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 20110122--Vowing to Walk the Bodhisattva Path Life after Life(願世世常行菩薩道)


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20110122--Vowing to Walk the Bodhisattva Path Life after Life(願世世常行菩薩道) Empty
發表主題: 20110122--Vowing to Walk the Bodhisattva Path Life after Life(願世世常行菩薩道)   20110122--Vowing to Walk the Bodhisattva Path Life after Life(願世世常行菩薩道) Empty周三 2月 23, 2011 11:17 am

Date: February 22th, 2011
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: Vowing to Walk the Bodhisattva Path Life after Life(願世世常行菩薩道)
What we see happening around the world on Da Ai News every day is indeed very worrying.
Rising food prices worldwide are greatly affecting the poor, and disasters are still constantly occurring.
All this shows that the elements in Nature are constantly changing, and such changes are what leads to disasters in the world.
At a time like this, we truly must mindfully reflect upon ourselves at all times so that we can bring forth our wisdom to understand why these things are happening around us.
Not only must we be mindful of our inner selves and take care of our minds but we must also not neglect all that is happening around us as well as in countries around the world.
That is why we need to be mindful at all times.
We must realize that all things in Nature go through the cycle of life and death.
This is what all of us must believe as this is how the cycle of life can continue endlessly in this world.
See, doesn’t everything in this world go through the natural cycle of life and death?
Even plants like grasses and trees were all seeds to begin with.
As I often say, a tiny seed contains within it the DNA that allows it to grow into a big tree.
As this tree grows over time, it will also bear fruit and produce more seeds, and each seed will grow and give rise to even more seeds.
This is how the cycle of life continues when all conditions come together.
It is like how affinities brought us together to do Tzu Chi’s work, and as we work, we share with others about Tzu Chi’s work.
That is why although Tzu Chi originated from Taiwan, with the passing of times, karmic affinities have brought more people to join us as they learn about the true principles we share with them and put them into practice.
This is how Tzu Chi started in Taiwan and has now become global.
Such a cycle of goodness continues because there are people suffering.
So, as long as there is suffering, the cycle of goodness will continue.
Indeed, Bodhisattvas come into being because there are people in need of aid.
This is the true principle of life.
As we interact with others, we from good affinities with people.
We all know how we should live our lives now in order to sow blessings for our future lives.
When we sow blessings by benefiting others, we’re continuing the cycle of goodness.
If we do not even know what to do in our lives now, how can we know where we will end up in our next lives?
We cannot know.
That is why we must seize the time we have now in this life and vow to walk the Bodhisattvas Path life after life.
If we clearly understand life’s principle and truly vow to return life after life to serve those in need, then we’ll be able to dedicate ourselves life after life to helping and caring for those in need.
This is the vow of Bodhisattvas.
We all cycle through the six realms of rebirth where everything around us is impermanent and constantly in motion.
All things in the world continually undergo change without ever remaining static.
That is the way time and everything else in the world is.
Take seeds for example.
When a seed is sown, before we know it, it has grown into a big tree.
It’s the same for people.
As time passes, we age without us noticing it.
All this is the subtle, unseen process of change in life, which is one of the Five Aggregates that come together to make up an individual.
The Five Aggregates have no intrinsic existence.
Why is that?
It is because everything is constantly changing without our awareness.
This is just like how time passes without us feeling it.
As we sit here. What many of us won’t notice is the passing of time.
That is how everything has no intrinsic existence and is impermanent and emptying in nature.
Despite that, what truly exists is our true nature.
Our true nature lives forever.
Just like the Buddha teaches us, we all have the same nature as the Buddha’s.
This Buddha nature is our original nature and exists for eternity.
So, everything in the world is empty in nature, and what exists forever is our true nature.
This is the true principle of this world.
Indeed, our true nature abides forever.
You and I must have formed very deep affinities in our previous lives.
That’s why we’re able to walk together on the Bodhisattva Path and diligently give of ourselves every day.
We not only care for people, out also everything in the world.
Apart from caring for the place we live in, we also work to cherish and protect the Earth.
This is what Tzu Chi’s living bodhisattvas dedicate themselves to doing tirelessly.
A few days ago, we heard good news about Tzu Chi, which is made possible thanks to everyone’s dedication and efforts---.
Our Da Ai Technology company has received two certificates for reducing carbon footprints and for using recycled materials to make its products.
The certificates were issued by TUV Rheinland, a global provider of certification services.
The certificate for carbon footprint reduction we received was the first of its kind give to blankets.
(TUV Rheinland Taiwan General Manager to express our recognition)
The company believes that recycling PET bottles to make new products truly helps to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.
All this is possible thanks to the mindful sorting and cleaning done by our recycling volunteers.
It is their dedicated love for the Earth at all times that has led to such accomplishments.
These certifications serve to let people around the world know that we must cherish the Earth’s resources by recycling and remaking recyclables into new products.
If we can help spread this practice then we will have truly accomplished a lot.
All this is possible due to the hard work of our recycling volunteers.
All in all, everything is created by our minds.
We must clearly understand the true principles of the world.
Only then will we be able to walk in right direction in life and bring about the Pure Land in this world.
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20110122--Vowing to Walk the Bodhisattva Path Life after Life(願世世常行菩薩道)

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