.
We still have the same Buddha nature as Buddha.
May all of us draw closer to the Buddha and to our Buddha nature.
To do that, we must firstly learn to tame our mind by upholding precepts.
We need to bring our mind back and return it to its original pure state which possesses the same wisdom as Buddha and can penetrate all universal laws.
To return to our original Buddha nature will require that we discipline ourselves over a long period of time and practice.

As Buddhists, we need to uphold the precepts because our actions have consequences.
This is the law of karma.
So, we need to understand what is wholesome and correct and act accordingly, following precepts.
We must learn the Dharma and practice the precepts.
And then, we need to mindfully purify our heart and mind.
Look around the world: there are so many disasters and so much suffering.
So, how can we go about saving the world?
The Buddha said that to do this, we need to transform people’s hearts by guiding people to form good karmic affinities with others and do good deeds.
If a person aspires to help people, we mustn’t snuff out his love and enthusiasm.
As long as he has a seed of goodness in his heart, it can generate good deeds limitlessly.
With the tiny goodness in his heart, he can do good and create blessings.
Through the doing of good, the seed of goodness grows and multiplies, and he will bring many seeds to his future life.
This is what the sutras teach us.

In the sutra, there is a story about an impoverished old woman’s act of giving.
The old woman was very poor.
When a monk approached her, she forlornly said, “I’ve nothing to give, I have nothing aside from the clothes on my back.”
But the monk assured her, “you can just give a piece of cloth from your clothing.”
“But it’s a piece of rag”, she said.
The monk said “Even so, it is still a piece of cloth, and it is still an act of giving.”
This old woman then tore off small rag from her clothing and with utmost piety, offered it to the monk.
The Buddha later praised this act of giving.
Henceforth, a piece of rag was added to the robes of all Buddhist monks to remember this spirit of giving.

What we are doing with the coin banks is the same thing.
If you give rise to a good thought every day and drop a coin into the coin bank with the thought to help others, then, with this good thought, you will certainly do a good deed that day.
So, the good thought is a daily reminder.
When the thought arises to drop a coin into the coin bank, it’s a reminder to do a good deed that day.
In that way, every day, everyone gives rise to a good thought and does a good deed.
Just think, as you start doing this, it will spread to your family and then gradually, to your friends and neighbors.
If everyone in the community can start doing this, it can gradually expand to whole society.
Wouldn’t that be a most peaceful society?

Every bit of contribution adds up, just as how a river is formed by droplets of water, pooled together.
Everyone’s tiny contribution and loving thought can, together, accomplish great causes.
Tzu Chi started just like this.
All of you bodhisattvas, I hope you can aspire to this spirit and I hope you can truly believe in it “Faith is the mother of all virtues”.
So, we need to have faith and this faith needs to be based on wisdom.
In a world, I hope all of you can truly take the Dharma into your heart.
Only then can you touch its essence and nurture you wisdom-life.

You and I share karmic affinities and these are wondrous affinities.
I hope these karmic affinities are lasting and extend life after life.
When you return to your local area, may you walk on Tzu Chi’s path diligently and make sure your direction is always correct.
That will bring you close to me and may you and I draw closer to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
This is our common aspiration.
Best wishes to you. Please mindfully work to create blessings for the world and persevere in this mission and spirit with wisdom.
Best wishes to you all.
May you cultivate wisdom and blessings always.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20101009-- A Path for Finding Our Buddha Nature and Creating Blessings for the World (法緣恆續同造福)
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