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 20101018-- Environmental Protection--- The Great Cause of Our Times (落實環保淨土現)


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20101018-- Environmental Protection--- The Great Cause of Our Times (落實環保淨土現) Empty
發表主題: 20101018-- Environmental Protection--- The Great Cause of Our Times (落實環保淨土現)   20101018-- Environmental Protection--- The Great Cause of Our Times (落實環保淨土現) Empty周一 1月 10, 2011 6:24 am

Date: October 18th, 2010 (Monday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: Environmental Protection--- The Great Cause of Our Times 落實環保淨土現

On my tour around Taiwan this time, my first stop was Taimali because we have a recycling station there.
We all know that last year when Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan, Taimali was one of the first towns devastated by Morakot.
When Typhoon Fanapi hit Taiwan this year, Taimali was again devastated by typhoon.

There were damaged roads and landslides Kaohsiung also suffered from flooding.
But I always tell people that we have to be grateful that we’re quite fortunate because the amount of rainfall from this typhoon was just about the same as Morakot’s highest daily precipitation Morakot was three days but for Fanapi, the rainfall all fell on Taiwan in one day.
Moreover, when Fanapi hit, it was the time of the rising tide.
Think about it.
With such a large amount of rainfall plus the rising tide, flooding was inevitable.
Though the floodwater was dirty, it did not contain mud, rocks, or debris.
So, it was easier to clean.
After the floodwater receded, we could quickly clean up our homes.

Though some people suffered losses and damages, as long as we are safe and well, we should be grateful.
If our home had flooded, we shouldn’t feel too upset or worried.
We should be understanding and be grateful that is wasn’t worse.
When we can be open hearted, we can be at peace when things happen to us.
I often say that when our hearts are pure, the land we’re in will be pure like the Pure Land.
The “Pure Land” the Buddha refers to is in our hearts.
If our hearts are pure, then the land we’re in will become pure, like a Pure Land.

Meanwhile, all of us possess the Buddha nature.
When our hearts are pure, our Buddha Nature manifests and our heart becomes the Buddha’s Pure Land.
So, when we recite Buddha’s name, what’s more important is touching our inner Buddha which is to touch the spirit of great compassion.
Having great compassion, we cannot bear to see the planet being devastated by disasters due to the abnormal climate which brings extreme weather events like severe storms, etc.

This is really a consequence of humankind’s collective actions---collective karma.
Because of industrial development, raw materials for manufacturing are continually extracted from the earth by drilling the earth, such as for petroleum, by excavating mountains, or by mining.
Once minerals have been extracted a gaping hole remains and there is little chance for anything to grown there again.
This is where our resources come from.
So, to get earth’s resources, we continually mine the earth or drill holes into the earth to get petroleum and the reserves are dwindling.

So, in doing recycling, we’re trying to conserve resources so that we won’t need to extract more of the earth’s resources.
First, we should try to reduce the need to extract new resources.
If we recycle, these products can be reused or remade into new products.
Your recycling work also helps Da Ai TV.
Da Ai TV broadcasts with the aid of twelve satellites in space which transmits its messages back to Earth so that countries around the world can watch Da Ai TV’s broadcasts.

In today’s times, recycling is something the whole world needs to do and when Da Ai TV broadcasts our programs on recycling, people worldwide can learn to do recycling from your example of how you do recycling .
You’re spreading the Dharma---spreading wholesome concepts & practice worldwide so people can learn how to do recycling and then do it themselves, worldwide.
If everyone can do that, that will help save the planet.
So, we should do an even better job so that people can learn from it and use it as a model.
So, Buddhism should be applied in our life for people to carry out bodhisattva’s work.

The Buddha’s teachings are to guide us in life.
We’re facing a very serious problem now and it’s for a great cause that the Buddha came to our world.
This great cause was to guide all living beings toward the Buddha’s enlightenment.
This was the Buddha’s great cause.
The Buddha expounded the Dharma so that we may awaken and take the Dharma to heart.
In fact, our world today faces a very serious problem and we now see the importance of environmental protection and the need to do recycling work.
If we can carry out recycling work well, it’ll benefit our land and will mitigate global warming.

So, this is a serious issue for our world.
This is a global matter, so everyone has a responsibility to do something about it.
We’re all living in this modern time.
We have to know that to save our world, we must transform people’s hearts.
People should know that we all need to give our love to love all people, and land, and everything in this world.
If we can do that, ur hearts will be purified.

I am very grateful to your all for your efforts and love.
This year is the 20th anniversary of Tzu Chi’s recycling work.
I cannot express my appreciation to you enough.
But, do you still wish to continue to follow me in future lifetimes and practice my teachings diligently? (Yes)
Good. Please cultivate diligently and help recruit more volunteers.
We should not do recycling ourselves only.
We should invite others to join us and explain to them that we are not collect garbage but recyclable resources.

Please ask the families in your community to finish all their food or beverages before throwing out the containers.
Ask them to keep the containers clean for us to collect.
This way, they’ll contribute greatly to protecting our environment.
This is what we need to teach people to do.

I’d also like to tell you that we should start our environment protecting work at our dining table.
We should eat with serving utensils.
We should finish all our food and avoid leaving a lot of food scarps.
If we can do this, that’s reducing garbage in the first place.
That’s also important because, otherwise, when it’s mixed in the garbage exposed and it’s exposed to sun and rain, it’ll breed mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc and diseases like dengue fever might break out.

Therefore, to thoroughly protect the environment, we should pay attention to details, starting at home and then encourage our neighbors to do the same.
If we can practice this, so that our home and community are clean, that’s successful environmental protect work.
Do you understand? (Yes)
So, you should talk to people about this more.

I hope the volunteers still in gray uniforms can enter training to become certified Tzu Chi members and, like the senior inspire members, you can inspire more people in the community to join.
This is what I really hope for.
I hope all people in Taiwan can join us as volunteers and become living bodhisattvas.
Can you help achieve this? (Yes)
I feel relieve hearing your answer.
Otherwise, though you tell me not to worry, I really worry about our world and all the disasters happening.

But our world is everyone’s responsibility too and if you can help share the load, I’ll fell less worried.
This is the great cause bodhisattvas take up and the great cause to work for now is protecting the planet so that the climate can return to normal and regain equilibrium once more.
Do you believe this is possible? (Yes)
Good, then let’s work hard on it.
Tell people not to dump garbage randomly and urge them to understand and do recycling so we can leave a very clean planet for our future generations.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20101018-- Environmental Protection--- The Great Cause of Our Times (落實環保淨土現)

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