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 20110318 --- Reaching Out with Love to Disaster Survivors in Japan (募您一分愛心關懷)


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20110318 --- Reaching Out with Love to Disaster Survivors in Japan (募您一分愛心關懷) Empty
發表主題: 20110318 --- Reaching Out with Love to Disaster Survivors in Japan (募您一分愛心關懷)   20110318 --- Reaching Out with Love to Disaster Survivors in Japan (募您一分愛心關懷) Empty周一 3月 21, 2011 10:58 pm

Date: March 18th, 2011 (Friday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: Reaching Out with Love to Disaster Survivors in Japan 募您一分愛心關懷

See how disasters are occurring around the world one after another.
Lately, everyone has been focusing their attention on Japan.
But in fact, many countries in other parts of the world are also being affected by natural disasters.
We must all understand that living in this world from generation to generation, we all experience eight forms of suffering.
The first four sufferings are birth, aging, illness, and death.

When one is born one does not know whether he will live till old age.
But, death is inevitable.
Life is truly filled with suffering but people are not aware of it.
Besides birth, aging, illness, and death, there is also the suffering of parting from our loved ones in life or death.
That kind of suffering is truly hard to bear.

Today is the eighth day after the major quake hit Japan on March 11.
Over the past few days, the people in Japan have truly endured much suffering.
They have lived in fear, parted from their loved ones, lost their homes to the tsunami and faced other unknown crises.
They have suffered from one thing after another.

After the major earthquake, there have been constant aftershocks.
These aftershocks are not 2, 3, or 4 in magnitude, but 5, 6, or above.
During my videoconferences with our volunteers in Japan since the quake.
I often see them swaying about when aftershocks occur.
Sometimes there would be two or three aftershocks in one meeting.
With aftershocks constantly occurring, it is really difficult for people to be at ease.

Apart from aftershocks, there is also the unclear situation.
The radiation that has been released not only concerns the people in Japan, but people in many countries are also very worried and fear that they would be affected.
However, in the midst of these disasters, we have also seen stories that are very touching and also very heartbreaking.
Take for example the first 50 employees at the nuclear plant who have stayed to help stabilize the damaged reactors while the rest were evacuated.
These 50 workers not only stay behind, but are also determined to do all they can to help control the damage even if it means putting their lives at there.
Their families let them go and part with them, but they are prepared for the worst as they know their loved ones may not come back again.
Despite that, they’ll give their loved ones their full support.

Seeing their heroic deeds, my heart goes out to them.
Currently, the number of workers helping at the nuclear plant has increased to 180.
They do this without thinking about the danger just to save the lives of others.
During the past week, Japan not only saw devastation in its northeast region, but Mt. Kirishima in southern Japan also erupted once again, sending an ash plume 4 km into the air.
So, Japan’s northern and southern regions are both experiencing disasters.

Such is the powerful force of Nature, which is not something man can fight against.
Some say that man can overpower Nature, but in times like this, people must realize how insignificant human beings actually are.
We truly must live in harmony with Nature.

Take for example last month’s earthquake in New Zealand.
Christchurch even experienced soil liquefaction in parts of the city.
And now at Tokyo Disneyland, the same problem also occurred.
Look at all these natural disasters, which are a result of the bad collective karma that man has created over a long period of time.
So, now is the time for everyone on Earth to awaken from their wrong ways.

Indeed, we must all heighten our vigilance.
Although Tzu Chi volunteers in Japan are also very worried and afraid because of the aftershocks every day, they still give of themselves like Bodhisattvas as they cannot bear to see others suffer.
See how they risk their own safety to bring hot food to the survivors.
Also, with the help of the Japanese Buddhist organization, Rissho Kosei-kai, we sent a total of 2,500 thermal blankets to Sendai yesterday so that they will be ready to be distributed when our volunteers arrive.

But with the threat of nuclear radiation and many rescue workers leaving the area, how are our Tzu Chi volunteers to go in?
So, we must wait to see if the situation with the nuclear reactors can be controlled and stabilized before we can continue our efforts.

Nevertheless, relief supplies from Taiwan will continue to be sent over.
We are even making bigger scarves so that they can be used as shawls
Moreover, we have also begun to prepare thermal undergarment.
All in all, no matter what difficulties we may face along the way, we will work to overcome them however we can.

I am truly very grateful to our Tzu Chi volunteers in Japan.
But at a time like this, we must call upon Tzu Chi volunteers everywhere as well as all people throughout the world to do what they can to help.
We see that Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide have gone to the streets or into communities to invite everyone to pray with a heart of sincere piety while also inspiring them to care for those in need with love and to give of themselves with compassion.
Tzu Chi volunteers are already carrying out emergency relief work in Japan.
Those living far away from Japan should also do what they can to help by inspiring people to give, sincerely pray for the people in Japan, extend their loving care to those in need, and give of themselves with compassion.

We will also continue to provide mid-and long-term care to the people in Japan.
Everyone, we truly must pray with utmost sincere piety for there to be no more disasters in Japan, and to lessen our bad karma.
Everyone, we must be prudent and humbly pious, repent of our ways, and adopt a vegetarian-diet.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20110318 --- Reaching Out with Love to Disaster Survivors in Japan (募您一分愛心關懷)
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