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 20110312 --- Japan's Earthquake: A Wake-up Call (強震襲日釀浩劫)


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20110312 --- Japan's Earthquake: A Wake-up Call (強震襲日釀浩劫) Empty
發表主題: 20110312 --- Japan's Earthquake: A Wake-up Call (強震襲日釀浩劫)   20110312 --- Japan's Earthquake: A Wake-up Call (強震襲日釀浩劫) Empty周日 3月 13, 2011 10:41 pm

Date: March 12th, 2011 (Saturday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: Japan's Earthquake: A Wake-up Call 強震襲日釀浩劫

In the face of an alarming disaster, we really need to wake up to its lessons.
Nowadays, with the advanced technology, we’re able to receive world news instantly.
Yesterday afternoon, we learned of Japan’s magnitude 8.9 earthquake.
It was very devastating.
Right after the earthquake hit, the news immediately reported on it and showed how powerful it was.
I believe that people around the world were all paying attention to this quake disaster.
As each second passed and the latest developments were reported, my heart was constricted with worry.
Our Mother Earth is truly overburdened.
She is sending out warning signals.
Think about this. The disaster is a warning to us humans.
There has been warning after warning with disasters happening one after another.

Everyone, seeing such devastation, how can we not be on our guard?
Such a disaster is the result of global warming and the rise of temperature in the Earth’s crust.
Can you all feel this?
How does global warming come about?
Shouldn’t it be attributed to human activities?
Humans have been living too wastefully.
When people give in to their desires, they give rise to greed, anger, and ignorance.
Because of our wasteful lifestyle, the increase in human population, the development of industries, the mining for resources, building of roads and tunnels, and other activities, we damage the Earth.
Because humans do whatever they want to satisfy their desires, they created global warming.
Moreover, the temperature in the Earth’s crust is rising now, making the entire planet unstable.
Look at the earthquake in Japan.
It’s truly worrying.

There were more than 120 aftershocks, some even above magnitude 6.
These are considered strong earthquakes.
A fire also broke out at an oil refinery in Chiba Prefecture.
This morning, when I asked if the fire had been put out, I was told that the fire was still burning as it’s hard to put out due to the oil.

Also, fires broke out in Kesennuma City, engulfing the city in flames.
So, we should all sincerely pray for the people in Japan.
We also saw the tsunami.
There were four commuter trains missing with an unknown number of passengers aboard.

Seeing such devastation, we should really be on our guard.
Yesterday, the prime minister of Japan also urged the people of Japan to act calmly in the face of this earthquake.
That’s right, we need to remain calm.
Though we need to remain calm and not panic, we also need to be on our guard and be pious.
We should urge people to be cautions and sincerely pious.

Yesterday, we also heard that the tsunamis that hit Japan will also impact other countries.
The news said Hualien would also have tsunami.
Today, there’s news that tsunamis may happen in other countries also so there is a tsunami watch.
Peru is estimated to experience a tsunami.
So, living in this world, we all live under the same sky and on the same land
Even though scientists say that Taiwan is on a different tectonic plate than Japan, in truth, it is all interlinked as one just as the oceans are in fact one body of water.
So, don’t make differentiations as if all are separate and unrelated.
At this time, we really need to repent.

We need to eat vegetarian and truly live with piety and vigilance.
All the Buddhas look upon living beings with compassion and in their compassion, they offer teachings and guidance.
But living beings still do not wake up.
Though people nowadays receive a lot of education and most people are literate, yet they remain ignorant of life’s true principles.
This is what I worry about most.
Encountering the Buddhist teachings people aren’t motivated to gain a deeper understanding of them.

Recently, I keep urging everyone to take in the Dharma and learn more about life’s true principles.
Yet we’re all caught up in our views & attachments and block our own path to awakening.
There are so many disasters happening now yet we still don’t understand and see.
After the disaster passes, we remain just the same foolishly living in wasteful way that burdens our environment heavily.
That is why Nature is already unbalanced and disasters are frequent.
Every single one of us living on this planet has a hand in this.
So, we really need to work harder to inspire the bodhisattva spirit in more people.

I’m grateful to our volunteers in Japan.
Though Tokyo is about 400 km from the quake epicenter, mass transit was shut down and many had to walk home on foot.
Our volunteers in Tokyo opened up the Tzu Chi office to the pedestrians and provided beverages and food.
Around 11 p.m., the mass transit system was reopened.
Only then did the number of people in the streets being to decrease.
I’m truly grateful to the local Tzu Chi volunteers.

The quake had given them a scare, too but they still quickly helped take care of people who could not get home yet.
This is to be a living bodhisattva.
We should inspire more people to become bodhisattvas.

I keep telling everyone that time is running out
We must all be pious and vigilant and deeply repent.
This message needs to reach everyone but I keep feeling like an ant at the bottom of the Himalayas whose voice can’t be heard and whose impact is so little.
I really feel very helpless and at the same time, very worried.
I really hope that everyone will truly wake up after such an alarming disaster.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20110312 --- Japan's Earthquake: A Wake-up Call (強震襲日釀浩劫)
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