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 20101105 --- Seeds of Love Sprouting in the Philippines (耕耘心田長智慧)


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20101105 --- Seeds of Love Sprouting in the Philippines (耕耘心田長智慧) Empty
發表主題: 20101105 --- Seeds of Love Sprouting in the Philippines (耕耘心田長智慧)   20101105 --- Seeds of Love Sprouting in the Philippines (耕耘心田長智慧) Empty周三 2月 09, 2011 6:12 am

Date: November 5th, 2010 (Friday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: Seeds of Love Sprouting in the Philippines 耕耘心田長智慧

Community volunteers in Marikina said:
“We are very happy about what we are doing now. Doing this gives us peace of mind even if we aren’t being paid to do the work.”
“Even if we aren’t being paid, many people still approach us and ask how they can volunteer like us. I am very happy because the number of Tzu Chi volunteers in Marikina will continue to grow.”

We see that in the Philippines, the seeds of love have now sprouted and grown.
After Typhoon Ketsana caused severe flooding in the Philippines last year, our local Tzu Chi volunteers began working to inspire love in flood survivors encouraged them to help one another.

A Tzu Chi volunteer, Tsai Sheng Hang in Philippines said:
We had been recruiting local volunteers before Typhoon Ketsana.
Buddhism speaks of karmic affinities.
When karmic affinities ripen, we do all we can to recruit more volunteers.

Hearing that, I am very grateful and touched.
I truly admire our Tzu Chi volunteers in the Philippines for working so hard to tap into the wellspring of love in the locals hearts and also inspire them to give and benefit others.
Now, the seeds of love in the locals’ hearts have truly sprouted, and that’s why they are able to bring forth their innate ability to love and care for others.
In the span of just about one year, ten training camps have been held for over 5,000 local volunteers.
Among them, over 300 of them have already been qualified to serve as our trainee volunteers.
And these 300 plus local volunteers are now able to guide other local volunteers.

Trainee volunteers in Marikina said:
“I was a little hesitant before, but I still took on the job of being an emcee. I’m a little nervous, but I tell myself I must do it for the sake of other volunteers.”
“Being given the job of organizing this camp means that the Tzu Chi volunteers have trust in us. This gives us the chance to learn and to become more confident.”

See how the camp is filled with such an atmosphere of dignity and piety.
Although most of them are Catholics or other Christian faiths, they carry out Tzu Chi’s work diligently.
Whenever there are disasters in places near them, they will mobilize of their own accord and gather early in the morning to help cook and prepare hot meal boxes for those affected by disasters.
This is the kind of mutual understanding and sense of mission that our local volunteers now have.
So, Tzu Chi volunteers are now able to stand aside and play supportive role while admiring how diligently the local volunteers work together with a pure intention to help others.
The beauty of humanity can truly be seen in the way the locals carry out Tzu Chi’s work.

See, the long-term efforts of our Tzu Chi volunteers in the Philippines to guide and care for these locals have truly paid off.
They’ve indeed paved a Bodhisattva Path with love for everyone to walk on.
Among this group of our local volunteers, there were several who used to serve as election campaign workers.
But now, they have washed their hands of these activities and are no longer involved in political events.
But seeing campaign flyers littering the streets during election periods, they went together to patiently picked up all the garbage that people left behind.
See how they collected and sorted piles of garbage while also guiding others to help with keeping the streets clean.
See how people can change.
All it takes is to view things from a different perspective.

A few days ago, people in the Philippines a time when they visit the graves of deceased
So, a few our volunteers began promoting observed All Saints Day, a time when they visit the graves of deceased relatives.
So, a few days beforehand, our volunteers began promoting the importance of environmental protection by not littering.
It’s just like what our volunteers in Taiwan do during the seventh lunar month.
Our Philippine volunteers had been promoting this beforehand.
Then, after people visited the graves, our local volunteers went to the cemeteries to pick up garbage and cleaned up the area.
See how the lives of our local volunteers have changed.
We can truly start to see a ray of hope in the Philippines.

So, I said to our Tzu Chi volunteers there: “I hope you can all work to for bring peace and stability to the Philippines and return it to the prosperous country that it once was decades ago. This is the goal that you should work toward.”

Indeed, not only should Tzu Chi volunteers help the Philippines to become prosperous again, but they must also inspire goodness in the locals so that everyone can head in the right direction and work together to create a new image for the Philippines.
This is not impossible as long as we can encourage everyone to take good care of their minds and head in the right direction in life.
If those who have gone astray can all return to the right track and rectify their wayward views, ours will be a world filled with hope.

As Tzu Chi members, we must abide by and carry out what the Buddha teaches us.
We must have firm and unwavering faith in the Buddha’s teachings and not have any doubts about them.
Faith is the source of all virtues.
To walk on the straight, broad Bodhisattva Path, we must first have firm and unwavering faith.
Only then will we be able to advance forward on the Bodhisattva Path without being hindered by any obstacles.
So, we must develop faith.

When we have firm faith, our mind will become pure and clean for us to see that there are still many people who haven’t awakened to life’s truths.
And, living together in this world, we all share collective karma, which has caused disasters to constantly occur.
So, how can we not quickly shoulder up the Buddha’s missions?
We must work to moisten the arid land within people’s hearts so that the seeds of love in their hearts can sprout and grow.
Within everyone’s heart, there is a field where many seeds of live lie.
It is just that the field is dry and lacks water, sunlight, and air and so, these seeds of love cannot sprout.
That is why we must work to tap into the wellspring within everyone’s heart so that these seeds of love can be moistened and sprout.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20101105 --- Seeds of Love Sprouting in the Philippines (耕耘心田長智慧)
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