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 20121204--Witnessing Selfless Love Around the World (無私大愛暢通行)


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20121204--Witnessing Selfless Love Around the World (無私大愛暢通行) Empty
發表主題: 20121204--Witnessing Selfless Love Around the World (無私大愛暢通行)   20121204--Witnessing Selfless Love Around the World (無私大愛暢通行) Empty周三 12月 05, 2012 10:24 pm

Lecturer: Master Cheng-Yan
Subject: Witnessing Selfless Love Around the World (
(Tzu Chi volunteers From Vietnam Brother Lin)

I’d like to tell Master that I’ve fulfilled my vows of becoming a Tzu Cheng member and organizing a group to present a Dharma ship formation in Vietnam. We’ve done that a few months ago. Although there are only nine of us, we are all very committed. Now, I’d like to vow to work even harder than before and take on much more responsibility. Thank you, Master.

(Master Cheng-Yan)

I’m truly happy for Tzu Chi volunteers in Vietnam. They’ve been carrying out Tzu Chi’s work there for over ten years, and it hasn’t been easy as their gatherings would often draw attention from the authorities. But now, the authorities will go with our volunteers when they carry when they carry out Tzu Chi’s work. They not only permit us to do our work, but also go along with our volunteers. I feel that this is very good. All the work we do is open for everyone to see and what we do is to inspire goodness in people without any deviant views or practice. All we wish is to encourage everyone to head in the right direction as well as to purify people’s hearts and bring peace to society.

So, I’m sure that most countries will be able to accept our way of inspiring goodness in people by going amongst them to serve.

We also see our volunteers in Singapore caring for prison inmates. From all this, we can see that people in most countries can all accept our volunteers serving in their societies.

This time, when our volunteers came in front of me to be certified, some said: “Grandmaster, your child has returned.”

(Tzu Chi’s collegiate volunteers)

We are Tzu Chi’s collegiate volunteers. We shoulder the Buddha’s missions. We are Tzu Chi’s collegiate volunteers. We work to pass on Tzu Chi’s legacy of love.

(Master Cheng-Yan)

These Tzu Chings have truly taken on great responsibility. This is what brings me the greatest joy. Hearing what our volunteers shared, I’m truly very moved. Indeed, at this time every year, Tzu Chi volunteers around the globe can gather together here in Taiwan to learn from one another how they carry out Tzu Chi’s work in their countries.

Most of you here are from countries that are relatively safe and peaceful where most people enjoy a good life. This is truly a blessing.

However, there are also volunteers living in countries where most people lead a hard life. So, it is not easy for our volunteers to carry out Tzu Chi’s work there.

Take Honduras for example. I often say that bodhisattvas come into being because there are people suffering. Mr. Chang, our volunteers in Honduras, has been living in Honduras for over 20 years. (In 1998,) Hurricane Mitch brought severe devastation to Honduras and Tzu Chi volunteers went there to give aid. This is how Mr. Chang came to know Tzu Chi. I am indeed very grateful to Mr. Chang for carrying out Tzu Chi’s work in Honduras with very few manpower and resources.

Last November, I also saw that they help large-scale aid distributions for those affected by floods I also saw his son helping with the distribution. He is a young man in his 20s, and he admires his father for his selfless giving. Before serving as a Tzu Chi volunteer, Mr. Chang seldom chatted with his son. He would only ask him if he had done his homework or duty, etc. That’s all they talked about. So, the two of them rarely had a heart-to-heart talk. The conversations between them were all about work as they didn’t have much to talk about.

However, after joining Tzu Chi, they have much to chat about. That day, when I talked with Mr. Chang in Guandu, I could see that he and his son now share the same mission. Although there are very few volunteers helping him with Tzu Chi’s work Honduras, he has the support from his family and his son, which is indeed very good.

This time, many volunteers from Malaysia and Singapore came to be certified. One volunteer from Malaysia shared that his son asked his classmate: “Are dead bodies edible?” and his classmate said no.

He then said, “Then why are you eating pork?” See how wise the boy is. And, it is only because his parents have set a good example that he is able to be inspired to do the same. This is also the case with Mr. Chang and his son. His son is able to give and become closer to him as he has seen how his father gives of himself.

As for the boy in Malaysia, he saw that his father has become vegetarian, so he followed suit. So, only when we set a good example first can a good practice be passed on. And this boy knows that his father eats vegetarian out of love for all living beings, not only people.

When we eat vegetarian because we cannot bear to kill animals for food, our children will follow such a good example we set. This is how a good practice can be passed on.

This time, before coming to Taiwan to be certified, many of you have been eating vegetarian to show your sincerity.

Just now, I asked our medical volunteers whether everyone has been keeping well and Dr. Ye told me everyone is fine. When I got onstage, I saw no one in the audience wearing a mask, which means no one is having a cold. I believe that it is due to everyone’s sincerity that all of you can be safe and well. Indeed, with pious sincerity comes peace and safety. There’s no double about that.

In Australia and New Zealand, we’ve seen the disasters of flooding and earthquakes. There are not many Tzu Chi volunteers there. But, I’m very grateful to see that after the disasters, many have been inspired to volunteer with Tzu Chi and are all very dedicated. Indeed, bodhisattvas come into being because there are people suffering.

So, I earnestly hope that you can all serve as living bodhisattvas. See how the three sisters from Singapore, are certified together this time. It’s truly heartwarming to see. Although you live in different countries and speak different languages, you’re come together for a common cause as you all share the same Buddha heart and my missions. This is how we should cultivate ourselves spiritually. Understand? (Yes). Good! Please do bring back what you’ve learned to share with more people.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20121204--Witnessing Selfless Love Around the World (無私大愛暢通行)
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