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 20110323 --- Inspiring All to Give Selflessly with Joy (募心付出無我相)


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20110323 --- Inspiring All to Give Selflessly with Joy (募心付出無我相) Empty
發表主題: 20110323 --- Inspiring All to Give Selflessly with Joy (募心付出無我相)   20110323 --- Inspiring All to Give Selflessly with Joy (募心付出無我相) Empty周日 3月 27, 2011 12:17 am

Date: March 23th, 2011 (Wednesday)
Lecturer: Master Zheng-Yan
Subject: Inspiring All to Give Selflessly with Joy 募心付出無我相

“And then I see that you have all of your family donated the money. Why you do that?”
“We wan to help.”
“I donated all the money I have with me.”
“When disasters occur, everyone is responsible. So, to make a difference, we can start with simple actions, such as doing recycling and becoming vegetarian.”

See how Tzu Chi volunteers all mobilize to fundraise for the people in Japan.
Sharing the same Buddha heart, they go to every corner of society and work to pool everyone’s love together to help the disasters survivors in Japan.
Having learned the Buddha’s teachings, Tzu Chi volunteers work hard to take good care of their minds.
That’s why they can maintain a tender heart and speak gently to others while inspiring them to give.
We can see that Tzu Chi volunteers in every country around the world have all worked hard to care for their minds.
And, having taken good care of their minds, their inner cultivation is manifested in their actions.
This is why they are able to carry themselves with such gentleness in their speech and actions.
Such cultivation requires time.
It is not something that can be achieved within a short time.
It must be practiced for a long period of time by constantly taking good care of our minds before we can truly show it in our actions.
Indeed, we must bear a heart of sincerity, integrity, faith, and honesty and, with genuine sincerity, bring forth our gentle and tender love within to give of ourselves with selfless Great Love.

After the disasters in Japan, Tzu Chi volunteers everywhere have been encouraging people to pray with sincere piety for the world to be free of disasters while also working to inspire love in people so that wherever there are disasters or people in suffering, we’ll be able to pool everyone’s love together and provide timely aid to those in need.
That’s why we must work to inspire love in others in any way we can.

Apart from that, we must also inspire a heart of compassion in everyone so that they will give joyfully.
Giving is not a privilege of the rich.
Even the poor can give.
The amount may be little, but they are doing the best they can to help.
Such love is truly very beautiful.
Every one of us benefits from the society we live in, so we must do all we can to give of our love as a way to repay society.
This is the beauty of humanity and how we can create a cycle of love and goodness.
This is the mindset everyone should have and how we should give of whatever we can to benefit others.

We must always keep a heart of selfless Great Love.
If we can do so, we’ll be full of joy at all times.
When we give, we mustn’t expect anything in return.
In life, we suffer when we have desires.
So, only when we joyfully give without asking for anything in return will our hearts be filled with joy at all times.
When we give, we should do so without being attached to the notion of “giver,” “recipient,” and “gift.”
We must not think, “I am able to give.”
When we think in that way, our ego will inflate, and that will bring us afflictions.
So, we must give without expecting anything in return and, on top of that, be human.

Look at our volunteers in Malaysia.
They heard my call to Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide that we must all mobilize to encourage people to pray and give of their love to the disaster survivors in Japan.
Because they regularly carry out Tzu Chi’s missions in their communities, when they invited people to help the disaster survivors in Japan this time, many people pitched in immediately
Various hotels, stores, and businesses even invited our volunteers to set up fundraising stands inside their premises fundraising stands inside their premises.
Several hospitals also supported our efforts by inviting Tzu Chi volunteers to go to their hospitals to raise funds.
It is indeed very encouraging to see.

This is the hope of our world, because what the world needs is love
With love, the Earth can be protected
With love, all living beings can be safeguarded and everyone will interact with one another in harmony and be at peace in body and mind.

The coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, also agreed to let our volunteers raise funds at their 93 stores in Malaysia.
So, our volunteers immediately mobilized to go to Starbucks to solicit donations.
Many people warmly responded by making donations.
Apart from raising funds, Tzu Chi volunteers in Malaysia also organized prayer gatherings and invited people to attend.

For the prayer gathering held in Malacca, about 1,700 people attended.
During the gathering, our volunteers promoted the importance of adopting a vegetarian diet, and 1,005 people signed up to switch to a vegetarian diet.
We also see children from a kindergarten go to the streets to fundraise for Japan.
There was one girl whose parents had planned to talk her on the trip.

“I decided not to go on the trip because I wan to help with fundraising tomorrow.”

See how such a young child already knows what is the right thing to do.
That’s why she chose to stay and fundraise instead of going on the trip.
The Buddha told us that no matter how old or young a person is, everyone has the same Buddha heart within.
This Buddha heart is inherent in all of us.
So, everyone has the same heart as the Buddha’s.
All we need is the environment to bring out our Buddha heart within.

“We hope the disaster survivors in Japan can rebuild their homes soon.”

Isn’t this the kind of love that brings the greatest hope to our world?
This is how we can light up the world with Great Love.
I am truly very grateful to Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide for sending their support to the people in Japan while also giving of themselves to inspire others to give of their love.
Every day, I express my gratitude, but I can never thank everyone enough.
I earnestly hope that we can all bear gratitude in our hearts at every moment of every day.
There are indeed many things to share, but there is not enough time.
I hope everyone can watch Da Ai TV more often and see the many heartwarming stories in the world as they are all part of Tzu Chi’s sutra treasury.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20110323 --- Inspiring All to Give Selflessly with Joy (募心付出無我相)
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