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 20110123-- Purifying Our Hearts by Letting Go of Attachments (佛法入心與入行)


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20110123-- Purifying Our Hearts by Letting Go of Attachments (佛法入心與入行) Empty
發表主題: 20110123-- Purifying Our Hearts by Letting Go of Attachments (佛法入心與入行)   20110123-- Purifying Our Hearts by Letting Go of Attachments (佛法入心與入行) Empty周二 1月 25, 2011 6:23 am

Date: January 23th, 2010 (Sunday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: Purifying Our Hearts by Letting Go of Attachments 佛法入心與入行

Yesterday, we held the last of the Year-end Blessings Ceremonies for this year.
The first ceremony was held on December 7.
It was for overseas Tzu Chi volunteers eho returned to Taiwan to be certified as Tzu Chi commissioners or Tzu Chengs.
It was very moving to see how moved they were to see me in person.
I believe that they are one in heart with me.
Since I was very moved and joyful because of these overseas volunteers, it was with such feelings of joy and inspiration that I began my tour around Taiwan on December 8 to hold Year-end Blessings Ceremonies island-wide.

I made two trips to go to Tzu Chi locations around Taiwan.
Altogether, there were 66 ceremonies and nearly 100,000 volunteers attended in total.
In each ceremony, I handed out red envelopes to each volunteer one by one.
As each of my disciples came before me to receive the red envelope, even though it was a very short moment only, I could sense how close in heart they were to me.

Similar ceremonies were also held in communities around Taiwan, where my monastic disciples represented me and expressed my blessings to the attendees.
Seeing my monastic disciples, the attendees felt as if they were seeing me.
Our volunteers told me that these ceremonies held in the community were also very dignified and inspiring.
I am very happy to heart this and it reassures me greatly.

Yesterday, a group of Tzu Chi volunteers from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Hong Kong came to Taiwan to attend yesterday’s ceremony and to be certified and Tzu Chi commissioners and Tzu Cheng members.
There were also people who were given recognition as honorary board members.
I am very grateful for their giving and to see people being inspired to serve as bodhisattvas.
I further hope everyone can nurture their wisdom-life and grow spiritually by learning more deeply the Buddhist teachings, by truly taking the Dharma to heart and by living it out in their actions.
This is my greatest hope.

At the Jing Si Hall yesterday, I saw a play about repentance and purifying our hearts.
It shows us how our original mind was like a tranquil lake, and the society we live in used to be very simple with beautiful landscapes.
But as human minds gave rise to greed, such a simple, tranquil scene was ruined and the peaceful countryside was turned into an urban area.
We human beings did this.

This part was performed by Asst. Supt. Gao of Tzu Chi Hospital in Hualien.
Also, Dr. Chen Shih-Yuan performed the part of being ensnared by a black net.
The net symbolizes our desires and attachments which trap our Buddha nature so that it can’t come forth.
I often tell everyone that we all have the same nature as the Buddha.
What is unfortunate is that our Buddha nature is trapped by our desires and attachments.
After we learn about the Dharma and gain insight into life’s principles, we can break free from the net.
As Dr. Chen portrayed, he knows to change his ways, aspire to do good deeds, and repent for his past wrongdoing.
Though his heart has become more pure, he still has attachments and habitual tendencies.
So, letting go of his attachment is very difficult.
See how the net of greed for fame, profit, and social status has ensnared him.

In society, it is these desires that lead to human conflicts and killings.
This is how frightening the human mind can be.
This shows the tremendous power and impact that our mind has.
With all the conflicts and strife in our world, the only hope is if people’s goodness can be inspired so people can give rise to bodhisattva vows and unite to carry out the bodhisattva mission.
We mustn’t be selfish.
When we let go of our selfishness, we can have Great Love and set an example of how to purify our heart.
Then, people in this world will be able to use the Dharma to purify their hearts.

Hence, the themes for our Year-end Blessings Ceremony are promoting environmental protection to create blessings for the world and purifying people’s hearts to restore a favorable climate.
We have to promote environmental protection practices globally.
We also need to purify people’s hearts so they can recover their Buddha nature and return to a heart of peace and tranquility, simplicity, unselfishness, and harmony.
Only by getting rid of our unwholesome habits can we return our world to its original beauty.

In a word, that was what I saw yesterday.
I saw our doctors, nurses, and the staff of Tzu Chi’s four missions all participating in the sutra performance.
They sang the repentance verses form memory which isn’t easy.
So, I’m very touched.

That was the Year-end Blessings Ceremony in Taiwan.
We also saw the Year-end Blessing Ceremony for the staff at the Fuding Hospital in China.
On that day, after their work was over, they rushed to the ceremony venue to attend the ceremony.
Though I did not attend their ceremony, my monastic disciples went there on my behalf and seeing how much they cherished it, I feel very comforted.

I also saw the medical culture of renwen at the Fuding Hospital.
They put on a skit of the story of one of their patients.
The patient is a woman who had left her hometown to find work in Fuding but she became ill.
Her name is Wu Chunmei.
She and her husband had come to Fuding to earn money.
Then she got ill.
To treat her illness, she would need over 5,000 RMB (US$759).
But they only have a little over 400 RMB.
So, they were going to forego treatment.
But, a doctor in the Fuding Hospital learned of their situation and referred their case to Tzu Chi
So, to relieve patients’ suffering, the missions of charity and medicine must be brought together.
Look at the bodhisattva heart this doctor has.
He didn’t want the patient to forego treatment, so he actively sought out Tzu Chi volunteers to help this patient.
It’s truly touching.
They enacted this story full of renwen and it shows that they do just as our Tzu Chi hospital in Taiwan do.
It is truly touching.

All in all, we must use our love to nourish this land.
We must use our love to warm the hearts of people living in freezing places, and use the water of Dharma to nourish people’s hearts.
I hope every one of us can devote ourselves to serving people with love.
To do this, we must seize time to make efforts to reach out to people in many places.
When everyone has taken the Dharma into their hearts, our world can become a world without disasters.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20110123-- Purifying Our Hearts by Letting Go of Attachments (佛法入心與入行)
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