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 20110112--Living Out the Value of Life(開顯生命真實義)


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20110112--Living Out the Value of Life(開顯生命真實義) Empty
發表主題: 20110112--Living Out the Value of Life(開顯生命真實義)   20110112--Living Out the Value of Life(開顯生命真實義) Empty周五 1月 14, 2011 12:04 am

(The Year-end Blessing in Taoyuan)
“I don’t know why I keep tossing and turning and just can’t fall asleep.
I think I’ll call my daughter Master De Jie at the Jing Si Abode and ask her why I’m having trouble sleeping?
Hello, Master De Jie?
I’m having trouble falling asleep at night.
What? Are you serious?
How can someone as old as me do recycling work?
People will laugh at me.
The money from selling recyclables goes toward building hospitals to save lives and recycling saves the Earth as well?
Is that so?
Alright, I’ll give it a try then.
My daughter, Master De Jie says that there’s treasure everywhere.
It is so true.”
The skit that we just saw was indeed very impressive and touching.
The acting was so great that I almost thought it was Grandma Hu playing herself.
See how the elderly volunteer did a great job playing Grandma Hu.
Her acting was true to life and also very impressive.
I’m sure this elderly volunteer who played Grandma Hu also does recycling like that in real life….
When they bend down to pick up recyclables, it’s like they’re piously bowing to the Buddha.
And when they’re pushing their carts around to collect recyclables, it’s as if they’re practicing walking meditation.
See how they live out the Buddha’s teachings and serve as living bodhisattvas.
We heard many elderly volunteers say that they were worried that other might mistakenly think they were short on money when they went out to collect recyclables.
I’m sure this thought has probably crossed the minds of every recycling volunteer before.
Nevertheless, Grandma Hu’s daughter told her that doing recycling could help Master build hospitals.
That’s right.
Before we started to call on everyone to support Da Ai TV by doing recycling, every bit of the money we got from selling the recyclables we collected went toward building our hospitals.
So, doing recycling could not only care for the Earth, but also save people’s lives.
So, Grandma Hu was convinced.
See how for a dozen years or so, Grandma Hu has dedicated herself to recycling as a way to protect the environment and help Tzu Chi in its missions, such as building our hospitals.
She is indeed a wise elderly lady who has inspired goodness in so many people.
All the volunteer bodhisattvas we saw onstage just then were inspired by Grandma Hu to do recycling at the station she helped set up.
See how happily they do recycling every day.
There is even an elderly volunteer, Uncle Hui, who suffers from tongue cancer.
Doctors told him that he does not have many years left to live.
But instead of counting the days he has left and letting his illness trouble him, he dedicates himself to recycling work.
By doing so, he forgot about time and the suffering that his illness brought him.
See, wasn’t he also standing onstage just now?
By focusing on the recycling work, he forgot about his own suffering.
Such cases are often seen at our recycling stations.
Through volunteering, many become happier, healthier, and free of afflictions.
The volunteer said, “After receiving brain surgery, I felt extremely weak for about two years.
At the time, I felt I was too weak to do any work except recycling work.
Throughout my time as a volunteer, I feel that Tzu Chi does not just recycle things Tzu Chi also recycles people.
Take myself for example.
Without Tzu Chi after the surgery, my health would probably only go downhill.
But because of Tzu Chi I myself have been recycled so that what remains of my life can still be used to do something good.
Even though I cannot dedicate myself fully, I can still work to do as much as I can.
That’s what I’ve learned in the past few years.”
This is how we should seize every day and every moment that we have.
No one knew how long or short their life will be.
But how much breadth and depth we bring to our lives is something we can control.
Whether you want your life to truly have breadth and depth is up to you.
If you live your life aimlessly day after day, such a life would be wasted.
The Buddha teaches us that it is not easy to be born as a human, and that it is rare to hear the Buddha’s teachings.
How fortunate we are to have both.
Furthermore, it is rare to come across the Bodhisattva Path, but aren’t you all walking the Bodhisattvas Path?
In my eyes and the eyes of others, you are all bodhisattvas who walk on the Bodhisattva Path.
Some people will say that it is just a respectful way to address someone.
But, don’t you call the statues you bow to “Bodhisattva”?
It’s also a name we’ve given them.
In fact, all the things we see in the world originally had no names.
It is people who give everything a name for the purpose of its identity.
So, the images of Buddha and Bodhisattvas are to serve as guiding examples of those who we should follow and strive to emulate.
The Buddha is the Great Awakened One of the Cosmos.
Having awakened to truths, he wanted to share his enlightened state of mind with others and let everyone know that not only could he attain enlightenment, but everyone in the world could also attain enlightenment.
This is because everyone has the same wisdom and Buddha nature within.
So, to give people confidence that such a state of enlightenment is attainable as everyone can awaken to truths like the Buddha, we need the image of Buddha to remind people of the Buddha’s spirit and to emulate his way.
So, as Buddhist practitioners, we must work hard to emulate the Buddha’s way…
We must learn from the Buddha’s compassion and aspire to become enlightened like the Buddha and let go of our attachments.
What we should learn from the Buddha is his heart of loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.
These are the values of our life.
We must seize time to serve as we never know when we’re going to leave this world, when we’ll fall ill, or when impermanence will strike.
These are what we cannot predict in life.
But, once any misfortune befalls us, we should not be resentful because how our life is in this lifetime is a result of our actions in our previous lives.
So, no matter what happens to us, we must accept it with a joyful heart.
On top of that, as long as we’re still able, we must do our best to give of ourselves and not waste our ability and time away.
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20110112--Living Out the Value of Life(開顯生命真實義)
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